Common Precursos Manifestation

by Leilah Wendell

For many, a full blown manifestation of the Angel of Death, or any spiritual entity for that matter, is either a rare or shocking occurrence. Depending upon each individual’s understandings, beliefs or fears, a manifestation can severely alter one’s path for the better, or worse. Many people are simply not «ready», whether emotionally or psychically to deal with a total manifestation, particularly of the Death entity, and He is acutely aware of this. Therefore, manifestation is often preceded by a series of precursive oddities.

Some of the more universal preludes to any spiritual manifestation include, flashing pin-points of light that look very much like twinkling, distant stars. This phenomenon is usually glimpsed as fleeting sparks out of the corner of one’s eye and against the darkness of the room. These pin-points can be colourful, or simply white. Sometimes, not always, a specific colour can help identify the entity trying to materialize. This is often true in the case of the Angel of Death, whose precursive colour is often seen as a bright bluish-purple. Because these images are so often rapid-fire, colour may not be immediately registered from the eye to the brain. A flash of light is simply that. Some other foreplays include; momentary vertigo, or ‘spinning’ usually followed by either the flashing lights, or equally elusive ‘black spots’ that move rapidly across one’s vision. Voices, music, odors and other sensory elements may also be present. This can assist in identifying the presence. Many people have reported familiar scents associated with a loved one that has passed on. Also, mysterious appearances of personal items associated with same. Poltergeist activity, bouts of de javu, and periods of «slipping time» are also prevalent.
The nearness of an imminent materialization can be measured much like the proximity of a storm can be determined by counting out the moments between a thunder clap and the strike of lightning. Applied to spiritual matters, count the time between the seeing of pin-point stars, and any immediately subsequent astral anomalies such as mentioned above. The shorter the time span between, the closer one is to a full blown manifestation. The form a particular manifestation assumes depends largely upon the receptivity of the viewer(s). Materialization may be no more than a cloud of trailing, grey «smoke», or, it can be the total personification of an entity. How evolved the personification becomes is related both to how one views a specific entity, and the level of subconscious resistance, i.e., fear present. I know of numerous instances where total manifestation occurred but the immediate shock it engendered in the individual caused the apparition to withdraw as quickly as it came. If most spirits sense fear, they will quickly withdraw so as not to make their appearance synonymous with fear, (unless, in rare cases, where fear is their intention). Generally, spirits can tell what we are ready for and when. Although, sometimes they «test» our claim at readiness by literally saying, «Here I am! Now what are you going to do?»
There are some very strikingly unique precursors to Azrael’s coming. Some are oddly on a strictly «physical» level, such as the sighting of a dead bird, or being witness (usually unintentional) to an animal or a person dying. The feeling of an unnatural chill, or as if one is «out of time» with one’s own surroundings. There is an uncanny «heaviness» in the air and breathing is difficult. Some have described it as a «smothering chill». It is often twilight, or dawn, (there is usually the symbolism of a threshold involved, whether it be a perceived, or actual threshold). A strange electricity runs through the body, (many of these sensations are often present in other «higher» entity personifications). Gradually, patches of darkness appear to swallow the scenery and then grow to take on form. A personification of Death is almost always the darkest thing in view, almost like a cut-out in the landscape. Even against the darkness in a dark room, He is like a black hole, pulling in any light around Him until all that remains is a faint bluish-purple aura to outline His form.

No matter one’s experience with spirit manifestation. Whether it be great or lacking. Research shows that a manifestation of the Angel of Death is somehow always immediately recognized as such, regardless of the specific form It may take. Somewhere deep in every mortal’s consciousness is an innate memory of what it feels like to be in the presence of Death. The instinctual knowing that a specific entity is indeed, Death, is as primal as the drive to survive. His energy is a part of all human consciousness. The part of discarnate memory never fully washed away in the River of Forgetfulness.

* Copyright (c) 1996 by Leilah Wendell.
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