Cosmic Consciousness


A consciousness of the cosmos, knowing the life and order of the universe. It is considered a higher, yet at present an exceptional peak in human evolution which the race is expected to reach in a distant future.

According to Dr. Richard M. Bucke (1837-1902), a friend of Walt Whitman, some individuals, mostly of the male sex, between 30 and 40, and who are highly developed with good intellect, high morals, a superior physique, and an earnest religious feeling can acquire this consciousness.

Dr. Bucke considered thirteen individuals to have possessed such a consciousness: Gautama, Jesus, Paul, Platinus, Mohammed, Dante, Las Casas, John Ypes, Francis Bacon, Jacob Behmen, William Blake, Balzac and Walt Whitman.

The experience comes suddenly without warning with a sensation of being immersed in a flame or rose-colored cloud and is accompanied by a feeling of ecstasy, moral and intellectual illumination in which, like a flash, a clear conception in outline is presented to the mind of the meaning and drift of the universe.

The man or woman going through this experience knows that the universe is a living presence, that life is eternal, the soul of man is immortal, the foundation principle of life is love, and the happiness of every individual in the long run is absolutely certain. All fear of death, all sense of sin is lost, and the personality gains added charm and is transfigured. In a few moments of the experience the individual will learn more than in years or months of study and will learn much that no study will teach.

Walt Whitman described cosmic consciousness as «ineffable light, light rare, untellable, light beyond all signs, descriptions and languages.»

Dr. Bucke, whose conclusions was presented in his remarkable book Cosmic Consciousness, was a descendent of Sir Richard Walpole, and was in the position of superintendent of the Asylum for the Insane at London, Onterio, Canada, for 25 years.

Distinctly there are many degrees of higher consciousness from the elementary awareness of shared consciousness with other individuals to the perception of profound scientific insight, and the transcendental experience of the mystic. These represent the varying degrees of creative intelligence of the cosmos, the infinite divine principle represented in the anthropomorphic symbolism of «God» in the many religions of the world.

Richard Bucke book

At the turn of the twentieth century, a full bearded psychologist by the name of Richard Bucke, published a book called Cosmic Consciousness.All of the great figures in human history whose ideas about life and the universe have started off religions, according to Mr Bucke, had this cosmicconsciousness. Jesus, Buddha, and quite a few others, he named as having attained to what he called the ‘cosmic sense’.

To the ordinary person upon this Earth however, cosmic consciousness might as well be something that is orbiting the planet. Or the moon, orMars. Because so few people are even aware of cosmic consciousness as a concept, let alone being psychological able to investigate it and play withit as a possible alternative reality. Which is reputedly angstless, absolutely fabulous, wunderbar, incredibly mystical, return to divine source stuff,and lots more.

Apparently, according to those who have attained to it, it is the supersubtle supranatural, supernatural and superconsciousness gear, and it does awaywith all mortal gross consciousness gears. It is infinite and eternal love in and out cycling and circulating, Light, and bliss, and it is the antithesisof the suffering psychological set of the common, 21st century human. It is the mystical truth, liberty and freedom unbound.

It is also a great shame and a tremendous calamity, especially in this super troubled historical period upon this planet, that so many are unawareof the obtainability of the cosmic sense. Because once cosmic consciousness or enlightenment is reached, then the sorrow and suffering inherent in travellingwith body burden upon and along the wheel of karma, is finished. According to our ancestral greats and the greats of today, it is no more and the greatcosmic game becomes a lot more interesting it is said, when one plays it with cosmic consciousness, and leaves the self consciousness mindset behind.

So that never ending, magical discoveries about the wider cosmic self, or who one really existentially is, becomes the game of life. Which soundsrather juicy and quite absolutely different, stacked up against what so many humans have lived, and are still currently living. Because not toomany souls swing gung ho from the chandeliers when they do the human, and many are lucky if they wind up with a bucket to piss or chuck in. They don’thave to bother with changing dead lightglobes, turning taps on and off, or remembering to flush the dunny after they’ve made a deposit, either.

Some even end up with bullets in them, or being blown to pieces, for doing absolutely nothing that warranted that. That’s life! In the 3rddimension. It’s not all hip hip hooray down here, and for far too many, an ash tray has more common decency in it. More of a worthwhile purposetoo. It is a home for butts. Not stupid human’s, ultra violent, cock and bull shit.

Cosmic consciousness is sun and heaven like then, compared to the candlelight, hell enduring, self consciousness stuff. Every great who has had cosmicconsciousness who has ever walked this Earth, has in one way or another said this. For them, there is no doubt that God was a delicious entity,and it naturally follows then that so is the Goddess. Cosmic consciousness however, was always their common golden sauce, which decorates such high,superfine vibed ones. It still is, too.

God and the Goddess apparently, like humans, are a bit of a sideshow on the way back to the real thing, dimensionless point of Light, out ofwhich one and the entire universe is emanating. Or projecting. That’s what some of the greats say, and that’s real good news for some, butnot such good news for others. Who want God or the Goddess to do all of their getting to cosmic consciousness work, for them. Which will never happen.God gives body and mind. The Guru or the guide, shows the way to use them. The job of returning to source point is however, all one’s own. That’swhat some who have attained to the cosmic sense, reckon. Which computes really.

Because as a human, one should know that one has to save oneself, because in such a world as this, no one else really can. Because no self consciousnesshuman knows the absolutely real truth about this place, and they are too self concerned with trying to survive and save themselves. To bother aboutone, or even really be able to do anything for one’s liberation from the matrix, with the so called knowledge that they’ve got.

Even the divine soul mate can end up the hated enemy inside 60 seconds, in this joint. Superselfish jealousy is a rampant entity on this plane,for sure. If one has a gun though, or even lots of them, plus a few bombs, then the unfaithful can always be attended to. To one’s satisfaction,maybe. Or maybe not.

Mr Bucke’s theory about the evolution of the human mind, was that self consciousness evolves out of simple consciousness, and then the gloriouscosmic consciousness evolves out of self conciousness. That is, there is a sentient body that knows it is a separated from everything and every otherthinged up body, and that’s about it. Then there is a sentient body which knows all of that, and which can think and reflect about it too. Itcan’t go I am a chook, or a dog or a cat, but it can go I am a human, and it does. To the tune that there are now 7 billion odd humans on thisplanet, and 99.99% plus of them are using the self consciousness mindset. The effects of which so far for the planet Earth, have been absolutely disasterous.

Then, finally there is the cosmic consciousness ‘state’ or whatever. Where the condensed, supersubtle sentient body is aware of thesimple and self consciousness stuff, but it is identifying itself with being a universal consciousness. So that someone with the cosmic sense is usingthe universe and even whatever is beyond the universe, as their body and psychological identification base. Even though they may appear to othersto be normal physically, they may quite often have a psychological attraction which is extremely charismatic, very out of this world, and very difficultfor earnest seekers to resist.

Others hate them, because they can threaten the establishment’s status quo, something shocking. Profit motivated types can see them as freaksfrom the future or somewhere else, and they don’t really do that much for the blood and iron, or blood and uranium mindset. Until they’redead and sly and cunning manipulators can use them or their dad, though never their mum, as an excuse to keep the war going. That is.

As a matter of fact, they can be a nuisance and a real thorn in the side of the darker side of ego, self consciousness. They are 100% anti violenceand anti war, and they are quite fanatically peaceful. Like the Mahatma was. That doesn’t sit that well with profit motivated types who liketo keep the profits going, with a war here, or a war there.

These heavy set self consciousness beings need fresh, self consciousness flesh fodder, to fight their foul, stinkingly ultra violent, ultra nasty,profit making wars. Whilst reinforcing to the public that humans are just senseless sinner beasts really, on a death wish trip. That is, they pushthat many human beings are imperfect and limited, vile creations, and that certain ones and mobs amongst them should be exterminated. That is, theyhave an I am better than other humans by God or whatever given mind right, mindset. They adopt an I am licensed to use anger and wrath and kill themall, line.

They don’t need cosmic consciousness these gone off the baby soul edge ones, but the masses do. Do they ever. Baby souls love violence becauseof the ego gratification and power that it gives them. The more matured evolved souls avoid it like the plague, because they are so aware of itskarmic rebound implications, and they are really more interested in 5th dimensional stuff, that third dimensional crap.

Because the 21st century looms as an end of times century, so that it appears as though the human race has just about run out of time. If onelistens carefully to what the cosmic sense says, that’s no big deal anyway. As, for those who reach this level, time and space are made by themind, and they are not real. Nor is any image in them. They are more akin to holographic illusion gear. It is like in the film The Matrix, where theyturn everything in manifestion back into a homogenous screen of bright white light. Or something. Christ knows what it is like, because the self consciousnessmind cannot grasp that cosmic consciousness is the missing link, and the next step, at the same time. That is, it is a mystical super accelerant,of astronomical and unbelievably powerful proportions.

This is all quite fascinating, because if they the greats did it, then any human can do it. Shift their identification base that is, and move theirconsciousness to their wider identity, where the cosmic consciousness gear, according to the greats, hangs out. What appears to be required is resolutepractice at quietening the mind and rising above its word flow into deep silence, as well as considerable ‘reprogramming’ of its primaryidentification circuit, where it is positioning itself to be capable of playing only at the self consciousness level. That is, it is running thepsyche primarily off the conceptualisation, I am limited imperfection. It is doing that because it has been programmed and conditioned to do thatand only that, practically since body birth.

Richard Bucke’s incredible book about this subject, was based on the theory that cosmic consciousness, or the development and cultivationof an I am unlimited perfection mindset, was a natural phase in the evolution of the human mind. Which, according to the multidimensionals, (see Alariusand Polaria and ZaKaiRan and others on the internet) can play on many dimensional levels along the subtle to gross, frequency scale. A dimensional level beinga frequency of vibration realm, existing side by side and in and out of every other one. Not as is the common perceptual impression, in a layeredset up.

Cosmic consciousness then is very accessible and it is at the tip of the nose. It is a matter of doing what one needs to do to attract it. Somemeditation maybe, though one can meditate in many ways. It is a matter of doing ‘nothing’, and of thinking the right stuff, or not thinking,if one can do that, or of just watching thoughts. Whilst maybe spacing out from a distance, on and in the silence that is inbetween them. As if theywere imagined and invented things moving across a screen. Cosmic consciousness is not way out in space and unobtainable. If one tunes their mindset intoit, they may well end up with the happening of the millenium on their hands.

In fact, it sounds for certain that they would turn their life right around and drag it from out of the mortal shits, in what would have to bethe salvage job of the century. At least for them. It sounds like the explosion of timeless Light that they’ve got inside of them in the middle oftheir hearts, would be a lot closer to the surface of their skin, than it may be right now.

It sounds like that explosion of timeless Light may even bust out of their bodies, now and again. By crikey! Wallaby Bob and spinifex McMasters.The cosmic sense sounds like it is the crocodile rock, sail away and come right back with the mystical re boot of the millenium stuff, all right.One could froth at the mouth, just for one wee drop of it. Like Mr Bucke apparently got.

Because it does rather tickle the senses, to entertain and consider the possibility that it as the heaven on Earth psychological stuff, actuallymay be one’s future gear. If one plays one’s Earth’s cards right, that is. As so far, no thugs, rapists or murderers, or low down dirtyrip off profiteer types, have made it to the cosmic consciousness level.

In fact the ones who have got there, quite often started out in life as pretty ordinary, peace loving people. Who showed no interest in accumulatingmaterial wealth, and who later on developed deep, deep insights into the nature of things, and the real right way to behave. As a front up humanbeing, who has come out of the One life, and is super destined to return into It. No doubt about it however. One lives on a planet where citizenstake their sweet, or not so sweet time, doing that. Becoming the One life again, that is.

Some of them, one would think, from what they think and the way that they behave, couldn’t reach an ascended level if they had another millionor so years up their evolutionary sleeves. The greats say that they will though, sooner or later. That’s a diabolical mystery, if ever therewas one.

Cosmic consciousness could possibly even be skin like in its evolution amongst humans. First there is the dominant skin colour for a long time,and then from out of nowhere, the complete opposite to the dominant skin colour pops out, sort of thing. Human psychological evolution could as wellgo the same way, as cosmic consciousness is very much the opposite of self consciousness. Given that the lower mindset limits severely, whereas thehigher one doesn’t. Certainly also, the I am unlimited perfection mindset does have its appeal. Especially when one, and one’s species, has beenunder the pump of limitation and constriction, since day one.

It or cc could also, if it became the global 21st century in thing for humans to play with, move with a geometric progression. It couldn’tin the 1st century, because unlike now in this the 21st century, the environmental and technological conditions were not right. That is, like population growth,it could mathematically go one 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 572, into the thousands, and then the millions, fairly quickly. Which, if one dwellson the harmony and Light, and the mind technologies that cosmic consciousness types would bring into this gang raped and dying world, is an exciting prospect.

Whereas, to leave this world thinking that one’s species is so foul and so bad that they are going to extinct themselves, isn’t exciting.It’s yuk reflection stuff. Stuff that will not line up with the juice that one has to muster up within, to stay peaceful and true to mortal andethereal love, in such a savagely violent world.

Bucke mapped out how many that he thought had had it the cosmic sense in human history, and noted that it the cosmic sense was on the rise. Firstone in a 600 years, and then two or three in the space of a couple of hundred or so years, sort of stuff. His vision, which is not to be scoffed at andwhich may yet turn out in future centuries to be spot on, was that eventually human children would all be born with it, and that the odd one out wouldbe the one who isn’t endowed with the cosmic sense.

So far obviously, this has not happened, however there is no doubt here that there are enlightened beings with the cosmic sense on this planet,right now. Probably in India, though these days they could be anywhere with a rudimentary form of the cosmic sense, or the full blown happening goingon inside of them. Nor is there any doubt here that many millions of beings on this planet right now are exploring the fringes of cosmic consciousness,by allowing their consciousness exploring spirits and not their deadpan egos, to run their shows. It is also possible that given the right signals,that these fringe dwellers could access it, or a rudimentary form of it, very quickly.

Could it be that this cosmic consciousness stuff is what all human beings are really seeking, deep down, somehow? Liberation from the mortal angstand fear state, that is. The annihilation of existential pain, existential suffering, and existential sorrow, that is. The termination of all illusion.The ‘final answer’, and the end of all questioning. Real exquisite happiness based on finding one’s true and real self. Joy eternal. Enlightenment,illumination or realisation. Having the 5th dimensional cosmic consciousness burning thru one’s constitution, instead of the just about always insome sort of shit, 3rd dimensional self consciousness.

The conquering of all down, dark moods and the bliss level reascended to, never to be downloaded from again. Nirvana, Buddha called it. WhichBucke thought was just the Buddha’s word for cosmic consciousness. Likewise the Kingdom of Heaven too, as Jesus used that expression to denotethe cosmic sense. Dante, according to Bucke, called it Beatrice, or ‘making happy’. Whatever, Bucke wrote that they were all talking about cosmicconsciousness.

Could it be that cosmic consciousness is the one and only saviour of the human race? That is, if enough humans ascended to cosmic consciousness,could it tip the scales as far as humans surviving themselves goes? Could the destruction of this planetary civilisation be averted by the emergenceof a new type of human? A type of human with a mindset that views the universe as being one body, and their body, simultaneously.

A type of human that lives a simplistic cosmic harmony, and who does not involve themselves in any way in complex and murderous competition.Like so many humans in the world have done in the past, and currently still do. In the name of the dollar, and in the name of this God or that one,whenever war breaks out.

If it is said that those who have self consciousness are third dimensionals who use a dualistic or good-evil mindset, and fifth dimensionals are oneswith the cosmic sense, which is a non dual, all light mindset; then could the 5th dimensionals replace the third dimensionals? In a Darwinian typeof evolutionary survival of the mystically fittest, affair.

So that the new 5th dimensionals oust those third dimensionals who are so lost in the old mindset’s use of violent ego selfishness, that theyare too gross to reach and stay in the cosmic sense. Just like homosapiens replaced neanderthals, basically because neanderthals did not have the nounceto invent more sophisticated means of obtaining food. They could track and club a half dead beast to death, but they couldn’t put a decent fishtrap together, sort of stuff.

The food issue is also a very interesting one currently, as human survival may yet depend on the human body being able to mutate into a form that canhandle hotter temperatures and less physical food, and which can draw psychic ‘food’ from the natural prana or energy that is literally, inthe air. A less gross, far more subtle body, that is. One that is capable of vibrating at a lot higher frequency, than the current third dimensionalone.

Thus Bucke wrote about an incredible aura being attached to illuminated beings, usually at the time of their illumination. Or their passing intothe cosmic consciousness state. So and so came down from the hill or the mount, and their light was blinding, sort of stuff. Sunglasses having notyet been invented, everybody had to shield their eyes and look away quick, sort of gear.

Is this cosmic consciousness where the human race is really headed, or is it just another fantasy? Of more than a few dying beings, on a dyingworld where haphazard and happenstance matter comes and goes, and that is the end of it, sort of. Unless one really does avoid another hell trip ona hell planet and winds up being saved, exonerated and exalted in some God’s pearly heaven, that is. Whilst maybe getting a pat on the astral head orbum every now and again from the big fellah, for killing so many human beings, or for being so squeaky clean, or something. What will they all be doingwith their existential existences in a stagnant heaven where discovery has ceased though? That is the question that so far, no one has been able toanswer.

What exactly then is the cosmological science of cosmic consciousness where discovery never stops, and how is it reached? Is the subject up fordiscussion. It is a fairly curly, mind blowing one too and the greats here are not called the greats, for nothing. These dudes, they knew their psychological,metaphysical and mystical stuff all right. If beings on this planet had the 5th dimensional mindset shoved into them from birth, instead of thehorror ingested 3rd dimensional one, then they might know their individual and collective stuff too, and not be in so much deeply dysfunctional, selfdestruct shit. This is the truth, according to the data researched to do this blog.

The greats tried to give it the real truth to them, but the cosmic stuff got changed around a bit via the self consciousness ego translation, likeit does. So that so many people got themselves lost on this or that God, instead of absolutely finding themselves, with the cosmic consciousnessgear.

No one in this world, it would appear, is that happy living with a mindset that infers and enforces limitation. Sorrow and suffering are rife everywhere,east and west. Limitation contradicts the cultivation of genuine happiness, and such a situation cannot continue forever, before something cracks bigtime. To be happy for real, a human being must bust out of the I am limited imperfection mindset, spread their wings and go for it, the cosmic sense.

When the body, the planet and the universe are all either dying slowly, or dying rapidly, what else is there left to do? The human story now isexactly the same as it was when humans begun. The only thing that is really worth having is the real truth about life at this level, and at the universallevel. So the greats say. Everything else here is holographic tinsel, except love, some of them reckon.

Most people seek happiness, to give and receive all of the love in the universe, and to find joy and freedom and liberty unbound. Deep, deep down,that is what they are chasing, whilst they struggle with the self consciousness nightmare. Cosmic consciousness is all of those, and a lot more. That’swhat they, those who have reached it, say.

Investigation of the not so good news side of it prompts a few points. Firstly, many humans who are keen observers of the eye level, would probablynot bet on their species making it that much further down the ground zero track. Let alone, reaching a point where they access a superhigher consciousnesslevel. Others, like the multidimensionals, would say certainly that the old world is dying, and that nothing can save it. That is possibly, thatthere is a world wide, civilisation collapse coming. Sort of like the flood that both the Atlantans if they existed, and true to the blue Earth Noahand the animals road out, if they existed, only different.

It’ll be fire that wipes out humans this time, some doomsday prophets say. Others point to a virus, or Earth geographical and weather changes.Whatever, the story goes that the humans get significantly culled, so that maybe even only one out of ten lives on. Which is a very old prophecy, thoughit has never been more self evident as it is now, in this Chicken Little, 21st century era. Where the ‘heat’ is really on, like it has neverbeen on before.

Basically because there are so many humans, and they have technologies which they are not yet psychologically wise enough to possess. They are,some of them, like little baby soul kids, playing with matches in the middle of a million acres of very high, dried grass. They are karmically cookingtheir own souls, towards another repeat with the darker side of the self consciousness mindset. Which their test will be to try and ward off, yetagain, having failed miserably in their current lives.

The mechanics of the cosmic sense, at the moment, they have absolutely no idea about. They can grab the remote and turn the tv ‘news’on, and then later on switch the box off, but that’s about it. They wouldn’t know a 5th dimensional from an albino cockroach, and the lordbe praised. Because the lord’s not stupid, and he understands karma completely, having evolved way beyond it. The same could not be said howeverfor some amongst the fucked up flock. One Guru researched, even stated that killing hurts the killer, a lot more than it hurts the killed. Fair enough.

To the not so bright, karmically stupid ones, or baby souls, cosmic consciousness is fantasy stuff, and they are living the ‘real’ life. Where ‘good’fights a bloody holographic battle with ‘evil’, until finally, ‘good’ slaughters ‘evil’, and pockets the profits ofthat. Like the knights of old used to slaughter dragons, and then get a royal reward for their killing. Or something. Their God of wrath and war,of course, backs them up. One hundred percent too. Their God, he don’t preach mercy, or silly and naïve love thy enemy stuff, anymore. Henever did, either. At least, not inbetween their ears.

Their God, he preaches to kill them all, because they are the enemy, and too many are those who think that they must have an enemy, to justifythe existence of who they think that they are as body or clan. Cosmic consciousness has no enemies in it, not one single one. It is just full of the One life,that’s all. So they, the greats, say.

From out of the remnant who survive the death of the old world this time, however that happens, if it happens, however, supposedly comes the New Ageand a thousand years of peace and harmony. This is also old prophecy and where on Earth, or hell, is a 1,000 years of peace going to come from, giventhe current psychological status of humans on this planet? Visioning it happening without humans moving to a higher consciousness level is extremelydifficult. In fact, that appears as being impossible.

With the old third dimensional ego mindset, it would just be leader thugs and their thugs, and common slaves, or soldier breeders and soldiers, allover again. It would be a compete and fight to the death for mortal power and the material, re run. Any civilisation which sprung from such an individualand gang selfish ego base, would just be headed for a monumental collapse up the track, like the current one appears to be. Because the ego usingself consciousness only is a disaster area that can spread rapidly, and sometimes, that is about all that there is to it.

As it stands now in the year of 2006, a baby soul lunatic who has no comprehension whatsoever of the cosmic sense, yet who has a nuclear weapon,could set off a chain of events that could just about wipe humans out. It won’t matter a hoot either whether the baby soul lunatic has only onebomb at their disposal, or thousands of them. Because a baby soul lunatic is just another name for a human lunatic, or a 5th dimensional sleeper,and they don’t have cosmic consciousness. No they don’t.

They have a mad ego self consciousness which desires to conquer and rule the world, and to have everybody live their peurile and narrow more profitfor them vision, thus denying the masses a chance at living life the cosmic consciousness way. Which is an everybody’s individual vision goes intothe collective pot vision, way.

The atomic termination threat is still the peak of the abysmal stupidity and insane madness that the average 21st century citizen lives with, everyday of their lives. Because to die at the hand of intended or accidental lunacy, is no fun. Which is the self consciousness mindset, down to a Tboned steak.

Because one can bust one’s guts trying to have forever fun with it, though because everything in it is transient and does not last, sooneror later (usually much sooner these days) the fun runs out, and the pain of being so ignorantly programmed with ignorance, so that one is so universallyestranged from one’s existential source, returns. It is as the celebrated Dr Smith used to say in the tv show, Lost In Space.

‘Oh the pain! The pain, the pain, the pain!’

For so many human beings, this is the govenor in their psyches, and they’ve got a soul’s fleshed up pain all thru them, all right. They’vegot lots of ground zero and existential angst and fear in their cells to. It is not a good situation for them, or anybody else, at all. Playing Iam human is not much fun for them. They don’t really like it, and they don’t think that much of this wretchedly beautiful planet, either.There is something missing in their lives, and according to the greats that something is cosmic consciousness.

Hypothetically say, a nebulous dolphin soul with a collection of holographic memories and a desire to form up, comes out of the unseen waters of theomniescent One ‘fluid’ life, and grows solid legs and arms. (Hopefully.) In a totally mad, blood and guts, mad dog eat mad dog world like this one,it has to live as a human being. Its fine memories of life as a dolphin soul splashing around in its infinite ocean with its all loving and allsupporting mates, who are chasing the Light that lives at the centre of their infinite and eternal ocean, are completely lost. Utterly and totally,they are wiped out, and the mindscreen does not display them at all. Except maybe, during sleep, when there is no contact with the ground memory apparatus.

How in hell then is a dolphin soul ever going to be ‘happy’, in such a thick as a brick, violently solid world as this? Especially ifit using an I am God created, limited imperfection, self consciousness mindset. The real cosmic game on Earth is over for most, before it has even begun.They are ‘drugged’ before they are born, to believe later on that they are just a tube shaped body on a balled planetary one, that’sspinning thru an infinite universal body. Then they believe a whole lot of cock and bull other false stuff after that, when the outer language hasbeen internalised and mutated into thought. Where, because of beliefs, they can become extremely selfish and cannot share, and so they fight.

They become a human being and a human being only, and what is a human being really? From the common experience, it would appear to be the oddgasp of pleasure, in a sea of existential pain. Because from its very inception, the self consciousness mindset is booby trapped to explore limitation, andlimitation only. The cosmic consciousness one, on the other hand, is out to explode the limitation mindset, and to full steam ahead explore the unlimitedstuff.

Consciousness has got conflict in it, whether it is human fighting human, or the lower self and the higher self playing tug o’war. That is itstrademark along with its transcience, and that is why some Gurus say that it is such a drag. For them, the only place to be is with the cosmic sense,which sounds like being where there is no identifying with the imagination of images going on, and no I am conceptualisation at all.

One Guru researched even said that he was already dead. He actually said that he was double dead. That is, he was dead to both the body and the mind,and as far as he was concerned, they were not real. They were holographically imagined items.

The question is raised then, where will cosmic consciousness come from, if so many humans have such little faith in their own mystical potential,and the mystical potential of their species? It will of course have to come from the millions who are flirting with it right now. In their meditationsand ponderings about their existential relationship, with this existential universe.

Because underneath the mainstream consciousness of humans, which is a farcically narrow minded and a fearful baby soul type mindset, there isthis brooding and seeking alternative consciousness. Which has been evolving and fomenting for some time, upon this Earth. Readings of the data availableabout the cosmic sense, writing more writings about them, and many little cell meetings that explore it or cc thru various ways, have been going onfor as long as war has. Today there are a lot, lot more of them too, and thru many avenues, especially the internet, seeker beings have access toextremely powerful insights, which can resonate strongly all thru them. Like dolphin or whale, you are not alone mystically, even though you maybe physically, pump up sounds, perhaps do, for dolphins and whales.

If this alternative consciousness slips into cosmic consciousness, then the mainstream consciousness may find itself to be another entity that isthreatened with extinction. Because all of its heinous technology will not protect it from the evolution of the cosmic sense, amongst the grass rootsmasses. There is no greater danger to the third dimensional power human west or east, than someone who has cosmic consciousness. There can be nogreater threat to the mad ego, than something which can take the mad ego out.

A being with this faculty has destroyed the illusion that a known world actually exists, without even thinking about it. They have transcended itsholographics, blown the absolute crap out of the matrix, and reduced everything and every thing back to the source Light, and they are identifying withbeing that Light. They have become It, again. Without even lifting a finger, they can do what no ‘ism’ or violent revolution has ever done,or will ever do. They can live on the sun in their spirit constitutions, if they want too.

They have found truth and their liberty and freedom is Goddess and God like, and not limited to staying put there, either. When they talk, it islike the one voice that belongs to the universe is talking thru them. What are they talking about? They are talking about the human existential source.They are talking about the really natural, existential state. They are talking about the real human ‘home’, and about going there now whilstthe mortal feet are still upon the ground zero ground. Or dangling from one’s wheelchair, or the hospital’s waste bin, or wherever.

They have and still are talking a talk that blows the mind absolutely, because they have played with an I am unlimited perfection mindset, blownthe matrix and won the cosmic cup. That is immortal and eternal life, as blissed out spirit. As a ‘dolphin’ type in an infinite ocean ofconsciousness, or whatever grace is beyond that. They imply that real happiness is not possible using the third dimensional, egoised self consciousnessmindset, and assert that with 5th dimensional cosmic consciousness, real happiness is all that one gets.

It would however appear from the data on the cosmic consciousness subject, that the one and only necessary prerequisite for accessing the cosmic senseis simply put, a kind and earnest, totally non violent heart. Which loves and adores the Real, or the wider self. Reputedly, beautifully expressedby Jesus as ‘Blessed are the meek……for they shall inherit the Earth.’

Will this happen? Will the meek indeed inherit the Earth, or will they get blown off the face of it? So that their atoms end up drifting up andthen down, to become part of the red dust on Mars, maybe. It’s pretty line ball on this turkey ball what will happen to the meek at the moment,in what is rapidly developing into a hell of a line ball century. One would have to be an establishment idiot, not to surmise that. Because the frogsand lots and lots of other critters are getting off this just about had it rock, and the stand here is that they’re the lucky ones. Probably,one would think, even the cockroaches would vote in a referendum if they could, to not inherit a nuclear wasteland, or a self destructed, man madedust bowl. Just because of the aesthetics, of it.

The food issue won’t bother them, because they’ll eat anything. Including rotting, radiated humans. Who were maybe in the wrong universe,on the wrong planet, at the wrong time. Which some might say, just about sums this unbelievable rock up. When one can go to a spinning rock and evolveinto cosmic consciousness, that’s not so bad though. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, and the greats got ten out of ten when they werehere. They didn’t get zero out of ten, like some politicians and violents did, and still do.

Imagine being Mao Tse Tung and having to tell one’s astral guides, if they exist, that one was directly or indirectly responsible for the deathsof 50 odd million human beings. No thanks. Imagine being one of the current day leaders responsible for the pain and sorrow of a middle eastern mother,who has had to scrape what was left of her kids off the concrete foundations of her house. Because they bombed it thinking that their enemy was there,but it was the wrong house. No thanks. Probably those who suicide alone as lonely mucked up humans, fair much better, because at least they onlytook themselves out.

Another bogey with investigating cosmic consciousness is that no one can describe it as an ‘experience’, using words. Apparently, whateverthe wider universal consciousness and beyond that is, no human language can capture it directly. Bucke made a point of mentioning this, and indeedof mentioning that the greats themselves said and still say this. They can tell that cosmic consciousness is the place to be, but say that words can’tpin down what it is like to be there, or have it, that is. One has to go ‘there’ humbly and impersonally, because it is the only way toget it, by allowing it to get at one, is what they say.

One can’t observe it because it is all subjective and it has no subject-object nexus, is their word. The cyber-mystical source cannot bereached by the mind, they reckon. In one case, that the mind has to ‘explode’ to grasp it. Or in the very least be turned, ‘inside out’.

It would be tops if people blew their own minds away, instead of each other’s bodies. It would certainly be something absolutely different,compared to what the human has being traditionally dishing up to the universe. Being war. A little bit of peace. (Time that is to make some more cannonfodder and more guns and bombs.) Followed by more war.

Some humans love to fight for ego gratification and mortal power and wealth, but a lot more don’t, and they are in the real majority onthis wretchedly beautiful rock. By 6:1, they outnumber the violents. It is that now as in the past, a ruthless and vicious minority of baby soulshave set and controlled the war and peace reality gauge. They might have a very rude shock coming though, if citizens here and there on this globestart popping up with this cosmic consciousness stuff. They may even find that they are the ones who get popped, for a change.

For, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton said it, and in the karmic rebound stakes, it may even be that if one kicksanother being up the bum for power or cruelty reasons, or kills them, for no real reason. Apart from a lot of made up egoised mind junk, that is.Then that day will come when 10 cosmic beings will kick one’s soul around the cosmic block, to force one to kill that which made one act soviciously cruelly, in the first place. Being in debt to the bank, even for millions, is nothing compared to being in debt to the spirit of universalkarma. So some of the the greats say.

There is only one way to go from the top of the human pecking order, and that’s down. No one goes up from there, they just go down the helterskelter slide. Like Hitler did. Like Nixon did, and like a lot of others in the present era are destined to do. If not on this side, then on theother. The bum on the street however can only go up, with cosmic consciousness. Which has not the slightest interest in crushing bones and hearts, to getto the top of the human pecking order crap. Because they know that that is a ‘false’ trip, which is not worth a piss in a bucket. Theseones know that love and Light and not bullets and bombs, rule this universe, and all of the others too.

Mr Bucke mentions the great American poet Walt Whitman, whom in his opinion had the cosmic sense. Apparently, Mr Whitman said something to the effectthat whenever he tried to pin the cosmic sense down with language, that his lips would not move. Though he left a mighty poem called ‘LeavesOf Grass’ behind him, which is all about his relationship to the cosmic sense. Bucke also considered Whitman to be special even amongst those withcosmic consciousness, because he so appreciated self consciousness as well.

That the eye could see, the ear could hear, the nose smell, the skin touch and the body do in such a finely pictured world, was high exquisitenessto the poet. Other Gurus or greats though have implied that 3D self consciousness isn’t really worth a toss, and that the best thing to do with it isto throw it away. As tinsel type stuff. There is a difference between the poet and the other Gurus however.

Whitman supposedly flashed in and out of the cosmic sense, and the rest of his life he spaced out on the flash that he got. Bucke himself, seemsto have done this. Some of the others appear to have been permanently endowed with the cosmic state, and they relate that once you become like them again,that you will never lose it again. That is, there will never again be a fall from grace happening for any soul with cosmic consciousness. Unlessthey maybe volunteer, that is.

No more will that soul pop spontaneously out of the non dual 5th dimension of pure light, to play in a 3D light and dark, beauty and horror duality,like this one. Why? Possibly because there is not the least little bit of desire in them to ‘flesh up’, and nor are they karmically compelledby the God of this universe to do so. That which draws other ‘dolphin’ souls out of their watery ocean, to flesh up as a solid body in a solidworld, does nothing for them.

Because they have transcended that desire, obliterated all of their planetary karma, and moved into the universal consciousness slipstream, again. Inessence they have reverted back to being the One life, and doing the little itty bitty stuff identification trip solo, is not their thing. Anymore.They do the lot and the beyond, they don’t do the single and dreadfully lost, horribly bemused stuff. They are all found again, and the One lifeblesses them from millisecond to millisecond. They don’t hide from the One life with self consciousness separation baloney, and the Real doesnot hide from them. It floods them with Light.

Which of course, is conceptualisation that has its appeal for souls who are thirsty to get off the treadmill wheel off body burden karma, and elevatetheir consciousness from out of the self consciousness mire. Once and for all. Whitman’s attitude towards appreciating self consciousness andits associated forms however, is interesting.

Because the self consciousness mind can have exquisite moods, sensations and experiences, if the right chemicals have suddenly got going in the brain.For whatever outer introduced stimulus, or spontaneously generated within reasons. The Earth’s holographics are also special. It has sunset beachterritory, mountain and forest scenery, beautiful people and animals, and all of that. However, some say that the Earth’s holographics are stillnothing compared to the astral and ethereal ones.

The big problem though is that the 3rd dimensional level being dualistic, the bump up exquisite mood will not last, and sometimes it can go the otherway, in a click of the fingers too. It is a heaven and hell set up self consciousness is, and that is what the vast bulk of humans find out whenthey live a life here. They do not find cosmic consciousness, but maybe in the very near future, they might. If Bucke was right, like Jules Vernewas right about future submarines and flying machines, which are now commonplace artifacts of this 21st century civilisation. Just like mobile phones, hardplastic garbage bins, and atomic bombs are.

It would appear then from what the greats and others say, that what draws souls to mortal coils, is desire. The desire to experience the exquisitesensual beauties inherent in a world of self consciousness form, is apparently the drawcard where one winds up as formless consciousness, spirit or soulor whatever, seemingly embedded in a human being’s body. Of course, the Catch 22 is the horror of the abysmal stupidity that is inherent inthe 3D dualistic mindset. So that so many humans live more of a nightmare, than they live a half way decent dream in a blood and guts, land of makebelieve.

Dreaming, according to some with the cosmic sense, is all that self consciousness really is. To be asleep to one’s cosmic consciousness self, which iseternally timeless and eternally present and always activated in the split moment as the One life, whilst being ‘awake’ and getting aroundas a human body, they say, is ‘dreaming’. To be the inner and not the outer, they say, is ‘false’.

Imagine being the whole universe as a spirit? One wouldn’t have to worry about dropping dead as just one named and shaped body burden, orbother about baby soul stupids starting a thermonuclear war and taking one out. One’s species sisters and bros too. One wouldn’t have toworry about one’s own ego survival, or anyone else’s ego survival, or the abysmal stupidity and disgusting man made horror in this wretchedlybeautiful world. Which would be nothing but a miniscule dot inside of one’s constitution. Like a cell inside the human body is. Why the no worry? Whenself consciousness is flushed with so much worrying.

Well, of course, one would have a universe to play with. One would have free wheeling bodies galore. One would have galaxies, solar systems, suns,planets, humans and aliens, stretched out across one’s holographic dreaming consciousness plane, for eternal infinity. What’smore, assoon as one of them expired naturally, or got blown away by karmic sucker, baby souls, one could click the fingers, so to speak, and good old God,or the Goddess, if it’s one of those sorts of universes; would pump out more bodies.

For one to play with. If one wanted to. What a system! Unlimited, holographic, self procreating, self regenerating worlds and their pieces. It sure soundslike it would be more fun to play with that set up, than this monkey brained, self consciousness, blood splattered one, called Earth. Where reactionarystates and their stupid minority supporters, enforce their narrow minded, puerile codes on everybody.

Where violent, shit for brains individuals or gangs roam the streets, seeking out victims to bash, knife or shoot to death. Where certain recreationaldrugs which are the individual’s business are illegal, but nuclear weapons aren’t. Where the shit and the crap, just goes on and on andon, and humans stay in the same ignorantly violent 3D mindset that they’ve been in, for hundreds of thousands of years.

Unbeatable it the other universal system is apparently, and a baby soul will use God as an excuse for anything. From being a perceived and conceptualisedpiece of limitation, to being a murdering lunatic. A cosmic consciousness soul however, apparently, will go to God, or the Goddess, if it’s oneof those sorts of universes, and they’ll give that venerable and hard working one a kiss on the cheek. They’ll say ta! Ta! Ta! Ta! Thanksmate, for all that you have done for my spirit. Then they will go back into the beyond, that is beyond God. It is like they go off into the void orsomething, and party with one another as the One life. Pretty spaced out stuff, for sure.

Then! Imagine having the universe and the beyond as one’s ‘body’. Crikey! That’s mind blowing that is, and the word around town is thatyou can’t vote for that. The word around town is that none of the external authorities in society have got a clue really, and they are more shit scaredthan anyone else that the roof is coming down, because they will lose their privileged positions in society. (Will they ever!) You have to elect yourselfto cosmic consciousness. It is the only way, apparently.

Some of the greats even say that the other side or the 4th dimension, is this ‘dreaming’ too. Which is interesting, and a thicker plotthan one might expect. Especially after having just done a hard slog life upon the Earth. Don’t hang out with any dark lords or dark lordesses,and perservere with the practical and the spiritual-mystical, is apparently the word. Same as here.

It is said though that many a ‘dead’ dolphin soul type is most glad to dive back into their infinite and eternal ocean, and swim aroundsome. Free as an astral bird again, after having dropped the supersevere constrictions of the physical body. One can identify with that some. It’snot hard, like being a human being is.

A floating nebulous that can accelerate and move at mind blowing speeds, thru a fluid or ether type dimensional environment, does have a certainappeal to some humans. That such an entity has got the skill of being able to run on its own existential gas, down to a much finer art than here inthis dimension, is probably why. The fact that it doesn’t have to wipe the leftover shit from out its bumhole periodically, or deal with periodicbleedings, is also a bonus. No wonder then that some souls feel so much freer once they reach the other side territory, again.

Possibly ducks feel a bit the same way when they hit the water, and their weight is gone, and they can motor up, instead of waddling the solid landstuff. Too. Flap their wings and do fifty metres across the surface of their water dimension in a split second, sort of stuff. Quacking is always betteron the water, for them. It is a lot safer too, because the foxes can’t get to them so easily, as they do on the land.

Whatever, the odd Guru has implied that never does a life have so much life, as after death, when the weight of mortal existence is gone. Cosmicconsciousness is all about bringing the exuberance of life after death, into the carcass of the life that is still living as body, with self consciousnessburning in its brain. Fair enough.

A problem with the modern era however, is that it is a time of supersaturation. There are so many people. There is so much information available. Thereare so many cars, so much garbage, so many books, films and songs. So many wars and natural disasters. There is so much product, in every nook andcranny across the board of human fascinations. There are so many ideas, techniques to reach cc, and models about cosmic consciousness doing therounds. One could spend an eternity surfing the net, extracting bits and pieces of data about it. One could read about what the greats and othershave said and are saying about it, forever, and still not grasp it.

Who can grasp it? This cosmic consciousness mindset gear. Only the one who can go back thru that door that is the first I Am consciousness concept,can. These ones, are something else. Without them, humans would have a less than zero chance of getting themselves out of their individual and collectivepoo.

How to get it the cc virus, or create the right vibe within so that it can get at one right now, not only for the sake of oneself, but also forthe sake of others? That really is really the only question, and all of the ones who have cracked the matrix here, have at some point let go ofany attachment or involvement in the ‘doing’, and started just being with the natural being within them. Again. They became ‘watchers’,inside and out.

They talked a silently solitudinous love talk to the speck of Light inside of themselves, and It exploded them into cosmic consciousness. It startedin their hearts, shot up to their brains, and blew up. So that it came out of every atom in their bodies. Then it cooled down, like the Earth cooleddown from molten red rock, and they got on with it. They got on with telling the cosmic consciousness story. The cc story is every citizen’s story,or it will be in the future. That’s what they say.

In the 1970’s last century, a Guru called Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, who started out in life named Maruti, lived and taught in Bombay, now Mumbai,India. There is no doubt here that this being was with what Bucke called the cosmic sense, and it is intended to discuss the model that he proposed,to readily access the cosmic consciousness stuff. Firstly however, a bit about the life of this most fantastic, so lucidly expressive Guru.

One of the most amazing things about him, was that he was born into India’s agricultural peasantry, and he had little or no formal schooling. The waythat he used language when he started teaching however, was nothing short of brilliant, sky high stuff. He left a blueprint or map to cosmic consciousnessbehind him, that just about anybody could follow. His method is so simple, that it literally defies imagination. He himself inherited it from his Guru,who belonged to a mystical mob who were called Navnaths. Who for some time, like 1000’s of years, had been utilising this particular path to thecosmic sense. This path is called here simply, the I am path.

As a boy, it is said that this Guru displayed a fervent interest in matters metaphysical, spiritual and existential. In his twenties he moved to Bombayfor work, eventually setting himself up in business as a small shopkeeper dealing in kid’s clothes and hand rolled cigarettes. Beedies, presumably.He married, had children and was leading the life of an ordinary bloke, until he was 33. At this age a friend took him to see his friendly localneighbourhood Guru, and the Guru had words with Maruti.

The Guru in fact told Maruti that he Maruti was the Supreme Being, and that if he focussed his mind on the I am concept, and the I am concept only,that he would find that out. Maruti took the line that the Guru had no reason to lie to him, and so like an obedient disciple, did what he was told. Somethree to four years later, the fruits of doing that blew his mind, and just like the Buddha and others have done, he attained to the cosmic sense. Lateron, he told;

‘I simply followed (my teacher’s) instruction which was to focus the mind on pure being ‘I am’, and stay in it. I used tosit for hours together, with nothing but the ‘I am’ in my mind and soon peace and joy and deep all embracing love became my normal state.In it all disappeared-myself, my Guru, the life I lived, the world around me. Only peace remained and unfathomable silence.’

This would have happened in the mid 1930’s, and in 1973 a book consisting of interviews with him was published. It was called I Am That, and manywestern seekers were mightily impressed with his dialogue, and with what he was talking about. So impressed that they went to India to see him. Wherehe held counsel with them, in a little loft that was built into his back street joint.

This Guru could apparently get pretty firey and he had absolutely no patience with ego trippers. Only those earnestly seeking the cosmic senseinterested him. He had no interest in becoming a celebrity or in moving to an ashram, and he infected with the cosmic consciousness virus, thosewho came to see him. Doing this appears to be the common occupation of those who have passed into the cosmic sense. As Bucke outlined, they seem to comefrom pondering backgrounds, and generally in their thirties to forties, the cosmic sense gets to them. Afterwards they seek a bit of solitude, andthen after that they start telling others about the fifth dimension, and other stuff related to the cosmic sense.

Some of them have even thought that they were either mad or going mad, for a while. Because the cosmic consciousness picture of reality is lightyears different to the self consciousness one. As one could imagine, having the universe as one’s body and one’s real playground consciousness,would be. Fun, but also quite frightening at first, because the ego identity that is the basis and justification for the blood and guts Earth life, hasto go. Cosmic consciousness destroys the known world. It swallows it all up.

All of those tremendously hard slog years building up an identity as a person and sustaining it, and then it gets the cosmic bullet. Not manycan stomach that, and they are pretty addicted to food, sex, their egos and making money. Somehow. They also can get the jitters when anything triesto move them outside of what the normal mortal senses are telling them. They don’t want any boogies to get them, despite that a boogie selfconsciousness mindset has had its hands around their throats, practically since their births. Or the birth of the body mind machine aspect of them.

For the genuines amongst them that reach cosmic consciousness, this telling others about the cosmic sense and trying to wake them up to it, so to speak,appears to be their only motivation. Their only real buzz about manifesting third dimensionally, happens when someone else accesses the cosmic consciousnessstuff. Which is rare, though not as rare as it used to be. They never ever divide God up into Gods, or argue about which God is going to win the war.Their level is light years above the self consciousness, good versus evil one.

They don’t even register that. They register that apparently everybody fell from grace or the 5th dimension, and went into a superdeep 3D sleep,and that it is time that they woke up. To the fact that the universe and beyond is the real circuit and the real body, and it can be played withanytime that one is willing to step out of the mind made shell in hell, that is the human body. The ego that is supposedly in it, too.

Considering all of this, this Master appears to have got his trade down to an absolutely fine art. He left no one behind to do his thing, and hecarried no crosses. He rode no camels, nor did he cross swords with the establishment, or anyone else. In fact the establishment still doesn’teven know that he existed, despite that the cosmic consciousness stuff that he and many others have started off, could yet crucify them all. A lot quickerthan aliens or the death of the planet will, too.

Because a super evolved mind that can re shape or demanifest matter at will, is big power, and the indications are that matured cosmic consciousnesswill bring that sort of technology to Earth. This is a lot bigger power than any animal on Earth has currently got, and such power can come acrossslowly over thousands and thousands of years, or it can rapidly speed up. So that it comes in ten to fifty odd years. Maybe.

Nisargadatta’s history was that he was a friendly local neighbourhood ‘wise’ guy, and he remained that way until his death, and wasso true to the rich spiritual heritage and tradition in India. He let the western flock come to him, and dealing with the masses and crowds out onthe dusty street, wasn’t really his thing. He never walked far to work, and it certainly appears that it buzzed him out that so many westernerswere fascinated with cosmic consciousness. Like he was.

Then these beings went back to their abodes in their own lands, fired up by their meetings with him. They wrote books and made web sites abouthim, and his stuff. The stuff of the I am path, that is. They made little balls of insights, that could all join up into a monster ball of insights,that may finally bring something absolutely different to this just about had it, love-hate ball called Earth. Something called a 5th dimensionalhuman. A humanoid that is, who is endowed with cosmic consciousness.

There’s one just under the skin, or buried deep in the bowels of every human, according to those who access the cosmic sense. If ever thenthere was a century for homosapiens when homosapiens needed to wake up to what the greats were really saying about everybody being able to accesscosmic consciousness, and act upon that, it would appear to be this Chicken Little, the sky is falling down, one.

Enter the dragon be damned though, because the dragon has been on the loose since day one. That which is the hard core ignorant, super selfish,extremely nasty, narcissitic, prepared to use violence and kill, greedy and flatly refusing to share ego, is the dragon. Or the baby soul demonthat is perched to destroy mankind. Women too. Selfishness born out of identification with the body only, is the root cause of all human suffering, Nisargadattarightly said. Before every evil thought or act, comes extreme selfishness, which is based on I am a body only, thought conceptualisation.

Can this cosmic consciousness save mankind from its own selfish insanity? Women too. One way or the other, it could all be an interesting show findingout what does happen with humans, if one doesn’t get disintergrated first. That is.

‘Buckle up citizen and hold on for dear life, because muck knows what supermuck’s coming.’ Would make a good first line for anyswan song. Alarius the 10th dimensional Master had a really good one too, to singalong to, whilst the old world is dying.

“I’m terrified…..that my ego is dying! I’m terrified…….that there won’t be any of me left!’ He sung. In a rather a loud voicetoo.

Before this old world can ever be changed so that humans can live on it harmoniously, the hypothetical here is that one must change one’sself from the self consciousness gear, into the cosmic consciousness stuff. Then this world will change all right. As a matter of fact the Guru Nisargasaid quite a few times that it just dissolves. That is, matter, energy, space, time and dimension, all collapse back into a void nothing. Basically.

It’s hard to grasp, because it’s so hard to conceptualise with the concept of nothing. Mathematicians don’t use it much and the averagecitizen won’t go anywhere near it, because it scares the hell out of them that it is where they are going to end up. Nobody wants to be a nobody.Everybody wants to be a somebody with look at me, ego status, sort of stuff.

Considering that the seen comes out of the unseen and goes back into the unseen, the known comes out of the unknown and dies back into it, themanifested comes out of the unmanifested and does the same, and that all somethings come out of nothing and return there; whilst all form comes fromthe formless and guess where it ends up, their fears may be justified. At least from the self consciousness level. Those with cosmic consciousness,on the other hand, they absolutely love the formless and the nothing. They do. It doesn’t scare them at all, because they are so aware that thisside is the made up movie, and the other side is where the director really lives. As Ms, or Mr Natural.

One day Nisarga even told a questioner that he had eaten the world all up. Like it was a meat pie, or a jam doughnut, or something. Maybe. A strangething for this Master to say, yet from the cosmic consciousness point of view, so very, very true. One has to hand it to the greats, because sometimestheir lines were absolutely out of this world, and so deliciously spot on.

With cosmic consciousness, the body is just a holographic idea in the mind, and the mind is a computer type tool of the soul, so that thru itsmortal senses, it convinces one that holographic constructs are real. Dense, solid, and all of that. Basically, it the mind throws out a subjective,objectifies it, and ‘lives’ in it as one objectified body, in the middle of a whole lot of other objectified stuff. It creates a pictureor film upon its screen, and then jumps cyber like into a part in its play, as a this or that. It is the big picture and the entire mindfield, but itjumps into the big picture as one named and shaped item only, and gets totally lost. Sort of stuff.

In the case of humans, as a self consciousness ego loaded up mindset that is ceaselessly running I am this or that conceptual based on the perceptual,conceptualisations. Nisarga reckoned that all concepts had to die before the Nameless One would flood the mind. Even the I am one he taught, hadto go, before the Real would come again and vanguish the unreal.

As a horse, donkey, duck, whale, monkey, dolphin, snake, shark, eagle, lion, and so forth, it the mind is fine, and it doesn’t do any significantdamage to the planetary hologram. As a human being loaded up to the eyeballs with self consciousness ego however, that is not the case, and neither theGoddesses nor the Gods one would think, would be that pleased with humans at the moment. If they are, it would only be because of the strength ofthe cosmic consciousness movement. Which is neither political nor religious, whilst it is highly spiritual, and dirt mystical.

This world then to someone with the cosmic sense, is a form of illusion. It is a mind con, and soul cyber space. Maya, the Indians call it. In thewest meanwhile they have the saying, ‘the land of make believe’. They point to the same thing however, and that is that the human is somehowcaught up in some sort of dreaming sleep. So that the vast bulk of humans are really clueless as to their real, mystical identity.

They’ve got Gods galore who are going to either save them down here, or look after them royally after death, yet they don’t know much aboutcosmic consciousness. Some of them are also waiting for their God to crack the whip and put the Devil down, for good. Too. The only problem is thatthey are the ones who have to do that. Only they can end the duality in their minds, and bring the non dual into focus. No God can do that for them.No Goddess either.

They are the ones who are going to have to go within with a cosmic consciousness mindset, and slay the shit nasty, wrathful and judgemental, ultra selfishand ultra violent ego within. God’s job is to look after the universe and the bodies in it, after the first I Am conceptualisation spews it allout. Or loads the mindscreen up with it the world and the universe and so forth. That is how this Guru was reading it.

It is the human’s work and job, and their duty and destiny to access the cosmic sense, he reckoned. That it could be delayed by abysmal stupidity,but never forestalled forever. As he put it; ‘The unreal has no chance against the Real.’ He told someone one day; ‘Please understandthat enlightenment is your destiny.’ He had all of the lines at his disposal, this Master did. Absolute self responsibility, and full on selfinvestigation, was the way to go, according to him. Give up all questions except one, he said. That question? Who am I? Go within with nothing butthe I am in the mind, and do not swerve from it, was his thing. The thing of the I am path, that is.

A fully fledged Guru, like Maruti was, knew that the mind is just a drop of consciousness which holds the body idea intact, and using memory, loadsup on the identity of a false, singular person. That is, a bit part bit of an entity that only has existence, because they have forgotten in spirit,who they really are as the whole lot of it. Basically, as the first I Am, that set everything else in motion. In short, they are all I am inner, andthe I am the inner and the outer mindset is foreign to them. With the cosmic sense, the opposite is the case.

The fully fledged Guru knows that consciousness is just the play dough of the Source, and that once the spirit touches matter, then consciousnessappears in or around that matter. They are aware that consciousness is just the totality of the known, in the infinite eternity of the unknown. Theysee probably, a collection of universes and the beyond. They draw back to identifying as this one consciousness, from out of which everything andevery thing appears, and then disappears back into. They sit for a while, at this first I Am base, ‘mountain’ high. Just watching it all,and enjoying the deeply peaceful silence of the void.

Then, their last step is to cross the threshold of the matrix, and allow themselves to be swallowed up again, by the Source. Or the Light, from outof which the consciousness playdough comes. The thing about the Light of the Real that so attracts them, is that it is defined by something unbelievable.That is, It the Nameless One and the Real, as Nisarga called It, is totally and absolutely I amless. It has no first I Am, nor any other I ams, andIt is like a child full to the brim with bliss and love, and a thirst for never ending discovery, about who and what It really is.

It is having infinite fun as the timeless, birthless and deathless One life, who is holographically playing with universes and worlds galore, andat source, every human being and every other thing in manifestation is It. The greats say. Having become It again. It is then that every tiny dot inthe big picture, is the whole picture, sort of stuff. It is inner-outer, implosion-explosion gear, and It is pretty mind blowing stufflessness stuff.

Compared to finding It and abiding there, absolutely nothing else upon this Earth is really worth a pee in a bucket. Except love. They, the greats,say. They don’t talk the retribution and payback stuff, at all, either. They talk the ascend into cosmic consciousness gear, because every one isit, at first I Am base and beyond that. Gear.

This sort of talk makes some human beings extremely, ultra happy. It blows them out; whilst it scares the absolute shit out of others, who willfight to the last bomb and bullet, to protect their self consciousness ego set ups, as human beings. Whose consciousness range occupies only one body,and maybe also the ally consciousness of their ‘gang’. Be that 3 or 4 punks with knives, or a nation with thousands of nuclear weapons,which hang Grim Reaper like symbolically. Over this tragically lost, ultra violent, wretchedly beautiful, little world.

Where underneath the mainstream self consciousness, there lurks this other one. Which is called here cosmic consciousness, and which is dormantand ready to explode out of many a fine human being. Who has had an absolute gutful of the I am limited imperfection, self consciousness mindset. Runningamok in their psyches, and those of other beings too. In these disgruntled and brooding metaphysicians, who strive to quieten their own minds, andwho are crouched at the mark for something absolutely different to get going and kick start themselves and the race again, the balance of the scalesof life or death for physical humanity, and the physical woman, rests.

Because no God can save the humans, in a set up where the I am is the source of things, and God and the universe that they attend to, both comeafter the I am. Cosmic consciousness might, if enough ‘human beings’, or sleeper 5D spirits, access it. Asap.

Because self consciousness is a self destruct mindset. The mind is programmed to re run and drive itself into limitation. The limitation befuddles andbemuses, alienates and generates filthy deep angers and resentments. It stuffs good people, right up. The self consciousness mind though just keepson driving at the limitation, because with what it has been fed, like Hal in the film 2001, that’s all that it can do. Running with I am limitationfrom its programmed inception and childhood loading up, it never gets a chance to bust out of its own prison, and a pretty shitty life can be itsonly cup of tea.

That’s a crying shame, for many beings.


I Am! So What?

As a first impression, the I am concept does not come across as anything extraordinary. Humans tend to use it inside and out 24/7, without takingmuch notice of it. What they do notice and what can so bemuse or falsely glorify them, is what they put on the end of the I am. The this or thatdescriptions which rule their lives, that is. When they say I am happy or I am sad, it is the happiness or the sadness that they focus on and live,and not the pure I am. Which is the variable without which there would be neither happiness nor sadness, nor anything else that could be consideredas manifestly active.

There must be then an I am prescence for any experience to happen, and taking oneself to be what is perceived is a mind con and false stuff, thisMaster reckoned. That when he implied I am, he meant the entire universe, and not just the body mind machine that he was witnessing talking and interactingwith other ones. Or being silent and still. That the body mind machine was mind product and gets born, lives and dies, whilst he was not, was alwayshis thing.

He wasn’t in any thing, all loaded up with that thing’s illusory troubles. He was outside of it all, aloof and calm, affectionately detachedand dispassionately aware and floating and flying around it, and all thru it. Somehow. Just like the rest of those with the cosmic sense have been,and still are. They live in a world that is very different to the world of the narrow mortal perceptions, for sure.

Their’s is a world of extemely high powered intuitional stuff, where they sense that the mind is just another sense, and not the Real thing.They turn their minds square onto the Real, or the Light, to switch their cosmic game on. Their minds kowtow, like every mind should do, to the benefactorLight. Then they leave their minds behind, and the Light kisses their cheeks, as they enter It, again. The Nameless One harvests that which is Its own,and if one is looking for trailblazer models to follow, it’s this crew of matrix busters all right. The rest are just third dimensional show ponies.

Looking at stuff this way, it is pretty obvious that a hearty soul can have a pretty good time in this universe. It is not necessary that theyshould have to suffer and howl worse than a dog, just because they have body mind machines that are projected up front, in this third dimension.If they would only realise what is really going on, and posit themselves back beyond the self consciousness programming, back at their I am source,then the suffering would be seen as holographic falseness. Because every being is always made out of Light, and has all of the genetic and psychologicalgear in them, to realise that. By negating the dribbleshit, 3D limitation junk.

To spread this message, was this venerable being’s whole trip. Never, no matter how hot under the collar anyone got, including himself, did hewaver from this line.

When someone tells one that they are not a human fuck up, and that they are actually already an ascended being and a wonderful spirit of Light,who is just in a dreaming sleep, one may lend an ear, to such pump up stuff. Many did with this wonderful old guy.

Others just go on killing, no matter what they hear, whilst ignorantly thinking that they can karmically get away with it the killing, becauseaccording to them, they’ve got God on their side. These ones, maybe, have a severe shock coming to them, on the other side. No one will beratethem either. They will berate themselves for being so stupid, maybe again, because to not kill is 5th dimensional technology.

Straight away in the book I Am That, Sri Nisargadatta starts pushing that the I am is prior to any and every event. That is, that whatever iscalled real, as said, depends on one’s I am set up being there in the first place, to impart reality to whatever is being ascribed as real. Thisincludes the entire universe, and the God govenor of it, and all of the bods that one encounters.

The I am then is that doorway in the psyche which downloads formlessness into form, because the I am imparts reality to whatever the mind has projected.No I am, no nothing. With I am, images appear and disappear in consciousness, like nobody’s business.

When the common self consciousness mortal wakes up in the morning, the background core mindset is running something like; I am in a human bodyin a world in a universe, that has been created by God, and I am liking or disliking that. Over that zero grounding and ‘in’ the bodyprogramming, the morning thoughts get going. It would appear that there are four main items which the self consciousness mindset runs off. Theyare, I am;

Fear. To the east.

Pain. To the west.

Pleasure. To the north.

Desire. To the south.

Which completes every human’s cross, all right. Throw the ego into the middle of that lot, and it is not hard to figure out what went wrong.

All of the thinking and feeling that goes on in a 3D psyche, can be reduced at any time to one or a mix of these four variables, upon which I am likingor disliking it, will be superimposed. The luscious beauty of dropping back to pure I am or pure being, is that it neutralises duality, and it givesone a shot at the truth. To be neither good nor evil, nor the war going on between them, inside or out, is a blessed relief. To discard personalityis an immense relief, and the birth of fantastic wisdom. I am by itself is always peaceful, whilst what follows the I am is quite often not.

It the mind is frequently agitated and restless with this conceptual based on the perceptual descriptive stuff, and it gets all caught up insome sort of war. Either on the inside, or the out. Or both. This Master said that the mind can exist like honey, so that it hardly feels shocksor bumps, or it can exist like water. Where the slightest bump can send shock wave ripples going off everywhere, thru it. His mind was made of honey,but not many others are. Not yet anyway, though if Mr Dylan was right, the times they are a changing. Probably, Mr Dylan would be pretty happy if selfconsciousness changed into cosmic consciousness on this planet, and so would a lot of other people.

The Nisarga model for existential existence then, can be expressed in four stages.

1. The Real. The Nameless One. Source. Bliss. Light. Void? Nothing? Contains the universe, the universes, and the beyond. Not holographic. A dimensionlessspeck of Light. No I Am or I ams at all. No holographic imagery at all. A ‘state’ where the mind is dead still and quiet, and where itis not projecting any imagery. The condition of an ‘awakened’ deep sleep, when all dreaming has ceased and the matrix is exploded. Thatwhich is in and out of everything and every thing by proxy, as dream reflection. The timeless and the spaceless. A homogenous block of Reality. That whichis never born and never dies. The beyond. Not matter. Not energy. The One life. That which every human and every other thing really is, at the commonexistential Source. Home. Infinite and eternal love and Light. That which dwells in the split second and is eternally here and now. The magic of andin the moment. The inner and the outer, and the beyond too. That which cannot be conceptualised, but can be lived. That which is indescribable and inconceivable,and that which neither words nor the mind can reach. Only the heart that loves It as their true Self, can.

2. Consciousness. The beginnings of the unreal. A ‘vibe’ that the Real puts out with the intent of exploring who and what It really is.An endless ocean of a watery ethereal plasticine type stuff, which the Nameless One uses to set in motion countless universes, with countless self perpetuatingholographic games going on within them. The extent of the known in the eternal immensity of the unknown.

An ocean with Goddesses and Gods in it, who are charged with maintaining and administrating to the holographic games going on in this universe, orthat. The first level where the Nameless One can go by proxy, I Am, by initating an I am consciousness programme going on upon Its ‘surface’.

Consciousness is a dynamic level where change is always going on. It is either that the formless ether is being turned into form, or the formis going through the cyclic changes which are drawing it back into the formless ether. Consciousness has conflict in it, at the lower dimensional levels,where on the 3D and 4D planes it operates within a light and dark duality. Or a positive and negative, vibrational oscillation.

So that galaxies collide, suns blow up and take out planets galore, and humans fight, non stop. According to Gulliver’s Travels, if humanshave nothing to fight about, then they’ll invent something. Like the big heeled shoe wearers, and the little heeled shoe wearers did, in thatbook. At the 5th dimensional consciousness level, this crazy way of doing and doping holographic business with falseness is no more, and a one pulse,positive vibration of pure Light is embraced. So that the non dual and not the poxed and vexed dual, becomes the actual.

The Nameless One, according to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, has a power operating within this universe which works ceaselessly to draw beings tothe 5th dimensional and beyond that levels. According to this Master, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, and everything will work out justfine in the end. No one will be left behind, unless they are a baby soul, who because of their love of violence has to repeat the 3D course, to seekout and find illumination. The rest, he implies, cannot fail their cosmic consciousness exams, because they already are cosmic consciousness. They’resoft hearts really who can’t stand violence, and who maybe will inherit the Earth.

This bunch he asserts have to negate the word and feeling crap which is conning them into believing that they are not already cosmic consciousness.They have to wake up from their solid sleeping and dreaming, that is. They have got to quit dreaming that they are the bit body mind machine part,stop fussing about its ‘survival’ and gratifications, and start dreaming that they are the whole lot again. That’s what this old Indiandude reckoned.

Consciousness is full of souls, who play on different dimensional levels, on worlds galore. The bulk of souls are doing the physical, as humanoids,or other types of solid Ets. Others are doing the astral, and a few the ethereal, cosmic consciousness stuff. A soul is the nebulous collectionof memories and desires that a spirit has accumulated, with its mucking arounds with matter, space, time and dimension. Which become the hallmarksof consciousness, once mind gets a hold of it.

There are indicators that a soul runs many projections simultaneously, in different time periods, and that it is chasing that life where all ofthe lives congeal into the cosmic sense. So that it can ascend itself up the chain so to speak, get out of the physical-astral bounce around, anddo the ethereal again.

The Real is running all lives by holographic proxy, as all lives are going on in the containment of that One life, who is the Nameless One. Untilthe bit part body mind machine starts running and identifying that it is also the whole lot and the Source, the Nameless One cannot recognise, orflood the articled entity, with Its Light. The Nameless One knows not one ego, and parties only as the One life. It will not identify with being human,the human has to identify with being It.

This is the catch 22 of cosmic consciousness, as cc will destroy the world, and the person that one thinks one is, simultaneously. Those are‘deaths’ however which the greats were glad to take, and what they found on the other side of them cannot be believed. The only salvationof the human is that they have the stuff in them to go where the greats went, by following their pathways into ascended consciousness. To stay inself consciousness mode now means only one thing, and that thing is another death. To really become alive as life force, a human has to wake up andrealise that they are already made out of stuff which can never die.

That is, on the extremeties of existential existence they are made out of the Nameless One’s 3D vibrations, or densified Light, and at thecentre of it they still are the Nameless One. The Nameless One plays a game where It gets totally lost as a bit part body mind machine, then thru thatholographically projected item, It finds Its Real, One self again. Play the game that It is playing, and one has a monster mystical win. Don’t,and one loses, again. So that it is back to the astral drawing board after death, to design the intent in yet another, third dimensional life. Wherethe soul has to slog its guts out, in an attempt to overcome mind generated, illusory deficiencies.

It’s pretty boring shit really, and humans need cosmic consciousness now more than ever, to blow both their Earth and astral systems into somethingabsolutely different.

3. Mind

An awesomely powerful, computer type tool of the soul. A wave up on the surface of the ocean of consciousness. A drop of consciousness.Machinery which facilitates the transmission of essentially nothing, into solidified forms. The mind’s prime job is to provide a stage whichlooks and feels blood and guts real, and which convinces a soul of this. It does that in 99. 99999999% of human cases, and when it doesn’t doit is when cosmic consciousness appears. This is where the unreal really takes off, and the I am churns out more false conceptual based on the perceptualdescriptions, than politicians make speeches.

4. Body

A holographic idea within the mind, and the deepest pit of the unreal territory. As far away from the Real as one can possibly get.