Demonology Books

Demonology is the study of demons and demonic beliefs especially the techniques to control them and to summon them. With an increase in awareness about the presence of such creatures and an increased interest of people depicted in such paranormal creatures and their activities, the trend of demonology is increasing steadily. With the expansion of the circle of people’s interest towards such things, the sale of demonology books has increased drastically.

The market is flooded with various books on demonology. At such a time, it is quite difficult to differentiate between useful and not so useful books. So in this hour of difficulty, we have once again come to the rescue for customers who love to read demonology books. However, you can find such amazing books on Amazon as well that filters out the useful books from the mass of different books and makes only those books available to you which have proved to be quite useful in learning such unique things.


What to look for in the best demonology books

The book should have easy vocabulary and should explain each and every phenomenon in sufficient detail to make it an effective source of learning demonology. The book should have good reviews and the author should have enough knowledge in the respective field.

Following are some books on demonology which you might find interesting.


  1. An Exorcist Explain The Demonic: The Antics Of Satan And His Army Of Fallen Angels By Fr. Gabriel Amorth

Fr. Gabriele Amorth brings you this book which is an exciting source of having a sneak view of the spiritual creatures. The vast range of impressive yet interesting vocabulary keeps the reader to stick to it till the last of the page so this is going to be your new best friend. Besides this, the fact that the author himself is a famous exorcist in Rome ensures that all the information that is made available to you is as accurate as possible.

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  1. Out Of Devil’s Cauldron By John Ramirez

It is a story of John Ramirez of how he was trained to be the third ranked high cult priest of the New York City. In this journey of John, some hidden truths about the satanic figures and angelic beings are going to be unleashed so sit back and enjoy the ride witnessed physically by John and by the pleasure of his books, mentally by you. The words are illustrative enough to create a vivid image of the events that became a part of author’s life in the reader’s mind.

Such a gush of events and a miraculous happening in the author’s life will enhance reader’s knowledge on the paranormal activities and their reality. In this spiritual journey, John also came across the Jesus Christ, the prophet of Christians. All this are aimed at strengthening your faith in the teachings of bible and make you ponder over the possibility of the presence of hidden things. All of such acts will remind us of our bond with the god and will make us pious and help us to lead a righteous life.

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  1. Unmasking The Devil: Strategy To Defeat The Eternity’s Greatest Enemy By John Ramirez

Though the teachings of bible are to be strictly followed, many Christians still hold the view that the demons are merely an imagination. This view is easy to hold if one has not encountered them but piety, John could not be mentioned among them. He is one of the blessed human to have seen it up close and stand in front of our greatest enemy. It is a squeal to the above part by John. In that part, meeting Christ was a soothing experience but in this book he dig down to discover the unique tactics used by Satan to misguide us.

By having a close view of its strategy, a pious person can easily conquer over his righteous soul and follow the path prescribed by god. In this book, he dealt with this power of darkness in a great detail and suggested the fellow human beings to be safe from this evil. After all, no army just jumps into the battlefield. Firstly, all of them have to know the strategy that will be adopted by their enemy.

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  1. Hostage To The Devil: The Possession And Exorcism Of Five Contemperory Americans By Malachi Martin

Since Malachi is a sort of a serious writer so she preferred to keep it simple, that implies a story based on truth without the involvement of any sort of illusions or any other thing that might corrupt the true meaning of her writing. Hence she chose to keep it as simple as possible. Malachi describes it as a one to one battle with the Satan, the sole common enemy of mankind. It deals with the involvement of the possession and exorcism in the contemporary world and is a book in which the Satan is behind five Americans who have stepped into a direct battle with the Satan.

The book is full of soul stirring information that makes reader realize the worth of their life and it kind of provokes the feeling of the real sole reason behind their existence. The specificity of this book is that it is the only book that provides you the assistance to deal with devil in the modern world. The touch of modernity ignites the real cause of going through such masterpieces. It is a perfect stop for the human beings who complain of the traditional methods to overcome the temptations induced in us by Satan. Hence, one will regret missing to have this book in their library.

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Thus, these were some master pieces short listed for the beginner’s assistance. These all are best sellers and are highly recommended to be gone through if you share a keen interest in the demonology topic. So’ choose the book that is up to your taste and let it indulge you in the pleasure of learning this discipline and dive in a world of information confined to demons and ways to have victory over their evil existence.


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