Circumference 44 Pi

Out of all the words that best describes a Circle, Circumference is the key. Circumference is Pi times the Diameter.

In the second stage of Gematria, Circumference totals to 738! Ok, so what! 738 / 3.1415 = 234.9196244. In the third stage of the “Alphabets Code”, 2106 is the total! Again so what! We see the first three numbers are 234, May = 234.

The next number is 9! 234 times 9 = 2106, the total of the third stage. Next we see the number 19, or 1962. Where have we seen these two numbers before. 19 is the number S, which is DNA. 1962 is what we get when we add 666 to 1296. By subtracting 1962 from 2106, we get 144. The first 144 digits of Pi = 666. And what are the Last two digits! Do you not see one 44.

In the year of 2010, these are the first and only of, the 44th President, 44 years after segregation was outlawed. This is the first year of the 44 ¢ stamp. This is also the year of the 44th Superbowl. (Saints over the Colts).

Now, who do we know throughout our history that answers this question? Thats right, The Knights Templar! Saints riding over Horses! I also did some research of where I live, and It just so happens, that I live off of a road called highway 44.

And with just a little more research, I discovered, that the County I live in, just happens to be the 44th county to be recognized in my state. So the number 44 does signify something happening.
A little less than 3 miles down off 44 is another main road US 19, which is also called US 98. The sign reads 19 98.

I used google earth, punched in my address, and zoomed in to within about a 1000 ft, and I discovered I live smack dabb in the middle of a Pi Symbol, set at a 36 degree angle. I have kundalini chills!! Like with 5126, I did the street I live on, which is 396. The number 396 begins in the Pi string sequence at 1962, more kundalini!!