Ancient Egyptian Jewelry – Jewels of Egypt and Meaning

The men and women in ancient Egypt love jewelry. Egyptian jewelry is depicted in many ancient paintings, in which these men and women adorn themselves with various trinkets.
Some of the preferred jewelry types are insignia, collars, diadems, anklets, head jewelry, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and amulets.
The jewelry types come with lace-like silver and gold designs.  Egypt Jewels are delicate and fashionable. They can also be used as clasps of gold and buckles.
The most common material used in creating Egyptian jewels was gold. It was easy to get from Nubia, unlike silver that had to be imported from other lands, making it rarer.


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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry


Amulets and good luck charms

It is no just used for beautification. It is also good luck charms and amulets. 
The egyptian jewels contains several symbols that can confer prosperity and protection on the wearer.
They are used by the living and they are also worn on the dead. Some ancient mythology believe that the deceased needs to be protected on their ways to the afterlife.
The Egyptian amulet jewelry is believed to provide the needed protection.
The amulets can ward off evil and ensure the wearer is protected from an attack by evil forces, both supernatural and natural
The good luck charms bear the shapes of animals, hieroglyphs, magical signs, and gods.


Precious and semi-precious stones

There are many forms of precious and semi-precious stones.  The stones have various natural colours. These colours have many magical symbolisms, offering the wearer protection from all manners of evil and also conferring good luck on him or her.

Some of the various types of stone used in making Egyptian jewellery are below:


Egyptian Scarab Beetle

Both rich and the poor in Egypt use the Scarab beetle as a good luck charm or amulet.

The scarab beetle has different forms of jewellery. Examples are necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants.

The scarab Beetle jewellery can also be customised by inscribing the name of the owner on it. It ensures that the protection or good luck obtainable from the jewellery will affect the wearer alone. Scarab jewelry holds strong religious and magical properties, according to ancient Egyptian teachings.

Both precious and semi-precious stones are used in making scarab necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants. Examples are turquoise, lapis lazuli, and carnelian.

The amulets can also be created using the faience. It is a collared glass highly favoured by the ancient Egyptians.

Faience is a strong glass-like material having a greenish blue hue, and it consists of alkali, lime, and crushed quartz.

Jewelry of the Dead

The Egyptians adorn themselves with amulets and good luck jewellery when alive. They also do so when dead. 
It is not uncommon to see a dead person adorned with all sorts of amulets and good luck charms. They are usually around the ankles, on the brow, ear, around the neck, fingers, and arms. Many of the Egyptian jewellery worn on the dead are made of expensive ornaments. 
As a result, the Egyptians have buried untold quantity of expensive Jewellery with their dead over the centuries.
The make-believe purpose of Egyptian jewels for the dead is protection. But research has shown that they were only on display for show-off during funerals.
Aside from the good luck jewelry made for the dead, the Egyptians also bury the favorite jewelry of the dead with him or her.


Seal Ring

Many of the men in Egypt wear special rings, which are not ordinary ornaments; the rings are seen as essentials. Egyptian men seal official documents in place of signing. 
Every Egyptian had his seal, and he almost always kept it about him everywhere he goes and ever ready to use it when the occasion called for such.  Both the rich and the poor in Egypt have had seals.
The seal ring of the rich was made of elaborate jewel well covered with relief and chasing works, while that of the poor could be simple silver of copper ring
The rings have a movable bezel, and they can easily turn on their pivots. 
Furthermore, the seal rings are set most of the time with one or the other kind of precious stone. It is engraved with the owner’s device or emblem, like a hawk, lion or scorpion.


Egyptian necklace

Egyptian women value necklace a lot. The necklace is very important to the woman as the ring is important to the man. The necklace comes in various patterns and sizes to fit the different needs of the wearers:
  • Some are flexible and light,
  • Other ones are heavy;
  • some are massive,
  • Other are small in size;
  • some have small links,
  • Other have large links;
  • some have three twists,
  • Other ones only have two twists.
The intricacy and complexity described by each of the necklaces determine the value of the necklace
In ancient Egypt, a necklace is not just a fashion item to the woman.
It is more of necessity, as both the rich and the poor women in ancient Egypt are expected to wear necklaces to depict their feminism.


Egyptian Bracelet

The bracelets also come in various forms like every other ancient Egyptian Jewelry.  They can be used as armlets or anklets, which can consist of plainly told rings.
The rings can be hollow or solid, and it can be bordered using plaited chain-work, imitating filigree
Some of these bracelets are designed to be worn around the wrist. And they were designed using small beads of green feldspar, carnelian, lapis lazuli and gold
The items of jewelry used by Egyptians were usually strung on gold wire and designed with a chequer pattern.
Each of the squares in this pattern is divided into halves diagonally and also bear different colors
Gold pin is used in fastening the bracelets. Other forms of Egyptian jewellery are the jewellery of Queen Ahhotep and the pectorals.
Many of the ancient Egyptian types of jewellery are on sale today, though expensive.  You can also buy the amulets and charms from many trusted sellers online.


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