Flower Of Life Pendant

The Sacred Geometry Symbol of the flower of life if one of the most used in jewelry. It can be done with silver and gold. The gold one is more expensive than the silver version.



Flower of life pendant meaning is the whole universe with you. It is and excellent tool for healing.


Flower of life pendant for healing

Both gold and silver versions are an excellent talisman for healing purposes. It is the first version of this pendant.




Solid silver to connect with yourself.

siver pendant



Solid gold to connect with yourself.

gold pendant

Inlaid Flower Of Life Pendant

The inlaid flower of life pendant is a mathematical representation of the universe.

There are two versions, one with the tree of life patterns and the other with the seed of life pattern. Both are great to get and feel a cosmic connection with the universe.

The beauty of this jewelry makes these one of the most wanted and sold sacred geometry jewelry.

Silver pendant TOL pattern

siver pendant


Silver Pendant SOL Pattern

siver pendant


Gold pendant TOL Pattern

siver pendant


Gold Pendant Sol Pattern

siver pendant


Flower of Life pendant Amazon


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