Crystals Healing, Crystal Definition and Gemstones

rystals have became synonymous with the New Age philosophy. Included within this category are clear and colored quartz as well as semi-precious and precious stones. Since the 1980’s such stones have been used as amulets and talismans possessing reputed healing and magical properties. Although such paranormal properties have not been scientifically proven those using the stones firmly believe that these properties are caused by the stones emitting vibrations.

The modern belief in crystal power is a reassurance of an ancient belief. Past civilizations valued crystals for their alleged protective powers against disease, bad luck, evil, and sorcery; and for their physical and mental healing powers. Crystals were worn as amulets and in breastplates by ancient people. European nobility, especially during the Middle Ages, wore crystals to ward off the plague. The stones are used against bad dreams, dissolve enchantments, and were mediums for magical visions. (see Divination) It was even believed that bruising crystals with honey would fill breasts with milk.

Presently crystals are worn as jewelry in pendants and rings, and even carried in small pouches as in ancient times. They are placed around the home and office, and crushed or soaked in water for gem elixirs. The benefits of using crystals are said to be the alleviation of stress, stimulation of creativity, enhancement of dreams, and the awakening of the psychic powers and higher consciousness. In some types of healing therapy crystals are laid out in particular forms on the chakra points and energy meridians of the human body. In alternative medicine they are used on animals as well as humans.

Crystals are used in the work of the occult and magic too. In divination they may be cast in lots or selected. Also, they are used in crystalomancy and meditation.

Some crystal enthusiasts believe certain stones such as clear quartz can be “programmed” to perform certain functions. There are certain procedures for such programming, one is to “clear” the stones by immersing them in salt, then exposing them to sunlight, then “programming” the stones through meditation or concentration. Some stones are classified as “double-terminated” or having points at both ends, and are claimed to be stronger in mystical powers. A.G.H.

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