Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman or Dutchman errant is a very old story, which comes from ancient times when shipwrecks in the seas of the world and the boarding of pirates happened frequently. Piracy was an activity that supplied resources and goods to many clandestine peoples, who entered the black market or exchanged for objects of greater value and even some thieves hid their treasures in ghost islands of unexplored waters.

The myth tells that a large Dutch ship sailed to deep water, which was heading towards a place little explored and that nowadays no one knows exactly where it is located. The ship had aboard an enormous volume of provisions to endure long months at sea, as well as valuable objects which were intended to safeguard during the voyage as gold and silver coins, and a wide variety of jewels worthy of the royalty of that country. This tempting treasure was in charge of a large fleet of sailors with long experience in merchant ships.

During the trip, something strange and mysterious happened with the Dutch ship because it never reached its destination or return to port. It is there that the intrigue to know that was of this enormous merchant ship entraps towards the depths of the seas.

It is said that the Dutch ship better known as the «flying Dutchman» continues to sail through the most remote waters of the world, there are some sailors who claim to have seen that ghost ship, which appears inexplicably among dense fog and under the light of the Moon.

Some strong storm struck them, they were shipwrecked, the pirates boarded them and destroyed their ship, they lost themselves in the middle of the sea or some mythological creature came out of the waters, devoured each crewman and took the ship to the depths.

These are some hypotheses that surround the mystery of the flying Dutchman and even if you never know what actually happened on that trip, the story will be more alive than ever.