Ectoplasm. also known as teleplasm is a term derived from the Greek words ektos “interiorization” and plasm “substance,” which was coined by Professor Charles Ricket, one-time president of the Society for Psychical Research.

Charles Richet was a French physiologist , who after 30 years of studying the phenomenon, in 1894 he claimed to have seen the shape of an arm emerge from the body of a medium named Eusapia Pallaidno.

The term was to described the substance which comes from the body of a psychic medium during a seance. It has been variously described as being a gelantinous, jelly-like and viscous, and is usually white in color, and characteristically comes from the medium’s mouth. Spiritualists believe it to be the materialization of the astral body. The ectoplasm is luminous white, has a smell similar to ozone and is cold which is why it is very common that currently represent the ghosts and spirits in this way. According to the origin of the ectoplasm, it can be divided into ectozooplasm, ectofiloplasm and ectoneroplasm.


Some mediums have reported they experienced pain when the ectoplasm was touched or exposed to light. Other samples of ectoplasm have been proven to be fabrications when their composition was determined to have been egg-white, cheesecloth or wood pulp. A.G.H.

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