Real Human history Clouded

Real human history is clouded by Academic elitists’ miss-information.    By Ron O. Cook (  Some years back, I had the pleasure of having a visit from my esteemed mentor —

Nuclear Tunguska bomb explosion

by Doug Yurchey Almost 100 years ago, a powerful NUCLEAR EXPLOSION happened in the Siberian wastelands of Russia! That very idea will disturb the conservative traditionalists. Atomic power before 1944

The Nature of Black Holes and Quasars

by Doug Yurchey Is Stephen Hawking right? Is Professor Leonard Susskind correct? Does matter disappear in a Black Hole? If we accept the principle that information-matter-energy wipes out of existence

The Martian language

    Martian language is a language used by the inhabitants of the planet Mars. It was written and spoken by the medium Helene Smith. In 1896, during which time

The hand of glory

This was a right hand of a murderer that was severed while the corpse was still hanging from the gallows. It was then used as a charm or in black

Time Travel

Is it possible to travel through time. In fact we already have. Repeatedly. Only that perhaps the trips do not seem impressive enough as some think and it is not


By Ron O. Cook (Author of The Enigmni) A few weeks ago, I turned to find myself staring at half a century of living. One of the many gifts that I received

Loch Ness Monster

Lосh nеѕѕ mоnѕtеr also known as Nessie, is an аԛuаtіс bеіng whісh rерutеdlу inhabits Lосh Nеѕѕ іn thе Sсоttіѕh Hіghlаndѕ. It іѕ similar tо оthеr ѕuрроѕеd lake mоnѕtеrѕ іn Sсоtlаnd and еlѕеwhеrе,

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Definition It has been more than a century since people claim that some individuals can spontaneously and completely uncharacteristically explode into a combusted flaming ball of fire. This is a


In England, situated above a chalky plain, about 8 miles (13 kilometers) north of Salisbury in Wiltshire, is Stonehenge, one of the most enigmatic megaliths ever known. It may be described as

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone’s height is 112.3 centimeters and is 75.7 centimeter in width and approximately 28.4 centimeters in thickness. It is made up of granodiorite igneous rocks which developed consciousness when

Rollright Stones

A group of prehistoric of standing stones or megaliths located in the Cotsworlds in England. They are thought to be connected to pagan rituals and in popular legend with a witch.


Definition Mermaids are mysterious sea creatures.  They are actually half- women like and half-fish like. Their upper body is a woman form, and the lower part is in fish form. The


Megaliths are large stone structures or groups of standing stones which are located at sites in various parts of the would and believed to have religious significance. The term «megalith»

Marrying of the gods

New research suggests that the third stage of Stonehenge may have been constructed to celebrate the annual marriage of the Great Goddess and the Sky god. In «The Stonehenge Solution,» (1992), Professor


Leys, pronounced «lays» are thought to be patterns of invisible tracks or lines having a complex power in the ground which seem to link sacred places and natural magical sites.

History Crop Circles

by David Kingston I have been researching the Crop Circle phenomena since I saw my first one in 1976. I had been on a «night watch» for UFO’s on Clay Hill

High Technology Bible

by Doug Yurchey There are readers out there who would be surprised or offended with the notion that high-technology was described in the Bible. There are other readers who have

Four leaf clover

Meaning Four-leaf clovers are well known. According to popular legend, each leaf represents, in order, hope, faith, love and luck. Each leaf represents one of the four basic components of happiness, but

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman or Dutchman errant is a very old story, which comes from ancient times when shipwrecks in the seas of the world and the boarding of pirates happened frequently. Piracy


Animals Role In Human’s Life: In the current world people are much advanced and studying their filed as much as they can to get more and more knowledge. There are

The Blue Stone

In ancient times, the relationship between a king, the ruler of the land, and his kingdom was frequently physically symbolized by a connection between a king and a stone. Among