What does it mean when you dream about Someone Constantly

Have you ever had a dream about someone that keeps recurring? This is a very common experience, and it can be difficult to understand why it keeps happening. In this article, we will look at some of the possible reasons why people dream about the same person over and over again.

Dreaming about the same person is something that many people experience at some point in their lives. But why does it happen?  we will explore some possible reasons for this phenomenon.



What does it mean if you dream about someone constantly

Just an ordinary dream

At times, this dream may be as a result of ordinary happenings during the day. If a particular individual is in your thought constantly before you sleep, you may find yourself dreaming of the person.

Thinking about that individual during the day would have registered in your sub-consciousness, and this can be replayed in the form of a dream. It is just your sub-consciousness playing a trick on you at times and not any form of revelation.

If you consciously change your thoughts while awake, you will discover that the subject of your dreams starts shifting to that new object that now engage your mind while awake.

Sign of affection

Some scientists are of the opinion that dreams are more or less the windows to the sub-consciousness. Your sub-consciousness tends to hold firmly to the thoughts of an individual you desire exceedingly. Some other groups of scientists believe that a dream is more or less a spontaneous self-portrayal and also a display of the actual situation that happens in the unconscious mind.

Most times, people dream of things they desire but cannot have.

Even if you can have it, but desires that particular thing deeply, you will find yourself dreaming about it. The same thing goes for humans.  Most men have confessed dreaming of having sexual intercourse with girls they have a crush on.

Many of them even wake up to discover they have had a wet dream. So, it is most likely a sign of affection for that person if you find yourself dreaming of the individual consistently.

Sign of animosity

Aside from being a sign of affection, dreaming of someone can as well be a sign of dislike or animosity. You may find yourself dreaming constantly of an individual you have a thing against. Maybe the person has hurt you in the past, and you are bent on taking your revenge on the individual you may find yourself thinking about the person at virtually all times.

You may even fight with the person in the dream.  Things can be bad at times that you wake up feeling pain where the person had hit you in the dream. Always consider the various meanings of a dream before concluding what it means; this is because the same dream can mean various things, depending on the prevalent circumstances.


It Represents a Part of Ourselves

Sometimes, the person we dream about constantly can represent a part of ourselves that we don’t fully understand or are trying to come to terms with. For example, if you keep dreaming about your friend who’s really outgoing and confident, it could mean that you wish you were more like them.


a Relationship

If the person you’re dreaming about is someone you know in real life, it could be a sign that you need to pay more attention to your relationship with them. Maybe you haven’t been talking to them as much as you used to, or there’s been some tension between you two.


a Desire or Goal

Sometimes, we dream about someone constantly because they represent something we want or aspire to be. For example, if you keep dreaming about a famous athlete, it could mean that you want to be better at sports.


a Fear or Concern meaning

Dreaming about someone a lot could also be a sign of anxiety or fear related to that person. Maybe you are worried about losing them, or you are concerned about something that’s going on in their life.


Is it strange to dream about someone a lot?

Dreaming about people we know is completely normal and common. However, when we dream about the same person repeatedly, we may need to think about whether something is happening with that person in our lives.

There are many people we can dream about repeatedly: our partner, a close family member, a deceased person, or even someone we don’t get along with.


Reasons for dreaming about the same person

Usually, when we dream about the same person repeatedly, it’s because they are someone in our circle. Whether they are friends, family, or someone we like, we tend to think about them a lot, which logically affects our dreams.

For example, if we dream about the death of a loved one, it’s because we are worried about losing them, we care about them, and we associate their death with losing them forever.


Recurrent dreams according to contemporary psychology

According to contemporary psychology, there is a phase of sleep in which the memories in our brains are activated in a chaotic way. It creates a kind of cinematic sequence that doesn’t necessarily make sense. This is why we often dream about environments and people who have no relation to each other and surreal elements appear. For example, dreaming that you’re at work but your coworkers are family members, or having a dream in which you live in a city you’ve never been to, but your house is the one you lived in as a child.

During this phase, our memory of concepts is activated by groups of neurons, which in turn, stimulate more concepts. In other words, a recurring circle is created, causing us to repeat this process while we sleep and leading to having many repeated dreams.


Dreaming about someone a lot according to Freud

Unlike contemporary psychological approaches, psychoanalysis promoted by Sigmund Freud associates these recurring dreams with the unconscious mind. Freud and psychoanalysis argue that the content that the unconscious mind wants to repress (memories, traumas, desires, thoughts) eventually manifests through dreams.

Therefore, according to Freud, dreaming about the same person could mean sexual or other types of interest.