Freeing of the spirit

The woman missionary had been brought by the Indians to the witch doctor’s hut in the Andres Mountains of Peru.

He and his friend knew she suffered a sever degree of jaundice caused by a live problem. It was uncertain how long the woman had been in this condition, but it was evident that she was no longer aware of her surroundings.

His friend who had medical knowledge asked the witch doctor what could be done to save the woman. To which the witch doctor said that nothing could be done. All he could do was help to free her spirit.

The man then slowly and deliberately began performing his ceremony.

He stepped to the head of the bed where she laid, gently removed theĀ rosaryĀ beads from around her neck and placed them in the palm of her left hand closing her fingers around them.

After the candles in the room were extinguished the man moved his had to a spot about an inch above her heart, Then with the first and second finger extended he began a counterclockwise motion, and then drew his hand away.

He repeated this three times over the heartĀ chakraĀ then moved on to the third chakra and then to he solar plexus. He made a complete circle with his hand, slowly and then faster as if he was drawing something up. He meticulously repeated this.

Gradually something was seen rising from the woman’s body. It was seen when viewing it out of focus apparently because of its subtle nature.

It was appeared as a very subtle glow about three or four inches about her body, similar to a luminous mold of her body rising from her skin.

The witch doctor said it was her essence, her luminous body; she would have called it her soul. In dying, she wanted to let go of her physical body.Ā A.G.H.


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