Devil’s pact of pope sextus

This is the proclamation of the accusation of sorcery again Pope Sextus, one of several pontiffs who face this charge. The narration of this accusation is taken from the Historie Universelle (tome XI) by De Thou. Accordingly the Spaniards continued their vengeance against this pontiff even after his death spearing no libel to blacken his name.

They claimed Sextus, who had been in confederacy with the enemy of humanity for some time, had made a compact with him, the devil, and pledge himself to him on the provision the he become Pope and reign for six years. Sextus gained the chair of St. Peter and during the next five years as Pope he distinguished his pontificate by achieving feats beyond the common feeble intellect.

At the end of this term Sextus became sick and the devil arrived for the fulfillment of his pact. Sextus angrily protested saying twelve more months still remained; but the devil hastily reminded him that at the beginning of his pontificate he had condemned a man, who by the laws was a year too young to suffer death by execution.

By depriving the young man of a year of his life Sextus, said the devil, has shortened his own by a year. Thus the five of his pontificate and this one made six, the agreement of the compact. Sextus was confused and unable to answer amid the mental anguish and remorse of conscience that he suffered as he prepared for death.

Even the author De Thou adds that this might be a rumor of the Spaniards; he would not guarantee its validity. A.G.H.


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