Crop Circles are earth DNA

by Blanche McLanahan



BIASHI-TURA E=(q) (p) if; ME=psi 4 inversions=L2

My music goes with you for cure of humanity’s wrong. To invert the affront when you fail to sing my song. And when you fail to strike the harmonic or rhyme the words I will sing it for you as I paint the pictures which can’t be heard.

The script codes on the surface are in line and motion with time. The spirals twist then unfold to form a line. These bands then differentiate the spectral color and Earth’s gravity shows face in vibration of all her flowers.

Take a walk in these fields where circles form. Seek the root of the atoms which stray the norm. Levels of the esters in growth as enzymes catalyze, Amino acids build the molecules for the protein we synthesize.

Learn from the message inlaid how to genetically realign, growth of the plant and man are intertwined. Primal DNA is gift of Mother Earth no man can claim. All memory of time in soil or script in stone are here engrained.

Man’s sight to enable the brains’ circuitry recognition, a stimulus for our thought’s cognitive revelations. Messages on Earth’s canvas guide us in times of need. Historical repetition of linguistics mankind must heed.

Renditions by an unknown artist paint of Love «a lost memory» now past, a forgotten language in the shadows time has outcast. Secrets lie in the tractor lines of the farmer, he who lies in all of us, that we might steer for directive towards the curves which meet life’s circumference.

A parallel duality knows of inertial thresholds where inversion of the kinetic releases the potentials. The angle for time is four cubed concealed in Pythagorean analysis, for as it spirals it meets linear light now in shadows of darkness.

Earth’s mass must reciprocate unto lights energy demand; the black of night absorbs in silence the need of reprimand. Empty spaces hold contained rest energies where diffraction of the light bends time for gravity to appease.

Weights with greater force will shift the ballast mislaid, lines perpendicular meet the curves in degree of the isosceles delay. Four inversions in life’s circle build a complex frame; convex surfaces turn the image round the other way.

Internal chambers where the concave inversion is confronted should turn an upside down picture upright but it does not. In angle of the genetic prismatic profile reflect through the ocular aqueous membrane, lies cloaked the true reflection in the skulls refractory index’ claim.

The brain’s encapsulating mechanism found mutant angles of degree, the internal vorticity is apathetic where nine tenths found atrophy. Should the mandible align at ninety degrees and the soft palate 45 degrees to project, light would re-fuse and diffuse the stimulus for the circuitry of memories neglect.

Linear light will strike the brain’s internal point of origin and ignite, the circuitry in breach of the horizontal septum and bring the left to know the right. Perfusing now these long forgotten links to thought in mind awakens simplicity to the complex reason without rhyme.

Stability for momentum found an axis at a forty-five degree left shift. Heavy metals to contain kinetic energy and the potential cannot lift. Take a ninety-degree angle and lay it on a line and a convex curve. The geometric design signifies what the Egyptian long ago learned. Now take the line and concave curve and the image will proclaim; a square inside the circles as seen during the Mayan reign.

As the circles spin upside down energy is absorbed and conducted through crystals of apatite, and the vertical climb of the cord feeds the stem perfusing the brain with vibrations for sight. The index within the skull creates the picture to reflect what is inside from out, as does the line camera to project the bands of color giving darkness clout.

Take the right angle and face the point on a line, you will see the image of the cross and four quadrants where the circle spirals in time. Our language documents these shadows or deficit in light during era of man’s error of an ignorance sublime.

Pragmatic man conceals in scripture the degree of deficit in characters who breach the line. Interference portrayed as a fractal through time. In distortion of the simplistic whole our language is the aberrant foci of which man expresses to play the role.

Our brain is the Tower of Babel hemispheres barred of this vertical divide, this septum should traverse the temporal region putting them side-by-side. As the stem feeds the brain and the energy is bled through the eyes, now shadows will exist as the mass and energy find the cat in the box to equal psi.

Crop Circles to feed the farmer whose soul lies in all of us…and their message to tend the Earth or she will turn to dust. Let go the minds complex and distorted creation, Mandlebrot’s root is simplistic symbol of the spirits procreation.

Stability is founded at the ninety degree angle of a cross, then lost momentum of 60 degrees during the lateral pole shift and the tetrahedral loss. 120 degrees of the Isosceles triangle offers us multiples of 30 degrees as apposed to obstruction of 45 degrees left creating an oblique angle.

Tetrahedral formation and the Isosceles should not overlay…therein man finds death to be covered in his grave. Equilibrium will resurrect matter after it reaches full decay, photosynthesis is key to rebuild and shown in symbols at Newgrange.

A healing center to balance the energy from the sun, physiologic revival so the heart can’t go wrong. To heal the earth is to free the mind, absorb the sun to reach height of our climb.
Evolutionary ladders sing a song of mutant codes. Evolution without time is song only time’s past knows. My song did not go with you and you failed to sing the legends which spiral and twist in time, so the Earth will sing for you now and the music of the primal DNA can unwind.

The Japanese sing of Takashi, the tiny saplings who bend in the wind, Revelations sings for the tribe in root of David and the one to loose the seven seals, «Behold, Fear not» the elders saith.


Man has forgotten the healing power of the wind nor is he to reason taking notice as she in anger gusts to lift the things of his creation. We do not understand her language, though she speaks in tongue to mend. We believe it is our power to control and that nature has no say. No longer do we hear the sweet vibration as she ruffles the trees or gives flight to the birds and their song. We take for granted these things, not to question where they come from. All around us life is thriving and dependent on us. We need to see the things we do, for if not, then these winds of time shall blow our ash away.