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Eileiyhyia,¬†the coming, is the Greek, previously Mycenaean, goddess of birth; primarily worshipped by women and invoked to to ease the pain and danger of childbirth. The cries of labor summoned her presence. She is the daughter of¬†Zeus¬†and¬†Hera, sibling of Hebe and¬†Ares, and assisted at the birth of¬†Apollo. Her role later is largely assumed by¬†Artemis. Also, the name is used in a plural collective sense which reflected the practice of neighborhood women gathering together to help in childbirth. A tablet from Knossos records reads, “Amnisos, for Eleuthia, one amphora for honey.” The cave at Amnisos, near Knossos, has a sacred stalagmite surrounded by a wall and involving an altar. In Sparta there was allegedly a running track at the end of which was a temple to Eileithyia.¬†A.G.H.


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