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The Italian Cupid or Amor was equivalent to the Greek god¬†Eros, the god of love. He was the son of¬†Aphrodite¬†fathered by¬†Zeus,¬†Ares, or¬†Hermes. Cupid was thought to be a beautiful but wanton boy with a quiver full of “arrowed desires.” According to a late legend,¬†Venus¬†(the Roman equivalent of Aphrodite) became jealous of¬†Psyche, the soul, and ordered her son to inspire her to fall in love with an ugly and wretched man. It so happened that Cupid, himself, had fallen in love with Psyche and, invisibly visited her each night. He ordered her not to try to see him, and when overcome with curiosity, she violated his command. He deserted her. Psyche wondered the world over seeking him, and overcoming many obstacles by Venus until¬†Jupiter¬†granted her immortality and the lovers were reunited.¬†A.G.H.


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