Clairsentient also known as Clairsentence is the hability to perceive through energy vibrations and in an extrasensory way, events that are involved with a certain aspect.

A person with the ability of Clairsentient is able to obtain a knowledge about something determined, from the sensations that produce certain elements, in this way manages to perceive the vibration of objects and even of people; People with this ability can feel the presence of strange energetic beings without having to see or hear them, however recognizing that they are there.


How does it work?

People who have the gift of Claitsentient have the possibility of perceiving an inner sensation before a certain emotion. The reaction to the perceived can be positive or negative, nevertheless it must be kept in mind that this person did not have any previous judgment before the situation .

The ability of Clairsentence is attributed to highly sensitive people who are open to the emotions and energies that surround them, so they can perceive them, not as their own, but simply manage to intuit them to such a degree that once they are near Any person, can feel the emotional states that person has at that moment.

Through this ability, it is also possible for a person to feel, for example, an altered energy charge, once the person enters an enclosure in which some rather intense emotional events have happened.

The ones that have been carried out over time, have shown that both humans, animals, plants, as well as objects, have an energetic field that surrounds us and that once we enter Interaction with others, we exchange energy, thus leaving some of our energy in the other and allowing the other to shape us with a little of their vibrations.

Therefore, we can say that those people who have the capacity of clairsentence can perceive and feel the energy emanations of objects, as well as the emanations of other people, directly.

There are different written resources that explain in more or less detail how to develop this gift, however, apparently this gift is one of the most difficult to acquire since it implies the ability to feel, in fact, the ability to perceive vibrations Energetic of both objects, living beings and dead beings, is an effort not easy to perfect.

It can be said that Clarisentence is a «clear feeling», being closely linked with the emotions, this is located in the solar plexus, area just behind the navel, place in which are found the instincts and visceral feelings, The sensations that warn the human beings the possibility of a future danger and that they really manage to put us on alert in these circumstances.