Four leaf clover


Four-leaf clovers are well known. According to popular legend, each leaf represents, in order, hope, faith, love and luck. Each leaf represents one of the four basic components of happiness, but at this point there are different conceptions. For some the four symbols they represent are: wealth, fame, love and health. For others the four symbols they represent are: hope, faith, love and luck. The first affirms that the first leaf of the left of the stem brings fame, the second leaf wealth, the third love and the fourth health.

Five leaf clovers

Meaning related to the five leaf clovers is high extra luck and the attraction of money.

For the team of Wayne Parro of the University of Georgia in the USA, it is the presence of two versions of the same gene that determines the number of leaves of the white clover, Trifolium repens. One, the dominant, inhibits the formation of the fourth leaf, and the other, triggers its growth.

To develop four leaflets, the clover must inherit two versions of the recessive gene. Hence finding such a specimen is so rare.

This amulet is one of the oldest that exists, one of which has lasted longer and in almost all cultures of the world.
Finding a three-leaf clover can happen to anyone, but one of four leaves is only for those who are lucky. It is believed that running into a four-leaf clover is a symbol of good omen.

It is estimated that each one of four leaf clover there are about 10,000 of three leaves, even there are clovers of more than four leaves, the clover with more leaves that has been found was eighteen.
The belief that four-leaf clovers will give us luck is very old and in many countries has its own characteristics.

The legends are very varied and we present them below:

• When Eva was banished from paradise, she took with her a four-leaf clover, this being a modest act.
• If a young woman finds one, she will marry the first young man she sees from that moment on.
• Some believe that the four-leaf clover should be stored in the shoe and others in the leaves of the Bible.
• Mythological legends of the fairy world: There are two opposing legends in the fairy world – the first one claims that fairies use them to regain strength. Based on this legend is that it is recommended to have a four-leaf clover to recover energy and get rid of the accumulated stres. – the second, on the other hand, ensures that fairies do not support four-leaf clovers. From this legend comes the belief that a three-leaf clover protects us from fairies and one of four does not make them the owner of them.
In any case, the first is the most widespread in the infinite fairy tales that exist, where it is claimed that they are beneficial to them.

There are many conceptions and traditions that attribute meaning to the encounter of a four-leaf clover.

  • Occultists: For these he protects them from madness and allows them to spot hostile demons to guard against them.
  • Christians: They are given special powers by finding the form of the cross in them.
  • Astrology: It is the amulet protector of the sign Taurus.
  • Florist: It has the meaning of «be mine», so it is very gifted to solicit and offer love.
  • Mariners: It means the ultimate symbol of luck


Both the three-leaf and the four-leaf are used for a popular ritual consisting of drowning the clover in a liquid to thank him for the protection of «evil spirits.»

Good Luck

Four leaf clover is the most popular amulet for good luck. This belief has its origin for thousands of years. In fact, by the year 200 BC he was already considered a sacred symbol for the Druids of the British Isles, thinking that with him you could see the demons.

Anyone can find a three-leaf clover, however, getting one out of four is only within the reach of lucky people. If you have been lucky and one day you find a four leaf clover, the tradition says that you should take it in your shoes to transfer your fortune. However, other people prefer to have it hidden between the sheets of a book or use it as a pendant.
Already in the past, the Egyptians hung four-leaf clover-shaped amulets to protect themselves from adversity. Now, if you decide to give it to someone, you must know that you are expressing your love. If you are lucky enough to find one, you can give it to someone and that person will know that it is someone very important to you.