Communication beyond the usual devices

by Samantha Aungle
Ever since I began seeing grey colours in a healers eyes. Ever since I began sensing I could ask a question of what was happening at primary school when I was away from it. Ever since I sensed the thoughts of people in danger and in daily life.

I have sensed forms of communication and attempts by others to connect beyond the internet, the phone, talking in person.

I have sensed energy as feeling, have released it with healing chanting, it was pain and then I transformed it and it left my body. When I practice Reiki, as a Reiki Master, I feel energies, sense them, see them as light, feel them as real parts of the body, perform psychic surgery.

The mistake of some people is that I am perceiving things on a delusional level. As a psychotic disease. As a hallucinatory state. Having received warnings about trance states, energy attacks, and the psychiatric mistaken way, I have somewhat been able to continue my discoveries. Yet I had to find out that the enemy of the psychic is one who does not comprehend it, and the enemy attempt to find out if you are telepathic, and sound as if they are stuck hippies on a mission. They ask about drug taking, they ask about telepathic mind reading, as if I am a button that they could press and do as they request. I know this is common to psychics, a common complaint that the gift that happens with its own level of time, not when other people try to get you to answer to them immediately. Especially when they are unwelcome in asking that. Especially when they are denied access to that gift as they have betrayed my freedom.

Yet I am free now. Yet others are not. Others remain on treatment for their gifts, maybe undeveloped gifts, maybe untrained gifts. Why don’t they then just train the people in psychic gifts if that is what they are keeping people for to be observed and poked and prodded? How can they know it if they are merely there as medically trained people in their employment roles? Even if they are psychic outside of their roles as nurses and doctors and psychiatrists, they cannot expect to produce an open discussion or encouragement of gifts by asking about what is telepathy. All they do is dose people up to be complete undisciplined ninnies with no lives. Under the control, not of themselves, but of others of the government.

How can psychics be encouraged and helped, where are the organisations that can provide places such as that of the Ancient Celtic people, who were trained for many years to discipline their spiritual selves. Are they all hidden from me, from everyone? Why? Or is the sign hanging somewhere, and am I able to access that today?!

Buddha, God, the angels, and Thor bless