Chokmah, Hebrew ChKMH, «wisdom,» is the second Sephirah of the Kabbalah Tree of Life, primary masculine power, and the head of the Pillar of Mercy.

Universal symbolism:

Name of God: YH, Yah (God)
Archangel: RZIAL, Raziel, (the Secret of God)
Angelic Host: AVPNIM, Auphanim, (Wheels)
Astrological Correspondence: MZLVTh, Maxloth (the zodiac)
Tarot Correspondence: The four Twos and four Kings of the pack
Elemental Correspondence: Fire
Magical Image: An old man
Additional Symbols: All phallic symbols
Additional Title: abba, The Supernal Father
in Atziluth – pure soft blue,
in Briah – gray,
in Yetzirah – iridescent pearl gray,
in Assiah -white flecked with red, bllue, and yellow
Corrospondence in the Microcosm: Chiah, the Spiritual will
Correspondence in the Body: The left side of the head
Grade of Initiation: Major
Qlippoth: AaVGIAL, Augiel, the Hinderes

Text from the Thirty-two Paths of Wisdom corresponding ti this Sephirah: «The Second Path is called the Illuminating Intelligence; it is the Crown of Creation; the Splendor of Unity, equalling it. It is exalted above every head, and named by Kabbalists the Second Glory.»

Chokmah, Hokhmah or Mahshabah, signifies «thought,» «meditation,’ and also ‘art.’ This is the radiation of the Divine Being by which he contemplates himself, projecting or manifesting all things through his rays emitted by his sparks. The mystery of the Chokmah is that these sparks are the essences or archetypes of all things which reside in the Divine Being, the universal archetype.

Within this universal archetype everything is known, everything is knowledge; there can be no opposites. There is no light and dark, high or low; no duality, extremes meet in compatibility. There exists the principal of fusion without hierarchal confusion. With the thought flows the wisdom of everything. A.G.H.


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