Connections to the mayans me

The history of the Mayans say that the coming of the Messiah will return, just like the Bible says Jesus will return.

Now the Phrase Maya Man! Every other letter in Maya Man is an A, A=6, 6=Man. Interpretation 6-6-6. By dropping the letter A in Maya, at the 4th spot, that now becomes May. Now we see May Man. (5-1). 5+1=6. Now the word Mayan!

By adding the letter M to the 4th spot, again we see Mayman, (May Man), (5-1). I have shown you that DNA is 666, not only in the genectic code, but also through the «Pi Formula», in the «Alphabets Code», And in «May First». This is the street Name that I live on, Vanaman!

Not only that, it is exactly in the middle of a «Pi Symbol», set at 36 degrees. 1 degree + every other degree following to 36 degrees = 666. Every other letter in Vanaman also is an A, Interpretation 6-6-6. By dropping the letter A at the fourth spot, it now becomes Van Man. The word Van.

1. the foremost or front division of an army, a fleet, or any group leading an advance or in position to lead an advance.
2. those who are in the forefront of a movement or the like.
3. the forefront in any movement, course of progress, or the like.

Now the word Man. Self-explanitory! Single, One, of God Mind! In Gematria, Vanaman = 396, Single = 396, God Mind = 396. In the Pi string sequence, 396 is exactly at location 1962. Barbury Pi Crop Formation is 10 digits. 396 times 10=3960, Earth’s Radius in Miles. The 4 major components of DNA are 1962.

Again, 1962 times 26, (the Alphabet), = 51012. (May 1, 2012). 234 is May, subtracting 234 days from December 21, 2012 = «May First», 2012. Need I «Not» say more!

But I will. Putting the year first, in the sequence of numbers, is like this, 6215. 62-1-5, 62 First of May, which is the Mirror Image of 5126. 5126 + 36 = 5162. «May First» 62. 5126 starts at position 2012 in the Pi String Sequence. A Complete «Circle of Space»!

The only 2 States that = 666, in the whole United States, are «New Mexico» and «New York». We all know what happened in these 2 States History. Roswell, the ufo crash site, and New York City, Thus 911.

I did a Map Quest of the exact miles between the 2 Cities, and it is (One Thousand, Nine Hundred, Twenty Six, . Thirty-Six Miles). (1926.36). Absolutely Amazing!! 1926+36=1962. The New Freedom Tower is scheduled to be Exactly 1296 ft tall. Why this number! Because 1962 – 666= 1296. Also, 1296 is the «Circle of Space».

Doing a search of the first 10 digits of Pi at position 911, this number popped up, 2875546873. Again, this is Absolutely Amazing!! This number is directly connected to me..