Cambions are offspring of the incubi and succubi according to Bodin and Delamare. Others have described these creatures; some of the descriptions are kind while others are not. Luther wrote of them in his Colloquies saying they show no sign of life before seven years of age.

He saw one cry when he touched it. Malole states, according to Boguet in his Discours des Sorciers (chap. XIV), that a Galician mendicant was in the habit of exciting public pity by carrying about a Campion. One day, a horseman observing him to be much hampered by the seeming infant in crossing a river, took the supposed child before him on his horse.

But, he was so heavy that the animal sank under the weight. Some time afterwards the mendicant was taken and admitted that the child he habitually carried was a little demon whom he had trained so carefully that no one refused to give him alms while carrying it. A.G.H.

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