Divine Definition


From lat. divīnus

1. adj. Belonging or relative to God.

2. adj. Pertaining to or relating to the gods to which the various religions worship.

3. adj. Very excellent, extraordinarily exquisite.



Divine, is a term used to express a characteristic of the Gods that a religion contemplates. When a being is called Divine, it means that it has special powers, it is considered a divinity because that Supernatural being performed actions that no being on earth has performed before.

Christianism have a powerful God who in 7 days created the world according to theology, that is considered a divine act and therefore worthy of praise from his followers.

The stories told about the gods or characters that are divinities for a society, have no verifiable, palpable evidence, since they are so old that only small traces of history remain confirmed by the institution that has doctrine as a responsibility. The divine is heavenly, the celestial is invisible, you can not get material response from these characters, only the actions of faith are those recognized as acts of devotion to the divine in effect

In other disciplines non religious the word is able to describe an object, person or situation that has surprising, outstanding and high value characteristics.


For the word divinity there are three different uses:

  • The unique and absolute God of the monotheistic religions, o
  • A god of the polytheistic religions,
  • An entity similar to a god.


In reference to powers, forces, energies, laws or truths that are universal and that transcend human capabilities. In reference to the qualities of individuals or of the human being if it is considered that it has a special access to, or is part of, the divine. Divinity as force or power, refers to the operation of a transcendental power in the world.


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