Real Good Luck Charms that work


Lucky Charms

Just as the name implies, a good luck charm is specially made to bring good luck to the user.  It can be made using several objects; some of the most commonly used objects are buttons and coins. They can be given as gifts, and they are also on sale for anyone interested in buying.

The charms can be worn on the body and can also be put in the pocket. At times, you do not need to wear it on your body to experience its potency.



Good Luck Symbols

The idea of good luck charms started in Africa and was later passed on to America during slave trades. The earliest Americans that used good luck symbols got them from the African slaves brought into America.

They can equally come in the form of lucky bags used in carrying spells or lucky objects. They are believed to create a supernatural aura around the wearer so that the individual will be favored everywhere he or she goes once he or she is wearing the charms.

Many of the good luck symbols of those days are still being used today. In fact, they have become more popular today than before. Aside from Africa, Europe equally contributed to the idea of good luck charms in America. Asia is also not left behind.

Many of the well-known good luck charms commonly used today originate from places like India, Japan, and even China.  Be that as it may, the African and European forms of lucky charms are older than the others.


Lucky Symbols

Lucky items can be made using coins and buttons, as hinted earlier. Many other objects can be used for making the charms.  The objects used are usually related to what is classified as lucky symbols.

These lucky symbols are in the form of animals, plants, numbers, and objects and they vary from one culture to another.

Many of these objects are used due to what tradition, religion, esotericism, mythology, and folklore say about them. The common objects or symbols used in making good luck charms are highlighted below:

  • Albatross
  • Amanita muscaria
  • Bamboo
  • Barnstar
  • Chimney sweep
  • Ladybugs
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Fish
  • Four-leaf clover
  • Shamrock or clover
  • Horseshoe
  • Jade
  • Maneki-Neko
  • Pig
  • Rabbit’s foot
  • Wishbone
  • Sarimanok
  • Swallow
  • White elephant
  • White heather
  • Aitvaras


Most powerful good luck charms

The good luck charms can come in the form of statue or amulet. They ward off evil and bring financial success to the wearer or user.

Some of them are specific to a culture, while some other ones have multiple cultural backgrounds. Some of the common good luck charms will be discussed below:


  1. Four-leaf clover

They originate from Ireland and are used to attract luck to the wearer.  They can be tied to a strong and worn around the waist.

It was used in times past by St. Patrick to denote the Holy Trinity. Irish druids, on the other hand, used it as a good luck charm because it has a triangular shape; this was long before the advent of Christianity in Ireland.


  1. Elephant

The good luck charms may be molded in the shape of an elephant, which is also considered as a symbol of good luck. This idea originates from the belief that luck is usually experienced in places where elephants roam.

The idea of using an elephant in making good luck charms originates from India. The symbol of ancient Indian god Ganesha is an elephant, and he is believed to bring good luck and remove obstacles. Elephants live long and are highly intelligent.

Consequently, they are seen as symbols of longevity and wisdom.


  1. Key

One or several keys may be hung around a thread and worn as a good luck charm. The key is used because it is believed to unlock anything, including doors and heart of a woman.

Many of the items used in making good luck charms have been around for a very long time, but the key had been around for a longer period than any of them. A key can even unlock the door to the gods, according to ancient Roman and Chinese beliefs.

This means using this charm can make it easier for the gods to answer prayers. The Japanese belief that tying three keys together will open the doors to love, wealth and health.


  1. Cat’s eye

Cats’ eye is another unique item used in making good luck charms. It is a special gemstone and is believed to clear obstacles and remove evil eyes from one’s life.

It is usually worn by gamblers to prevent losses since the cat’s eyes are also said to prevent potential losses.


  1. Ladder

A ladder placed against a wall or tree creates a perfect triangle. Anyone who walks under such a ladder is said to break that perfect triangle and attract back luck top himself.

The best way to ward of that bad luck is to spit through the rungs of the ladder three times.

  1. Three-legged toad

Some good luck charms can also be made using three-legged toads. In fact, many Asian countries prefer to use three-legged toads in making good-luck charms more than any other item.

In most instances, you will find a coin hanging out of the mouth of the toad, with the coins featuring Chinese characters that are pointing upwards.  It is not advisable to point the toad towards a door that leads out of the home.


  1. Wishing well

A wishing well can also be used in making good luck charms. The usual practice is to throw a coin into a well to prevent the well from drying and appeasing the gods. You can look at your reflection in still water, toss a coin into it and make a wish.



The above items or symbols are commonly used in making good luck charms. As described above, they originate from different cultures, including African, European and even Asian cultures.

Many of them are still used today, and you can also adopt them when looking for good luck charms.