what does it mean when you Dream About Snakes

Dream about snakes meaning

Usually, these scary but beautiful animals have been related to betrayal, jealousy and envy, although the meaning when you dream about snakes are not completely good, they have messages that our unconscious wants to transmit to us about something of our life. To let you know this meaning, on this article that we present today we want to talk to you everything about the dreams with snakes.


Meaning and interpretations of dreaming with snakes

1.- When we dream a snake is attacking us, this means that you will receive a betrayal from the person you least expect. While if you dream only with a single snake this represents the demon and its different forms that are exposed.

2.- If you kill the snake in your dream, this means a victory against your enemies, it can also mean that you know how to take advantage of the opportunities that are presented in your life, always respecting others, but you know how to enjoy your victories over your enemies.

3.- If you dream that you see a snake come out of a tree, this means that you will be insulted and offended by a person. When we see a snake, this is a dream of very bad luck, it usually means the death of a person or some enemies may appear in your life.

4.- If you dream that you kick off a snake to get rid of it, this is a warning that you are a very careful person, because you may be surrounded by enemies and there’s people who want to betray you.

5.- If the snake in the dream is surrounding your body forming rings with your it, this means that you really like wild sex and very soon you would enjoy that. If you are bitten by a snake, believe it or not, this is a very good omen, because it indicates that you will have unexpected money entries, but you must be careful because you will have enemies lurking.

6.- If you dream that you are bitten by several snakes, this means that you will be influenced by evil ideas and enemies that only seek to take away your progress. If in your dream you see that you are bitten by a dead snake it means that you will suffer because of some unfair friend.

7.- If you dream that you are walking towards snakes this means that you are constantly obsessed with the danger of getting sick and that there are some people who envy you and will seek to seduce and rob your partner.

8.- If you dream about a reddish skin snake leaving the herbs and goes towards you and you manages to dodge it and it passes by, but then reappears, it means that you can’t sleep well, there are many people trying to attack you and trying to make you feel underestimated. Also it means you will have problems with your morals and health.

9.- Dreaming that a snake coils and its tongue takes out its mouth, also it is possible that you are going to be in a situation of weakness in front of your enemies and you could get sick soon. Also if you dream that various snakes take different forms, it means that you will have some problems, but these will disappear if you behave as if they do not affect you, with indifference and always sure of yourself.


What does it mean to dream about being pregnant

Dreams can come in various forms. In most instances, they have deep meanings and may be representative of something that happened to you recently or about to happen to you. At times, dreams may be revealing things to you about other people that are close to you. As a result, it is very important to recall your dreams as this will help you to find its translation and take necessary precautions to forestall any negative or bring to pass any positive translation of the dream.

What if you dream that you get pregnant? What does it mean? Continue reading to find out the translation of such a dream.



Both sexes

Keep in mind that both male and female can end up having such a dream. When a man dreams of being pregnant, it is an indication that the man is pregnant with ideas. It means he should be making moves to discover his talents and showcase it to the world. The same can be the meaning of this dream if you are a woman, though a woman being pregnant in a dream may have several other meanings. Virtually all the studies conducted into dreaming of being pregnant supports the description given above. It is more of a revelation of great things to come for that person, provided he/she takes action and start working towards those dreams and goals.

When you become pregnant in a dream, it means that you are craving to be creative. It means that you are dreaming up an exciting or a new creative project that will end up coming to pass shortly. The project can be in the form of a large-scale artistic work or a home-based renovation work.


Aspirations in developmental stage

Pregnancy is occupied by a fetus, which means something in its developmental stage and about to come to reality.  Do not forget that pregnancy takes some time to be birthed. When you are pregnant, it only means that the thing you are about to reveal to the world is still in its developmental process. So, when you have such a dream, look around you and ask yourself about what important project you are presently working on. Then you will need no one to tell you that the dream is most likely about that project. Such a dream can give assurance that the project will have the desired outcome.


Sources of comfort and warning

Being pregnant in the dream can be a source of comfort and warning at the same time. It can give you comfort that the project you are undertaking is developing gradually. Even if you face challenges during this developmental stage, the dream will make you forge ahead and look beyond the challenges since you know it takes time and nourishing for every pregnancy to term.

On the other hand, do not forget that not all pregnancies reach term; pregnancy termination may occur before term, and there is also something called stillbirth. This type of dream, aside from assuring you of progress in your present project, should also act as a source of warning, telling you to tread carefully and nurture your dreams and projects consistently so that you can reap the desired fruit.


Many dreams about being pregnant.



What does it mean to Dream about Someone Constantly

In most instances, dreams can give you revelations. They can tell you a lot about things that have happened in the past and also reveal things to come. Dreams rarely come directly; they almost always come symbolically. This means you need to understand the symbolism before you can get the meaning of that dream.  If care is not taken, you may end up giving the wrong translation to that dream. This means you need to source for the right translation so as not to end up with wrong meanings and translations.

What if you dream of a particular individual constantly? What does it mean? Continue reading to find out the meaning of this type of dream.

Just an ordinary dream

At times, this dream may be as a result of ordinary happenings during the day. If a particular individual is in your thought constantly before you sleep, you may find yourself dreaming of the person. Thinking about that individual during the day would have registered in your sub-consciousness, and this can be replayed in the form of a dream. It is just your sub-consciousness playing a trick on you at times and not any form of revelation. If you consciously change your thoughts while awake, you will discover that the subject of your dreams starts shifting to that new object that now engage your mind while awake.

Sign of affection

Some scientists are of the opinion that dreams are more or less the windows to the sub-consciousness. Your sub-consciousness tends to hold firmly to the thoughts of an individual you desire exceedingly. Some other groups of scientists believe that a dream is more or less a spontaneous self-portrayal and also a display of the actual situation that happens in the unconscious mind. Most times, people dream of things they desire but cannot have. Even if you can have it, but desires that particular thing deeply, you will find yourself dreaming about it. The same thing goes for humans.  Most men have confessed dreaming of having sexual intercourse with girls they have a crush on. Many of them even wake up to discover they have had a wet dream. So, it is most likely a sign of affection for that person if you find yourself dreaming of the individual consistently.

Sign of animosity

Aside from being a sign of affection, dreaming of someone can as well be a sign of dislike or animosity. You may find yourself dreaming consistently of an individual you have a thing against. Maybe the person has hurt you in the past, and you are bent on taking your revenge on the individual you may find yourself thinking about the person at virtually all times. You may even fight with the person in the dream.  Things can be bad at times that you wake up feeling pain where the person had hit you in the dream.

Always consider the various meanings of a dream before concluding what it means; this is because the same dream can mean various things, depending on the prevalent circumstances.




What does it mean to dream about someone dying

Some may think a dream is just a repetition or recall of the things you do while you are awake. Some may think it is just scientific. However, the truth remains that dreams can have a deeper meaning than that. Yes, you may have access to a lot of deep revelations via your dreams. Have you had any dream related to someone dying and you are wondering what it means? In this write-up, you will understand what it means when you see someone dying in your dream.

When you sleep and dream that someone died, it can have several meanings. Before you translate that dream using your unlearned mind, finish reading the write-up and you will have the adequate knowledge to translate that kind of a dream properly.


A new phase about to start

When someone dies in your dream, it can mean that a particular phase of your life is about coming to an end and you are about starting a new phase entirely. The phase that died may symbolize a particular routine, work or hobby. It will relate to something you always love to do, or something that you wish will end. Seeing someone dying in your dream may also mean that something you cherish is about to die or has already died. Such a dream may be a sign that you are already missing that thing. The dream can have a clearer meaning if the individual that died in your dream is someone you love or someone you abhor. If it is a beloved person, then that thing about to die may be something you love to do; the reverse is true if the dying person is someone you do not like.


Overcoming a bad behavior or habit

The death of someone in your dream may also translate to the end of a bad habit in your life. If you always want to stop a bad habit and you have made an effort to stop it or even prayed against it, then you may start seeing a disliked person dying in your dream. By making an effort against that thing, your psychology takes over and becomes resolute against that habit; it will then present the situation in the form of a dream as the death of someone you do not like.  The dream can signify victory over that unwanted habit or behaviour.


End of a relationship

Seeing someone dying in your dream can equally translate to the end of a love relationship or friendship.  The person dying in your dream may be the individual you are having a relationship with in real life; it may also be another person that is close to you in real life.  Such a dream may mean a part of your life, that is a relationship, is being taken away from you. The dream may occur before or after the relationship breakup. If it such a dream occurs before the breakup, then you should take it as a warning to work on your relationship. If you have been too busy to spare time for your loved one, it is time to put an end to avoidable negligence and work towards making your relationship to stand.


Some dreams about someone dying.

What Does it mean When You Dream About Spiders

Spiders are creeping creatures and scary insects that are notorious for the web they spin to trap their prey for food. Due to this, people tend to associate spider with its web and hence, entrapment and snares. However, coming across spiders in your dream does not always suggest being in a trap or web.  Should you encounter spiders in your dream, do well to take note of your disposition during the event. Were you frightened? Did the spider attack you or seem poisonous? These details would help in interpreting your spider dream.


General Meaning of Spiders in Dreams

In most cases, when you dream as a spider, or you see a spider by itself in your dream, it implies that you are isolated. You have distanced yourself from others, or you want some solitude. Spiders are also related to entrapment, and other symbols:



Spider Spinning Web around You

A  spider spinning web around you in your dream might indicate female dominance or an overwhelming mother influence in your affairs. If you regularly see yourself ensnared in a spider web, it means you are perceiving ensnarement or stuck in a clingy relationship. Alternatively, it might imply that some forces are trying to keep you at stagnation. Also, a large number of spiders all over your place stand for entrapment and controlling forces that seek to choke you.


A Stationary Spider Always Observing You in Your Dream

Perhaps, you have always seen a stationary spider in your dream, it may mean that you have a guardian angel or a strong power is guiding you from self-destructive habits or harming yourself. Take it as a latent force securing you from other dangerous things.

Keeping Spiders as Pets in a Dream

Whenever you dream of keeping spiders as favorite insects, and you are scared of them when you come across them in real life instances, it means that you are set to tackle your daily life dreads head-on.  It is high time you started scaling new barriers and take on new assignments.

Dream about Spiders Crawling Over You

Spiders crawling on you become easy to interpret when you know the side of the body on which they perched. Spiders have been known to have the feminine disposition, and if, for example, the spider is on your ear, you might need to listen to your mother or other female figures in your life the more. On the other hand, if it is crawling out of your mouth, it might mean that you have things other control in your relationship.

Watch a Spider Spin its Web

The fact that in your dream, you were watching the spider net its web implies that your diligence will pay off in due course. You will soon move up in your career, get a promotion in your workplace or compensated for your efforts in surmounting a Herculean task.


Dream on Spider Eggs

Spider eggs in your dreams are a sign that you are yet to understand your latent abilities completely. Something is holding you from manifesting your full potential. Nonetheless, when you see spiders emerge from their eggs in your dream, it merely implies that you are about acting out your real thoughts and perceptions.

Other Symbols of Spiders in Dreams:

  • Big Spider: A huge non-deadly spider stands for influential friends who get you through bad times, but a poisonous spider is a sign that danger is
  • Active Spider: A spider climbing your walls indicates that your desires will soon be fulfilled.
  • Dead Spider: When you kill a single spider in your dream, that could mean bad luck
  • White Spider: Hope, healing energy
  • Hairy Spider: You may have to look beyond the surface to get answers.
  • Spots on the spider: The difficult situation will pass.



Dreams about spiders can be scary and confusing to the dreamer as it can assume different meanings. The most probable interpretation you may want to give to it is entrapment, but this might be misleading. You need to keep track of your own emotions during the time of your spider related dream to get the correct interpretation

Seeing Water in Dream Is Good or Bad

Water is one of the four elements of life and has significance in different cultures all around the world. That is why it is considered a vital sign when we see water in our dreams. Water in the dreams has more significance than any other symbol. It can be a good sign or bad.


Dreams About Water Generally

Dreams about water are a symbol of our emotional state of mind. Your state of mind will determine the form that water will take in your dreams. For instance, if your dream features smooth, calm flowing water, it may be a sign of peace and harmony in your life. Dreams featuring water can involve many symbols like river, sea, flood, moor, shore, mist, vapor, oceanic swells, and other concepts related to water. Besides, the form of the water represents your soul’s inner being as well as your health condition.



Dreaming about Dirty Water

Seeing dirty water in your dreams may represent negative emotions you have bottled up inside you at that period, especially towards your partner.       If you are drowning in dirty water in your dreams, it may be an indication that you are crushed by many problems in your life, and you seem not to have a way out.


Dreaming of a Clear Pond

A clear pond with swans can be a sign of wealth through the industry. If you see the reflections of clouds and trees in a pond, it is an indication that you will be fluent in speaking in front of audiences.


Dreams about Waterfall

The waterfall is a sign of good times ahead. It is an announcement of a successful, fruitful period in your business, career or personal matters. Your endeavors during this period will be profitable, and your relationship will be peaceful.

Other water Dreams:

  • An ocean voyage symbolizes an escape from trouble.
  • Dreams about floods can represent a negative element, such as debt.
  • Stormy weather or being caught in the rain means that you should take control of your emotions
  • Hot or boiling water is an indication that your emotions are running high and you have to relax
  • Walking on water means you have your feelings under control
  • Rivers in your life represent changes in your life, and if it is fast, it means you will experience rapid changes soon, but if the river is calm, you are comfortable with the changes in your life.
  • Being lost at sea is a sign that the person is floating in life without a sense of direction
  • Getting electrocuted in the water means you are going to receive shocking news soon.
  • To see a mirror image of oneself represents self-delusion or deception by others.
  • Drinking cold water in the dream means that the person is in harmony with his body and attentive to his health, but if the water is hot, it may symbolize illness.


In Summary

Water is regarded as a powerful sign that represents a profound message to the dreamer and identifying the events in one’s water dream can be of advantage to the individual both physically and psychologically. It is therefore imperative for you to take the time and recall as many objects as you can in your dream. Though water dreams are common, the event that takes place makes them unique to the dreamer, and it can be a good sign or a bad one, depending on the events in the dream.

What Does it Mean when you Die in Your Dream

Death dreams can be scary and may seem like a premonition of one’s imminent death or the death of a loved one. However, dreaming of your death does not mean that you are going to die soon. There is no need to panic or be alarmed. To understand your dream of dying, it is imperative to take note of the circumstances in your waking life that may have resulted in such a dream.


What Does Death in your Dream Signify?


There are diverse interpretations of death dreams. However, the general meaning when you die in your dream is a change in your life or a transition. Figuratively, it means “a part of you has died.”  Experts believe dreams about death are a symbolic end of something, whether a relationship, a job or a phase. Death represents transformation, inner changes, positive development and self-discovery that is ongoing in your life at that period. It symbolizes significant changes or a transitional phase. That means you are leaving a stage in your life and beginning a new one. You might be in the process of moving to a new country, getting married or divorced or you are getting a promotion at your workplace at the time that you experience a death dream. Here are some death dreams and possible meaning:


Dreaming You are at Your Funeral

A dream of your funeral marks an ending to an aspect of yourself or a situation. You may have been holding back your feelings or parts of yourself, so the dream may be a sign that you need to admit those feelings and act on them. It might also be urging you to deal with a situation instead of burying it or suppressing it. If you are in a life-threatening condition in your waking life, a funeral dream may stand for your feelings or apprehension about your death.

Death of Someone Else

In some dreams, death is represented by someone else. To see someone else dying may symbolize a change from everything that represents that person in your life. You do not want to have anything to do with what that person represents anymore. On the other hand, this type of dream may imply that your relationship with that person is not in order or you are both drifting apart. The death of a child may signify the suppression of your inner child.


Others Symbols Death May Represent:

  • Death may be a wake-up call to an urgent situation in your waking life.
  • Death in a dream might mean you are trying to escape from difficult circumstances in your waking life.
  • To die in a dream may be a way of dealing with your mortality and the idea of death or because someone close to you is terminally ill and you are thinking about death often.
  • Death in a dream can also symbolize self-sacrifice, especially when the person always puts the needs of others first.
  • Dream about the death of your loved one may mean that the person has a quality that you lack in your own life or relationship or that you harbor some deep-seated resentment towards the person.
  • To dream about the death of your ex symbolizes the end of your relationship with that person or that you are moving on.
  • If you dream about faking your death, it is an indication that you are starting afresh in life, or you want a change in life.


When you die in your dream it should not be taken literally, but as a symbol or a sign that something in one’s waking life is changing or ending. It could represent self-discovery or transition into a new stage of life.




What does it mean when you dream about fish

Dreaming about fish is a common experience. Dreams related to fishes may have myriads of connotations and interpretations. Legend and history have it that dreams on fish bring positive results. However, there are some dreams about fish that have been associated with negative occurrences.

To rightly decipher your fish dream, it is necessary to look carefully into all the details of the events that surrounded the dream. If you see yourself harvesting fish, swimming, feasting on, preparing a fish meal, or fighting with the fishes, you need to watch it. All of these dreams have different meanings.


General Symbol of Fish in Dreams

Fishes have been associated with fertility and individual progress. If you often dream of swimming fish, it may imply conception. Most people usually correlate the sight of a sperm cell with a fish in the water. The following are other symbols associated with fish:


Dream about Fish Swimming

Perhaps you often see fishes swimming in dreams; it might imply that your subconscious self relates to the ocean. If you dream that the fish is swimming at the bedrock,  you may be in a precarious condition in a short while. Should it be that the fish is floating on the surface, it depicts riches and opulence.


Dream Related to Fish Eggs

Eggs are mostly related to latent abilities and fresh starts. If you do come across fish eggs in your sleep, it may symbolize a novel idea or fresh inspiration spurting from your subconscious mind.


Dream about Cooking Fish

If you dream about eating fish often, it might be indicative of your faith, ideology or religious bias. Eating fish in dreams implies that you are co-opting your novel ideas into your person while cooking it means you are getting ready to infuse your new ideas and revelations into your person.

Dream about Dead Fish

A dead fish in your dream depicts dismay and failure. This disappointment might be linked to financing, concept, faith or fertility. A dead fish in your dream might also imply that a new prospect is coming from an age-long idea.


Dream about Another Person Fishing

Should it be that you often see someone fishing in your dream, it hints that you are aiming a goal in real life. It might as well mean that you are trying to challenge and bring your subdued emotions to the fore. Alternatively, fishing in dreams might merely suggest pure fun and leisure.


Dream about Fishhook

Coming across fishhooks in your dream might indicate that you are supposed to “catch” a particular thing. It can as well mean that you are stuck on an idea or that someone is deceiving you or talking you into subscribing to a wrong notion.


In Summary

Fish can be a symbol of destiny, a prediction of upcoming events in one’s life, acquisitions, or trouble, depending on where you see the fish in your dream. Dreams on fish are quite common, and it is, therefore, pertinent that we get some meanings on fish dreams so we can self-interpret these dreams whenever they come.