Gem Healing

Healing Gems, Crystals and Stones

Precious and semiprecious stones including crystals have been widely known for their medicinal powers since ancient times. Different stones possess distinct healing properties. The stones may be worn on the body, steeped in water, or ground up in elixirs. It is theorized that through emitted emanations the stones influence the body and mind.

In gem therapy there are no specific rule in the treatment of certain conditions. For example, in five different books on the subject one can find five different ways described to treat a certain affliction. The reason is according to W. B. Chow who explains in Precious Stones: Their Occult Power and Hidden Significance that “there are different scales of correspondences and under one circumstance one scale should be applied, whilst under another a different scale holds good…no natural subject is pure Sun, pure Moon, or pure Saturn.”

The safest way of doing stone healing is to follow a similar method as used by the Druids, go by the color of the stone and apply the same principles as described in color healing. For example yellow is good when used for curing intestinal and bowel disorders, and menstrual problems. So one might use a yellow diamond, jasper, topaz, or amber, etc. The stone should be placed on the afflicted area for at least one hour daily, and then worn as a ring or pendant the rest of the day until the cure is affected.

In 640 AD Neckeps wore a jasper around his neck to cure his queasy stomach. In 1969 Barbara Anton (a graduate gemologist of the Gemological Institute of New York) advised a friend who had suffered from irregular menstrual problems for years to wear a jasper pendent. When the woman did her periods occurred regularly on a twenty-eight day cycle.


Gems and their properties:

Agate, (brown): Said to harden gums and protect vision.
Amber, (yellow; orange): Improves poor eyesight, deafness, dysentery, throat afflictions, hay fever, and asthma.
Amethyst, (purple to blue-violet): Antidote for drunkenness, gives piece of mind.
Beryl, (green; yellow; blue; white): For liver complaints, diaphragm.
Bloodstone, (green and red): For hemorrhages, nose bleeds.
Carnelian, (red): For hemorrhages, nose bleeds, purifies the blood.
Chrysolite, (olive green; brown; yellow; red): For fevers, nightmares.
Coral, (red; white):Stops bleeding; helps indigestion disorders, epilepsy in children, ulcers, scars, sore eyes.
Diamond, (white; blue; yellow): For coughs, mucus, lymph system disorders, toothaches, insomnia, convulsions.
Emerald, (green): For eye diseases, (an eye wash can be made by simply steeping an emerald in water), and general healing.
Garnet, (red): For asthma and blood diseases.
Jade, (green): For kidney diseases, stomach pains, blood purifier, muscle strengthener., urinary problems, eye diseases (an eye wash can be made same way as with emerald).
Jasper, (yellow; green): For stomach pains, nervousness.
Lapis, (deep blue to azure; violet-blue; green-blue): Lapis lazuli, Lapis linguis: For eye problems, helps attune higher spiritual vibrations, vitality, strength. Lapis linguis: Cholera, rheumatism.
Moonstone, (light blue; resembles opal): For “watery” disturbances, dropsy, gives strength.
Opal, (red to yellow; black; dark green): For heart, eyes, bubonic plague, gives protection and harmony.
Pearl, (white): Soothing, dissipates anger.
Ruby, (red): For pains, tuberculosis, colic, boils, ulcers, poison, eye troubles, constipation.
Sardonyx, (red; brownish red; black): For mental and emotional effects, banishes grief, brings happiness.
Sapphire, (blue; violet): For eyes, boils, rheumatism, colic.
Topaz, (green to white; green; blue, red): For vision, hemorrhages, bleeding.
Turquoise, (blue; blue-green; green): For vision, and promotes youth.


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