Crystals for Protection and Stones for Home


There are many protection crystals out there today, but it may surprise you that the efficacy of those stones differs one from the other. Generally, however, these stones are capable of offering one form of protection or the other. The stones can protect you from being affected negatively by any unwanted influence or energy.

The negative energies or influences can be in various forms, like  emotional energy or stress from other people in the form of bad vibes of plot of land, building, house, rooms; run of ill fortune or bad luck; abuse or manipulation; spirit attachment or malevolent spirit; jealousy, fixation or envy; ill-wishing, psychic attack or cursing.

Despite the seeming agreement among the various protective stones available today, not all of them work in a similar fashion. Your need and what is affecting you are the main factors determining the type of protection stone to buy.

In this write-up, we will mention some of the common protection stones out there and also tell you what each of them stands for.


Best Crystals for protection from negative energy for Home


Black Tourmaline

This protection stone works to lower and repel harmful frequencies. It equally offers all-around protection. The stone is capable of creating a field around the wearer and prevent psychic debris and lower vibes from having any effect on you.

In fact, it is the most recommended of all the available protection stones.

Despite the many benefits of this protection stone, it is found to work only for un-intentional energies, which means vibes that are sent against an individual powerfully and willfully can penetrate the person, examples of which care spirit attachments and spirits.

Despite this, it is still one of the best for daily protection.



The main function of this protection stone is to protect the wearer from ill-wishing, fixation and psychic attack. Bear in mind that psychic attacks can be in several forms as highlighted below:

  • People desiring or fantasizing about your epic, total ruin
  • People gossiping about you
  • People hating you

It can equally protect you from people that are extracting your energy to fill their needs, voids and lacks. When you wear this protection stone, you will be automatically placing a coat of armor or shield over your heart chakra.

It can keep you from suffering from other people’s pains. You can go a step further by adding pink kunzite, rose quartz or heart stone.



It can clear any internalized emotional energy for empathy. It makes you empathetic and this can confer a psychic gift on the end user. It can absorb unwanted energies more than it emits these energies.

If you are hit by another person’s energy while wearing jet, the protection stone can draw the external energies out of you so that you will never suffer from it. The protection stone does not distant you from other people’s emotion; it only prevents you from being held bound by it.

You need to clear this protection stone regularly. At times, the cleaning can take place several times a day. The frequency of cleaning depends on how hard it is working. If it is not cleaned regularly, it can start falling off you and breaking to pieces.





It can help to cloak your energy signature so that you can avoid curses, psychic attack or sorcery. You may not believe it, but black magic or sorcery is real. Also, it can attack good people. So, it is important to guide against it.

The protection stone will cloak your aura and take you off the radar of sorcerers. It will also ensure that any poisoned arrow sent your way will miss its mark. Also, this protection stone works only after having an energy clearing, which can be done either from a heavy duty salt bath or professionally.

The clearing can also be done via fire ceremony or purification rite. The protection stone can only protect you properly if your aura is cleared.


Blue Kyanite

This protection stone can prevent people from messing with your head. If you are experiencing any form of manipulation, lying, bullying or coercion, then you will find this protection stone to be very helpful. It is the best tool for keeping your head and steering clear of second-guessing, self-doubt, anxious thinking and worries.

Also, it can enlighten you about what is being communicated and help you to read between the lines. It is equally preventive against cult influence and brainwashing. You can even add hematite to improve the effectiveness of this protection stone and also help you to maintain a healthy boundary.


Black Obsidian

This protection stone can protect you from ill fortune, sorcery, and fixation. It can match the frequency of banishment, which makes it powerful against magical workings, shamans and witches.

It can break spirit attachment, hexes, and even curses. It can return negative energies directed against you to the sender. Its activity is similar to that of banishing pentacle or pentagram.

Furthermore, the protection stone can dispel the black cloud that may be following you around. It can equally dispel dark energy veiling you. If you have a keen sense that someone is cursing you, you will find this protection stone helpful in dispelling that curse and preventing it from having any effect on you. You should continue wearing it 24/7 until the issue is resolved.

It will equally bring you into awareness of that shadow aspect of you that may be contributing to your current situation, thereby aiding fast healing.


Apache Tear

This protection stone works to transmute negative energy. The stone can help to heal trauma, sorrow, and grief. It works by transforming the negative energies into healing energies for the soul and heart.

The function of the stone is similar to its effect against dark, heavy, harmful, lower energy. It can, therefore, function in healing. You can use it if you are a healthcare practitioner, a first responder or a hospice and hospital worker.





The Crystals for protection and stones described above can make a lot of difference in your life as a person and can equally enhance your positive experiences in your career and business.

You can order them online and they will be delivered to your doorstep in a jiffy. As stated earlier, the type you order can be determined by the purpose of using it.