Yahweh in Christianity

In the article «Yahweh» one sees how Yahweh advanced from a tribal god of the Israelites to a dominant god of the Western world. Part of this advancement resulted from


Trinity is the term by which is expressed the Christian belief that there are three persons in one God. Christian doctrine holds that a) there is only one God, one divine

The snake christianized

A part of the story of the snake or serpent can be described as its Judeo-Christian demonic decline: from being a highly sacred creature to the Goddess Hecate, a snake

Shadows of god

The Shadows of God: A «Gnostic» Analysis of the System of Antichrist by Charles Upton [This essay is a slightly expanded version of the chapter The Shadows of God from The System


Satan comes from the Hebrew word meaning «the adversary.» In the Old Testament the term Satan when used commonly refers to a function, not a proper name. An example is seen


The Catholic Rosary resembles prayer beads, used as counters, of the Eastern religions, particularly Hinduism. In fact, the first rosaries were probably knotted string or cords dating back to antiquity. Other prayer counters,

Resurrection of the body

Resurrection of the body is an important Christian belief that the body is reunited with the soul after it has been separated by death. It is revealed through scriptures although


Pilate whose family name Pontius indicates that he was related either by descent or adoption to the gens of Pontius. What little is known of his early history comes from


Peter, formerly Simon Peter, was the son of Jonas (John 1:42, 21:13, 16), and probably a native of Bethsaida in Galilee (John 1:42). He and his brother Andrew were fishermen

Paracelsus Natural Spirits

The consideration of nature spirits in Paracelsus day was dangerous because it almost inevitably led to the Church’s conclusion that the person was either insane or possessed by demons. Mental illness in


The name Paul, of the apostle, whose original name was Saul has caused much discussion. Paul, a native of Tarsus, a city of Cilicia (Acts 21:39; 22:3), was of Jewish


Novenas in the Roman Catholic Church are intercessory public or private prayers said on nine consecutive days, or on a certain day for nine consecutive weeks. There are four general categories

Necessity unpardonable sin

Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for their sins; they are free and escape hell; or, this apparently is the Christiani teaching. Then the question arises why still the fear of going to hell. Apparently


Saint Matthew was one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ as well as one of the four Evangelists. The name Matthew, math’u, is a contraction of Mattahias, a gift of Jehovah.


Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the daughter of Heli, of the tribe of Judah and of the royal lineage of David. While a maiden, but betrothed to Joseph, the angel Gabriel


Saint Mark was one of the four Evangelists, traditionally identified with the cousin of Barnabas who accompanied him and Paul (Colossians 4:10; Acts 12-15). According to Papias he was the interpreter of


Saint Luke was the beloved physician traveling companion of Paul and, according to tradition, the writer of the third book, or gospel, and the Book of Acts of the New Testament. Biographical


Who is Lucifer? The name «Lucifer» to many is synonymous for Christian Devil since it is present throughout the Bible. He is the Serpent in Genesis and the Dragon in Revelation. The name


Limbo as stated in Catholicism is a place for those who died deserving neither the nor the punishment of hell. These souls include the righteous before the coming of Christ, unbaptized


Judas Iscariot, Greek, Iskarioyes, inhabitant of Kerioth, is noted in the Bible (Matthew 10:4; Mark 2:19, Luke 6:16) as one of Jesus’ disciples, although nothing is known of his previous life. From the Biblical

John the baptist

John the Baptist was born into a priestly race by both parents; his father Zacharias, being a priest of Abia, or Abijah (1 Chronicles 24:10), and his mother, Elisabeth, was «of the


  Saint John was one of the twelve apostles and traditionally believed to have authored the fourth book of the New Testament. Some believe he also wrote the Book of

Jesus Christ

In his public ministry Jesus Christ was portrayed as an itinerant religious teacher traveling from town to town throughout Judea. From both an objective and religious viewpoints Jesus is more of a

Jehovah Witness

What In order to know their origin we must go back in time to the United States of the late nineteenth century. The organization now known as the Jehovah’s Witnesses was created