In occultism an egrigor or egregore is a supernatural intelligence called a thought-form, which is often produced by the power of the «will» or visualization by participants in a group. The thought-forms in such incidents are produced by group force.

The psychic Ted Serios said that when thought-forms are forcibly produced they could leave images on photographic film.


Definition and Meanings of Egregore

An egregore (also spelled «egrigor») in occultism and esoteric traditions is a concept that refers to a form of collective group mind or thought-form, often created and sustained by the beliefs, emotions, and intentions of its members.


Nature of an Egregore

  • Thought-Form: An egregore is essentially a psychic entity or thought-form believed to emerge from the collective consciousness of a group. It’s a manifestation of the combined mental and emotional energy of that group.
  • Supernatural Intelligence: Egregores are sometimes described as having their own distinct intelligence or consciousness, evolving and existing independently of their creators.
  • Powered by Group Will or Visualization: The formation of an egregore is thought to be driven by the focused will, intent, or visualization of a group. This collective energy gives the egregore strength and influence.


Creation and Influence

  • Group Force: The key to the creation of an egregore is the collective force of a group’s thoughts and emotions. The more cohesive and focused the group, the stronger and more influential the egregore.
  • Impact on Members: An egregore can have a significant impact on the members of the group that sustains it. It can influence their thoughts, emotions, and actions, often in line with the collective ideals or goals of the group.


Ted Serios and Thoughtography

  • Thought-Forms on Photographic Film: Ted Serios, a psychic known for his claim of «thoughtography» or the ability to project images onto photographic film through mental power, suggested that thought-forms, such as egregores, could be powerful enough to create physical manifestations or impressions.


Occult and Esoteric Beliefs

  • Occult Practices: In various occult practices, the concept of egregores is important as it represents the power of collective consciousness and its ability to manifest tangible outcomes or influence situations.
  • Esoteric Traditions: In esoteric traditions, egregores are often seen as both a source of power and a cautionary concept, reminding practitioners of the responsibility that comes with collective thought and action.


Modern Interpretation

  • Psychological Perspective: From a modern perspective, the concept of egregores can be seen as a metaphor for the power of group dynamics and collective psychology.
  • Cultural and Societal Influence: Egregores can also represent the way cultural beliefs, societal norms, and group ideologies can shape individual behavior and thought.

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