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Spirits of¬†Aleister Crowley’s¬†Illustrated Goetia


Rank: Marquis
20 – 30
Zodiac sign: 
Capricorn (night January 10 – January 19)
Four of Disks
Alchemical sign:
 Luna РSilver

Cimejes (or Cimeies, or Kimaris) is the Sixty-sixth Spirit; a Marquis, mighty, great, strong, and powerful. He appears like a valiant warrior riding upon a handsome black horse. He rules over all Spirits in the parts of Africa. His office is to teach perfectly grammar, logic, rhetoric, and to discover things lost or hidden, and treasures. He governs 20 Legions of Spirits.


Crowley, Aleister, Illustrated Goetia, DuQuette, Hyatt, Wilson, Temple, Arizona, New Falcon Publications 2000