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One of the great mysteries of life is the future and the prediction of likely future events. Everyone whether they acknowledge it or not, would like to get a glimpse into their future with the hope of influencing it in one way or another.

Some people look for signs and omens in dreams, as a guide to making life changing decisions. While there are those that are grief stricken from the loss of a loved one and would do just about anything to share one more moment with them.


That burning desire to reconnect with the dead, to interpret dreams, and to know what the future holds are some of the reasons why many people seek out psychic mediums.

But sadly not all the psychic mediums out there are genuine. There are many charlatans looking for desperate and vulnerable people to scam. However, as much as there are many fake psychics in the world, there are also those psychic mediums that offer authentic psychic reading services.


In this California Psychics review, we will take a look at the online services offered by the psychic mediums under the California Psychics online platform. This is essentially to know if they can be trusted to provide you with real psychic reading services.


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California Psychics explained


California Psychics is an online psychic reading services firm. They offer a variety of psychic services designed to inform, motivate, influence, and quite frankly, positively change the lives of their patrons.


Some of the psychic readings offered by the spiritual advisors as they are called on the California Psychics site include;

  • Tarot readings
  • Love readings
  • Astrology readings
  • Dream analysis


Apart from offering people psychic readings, the psychic mediums operating under the California Psychics site provide other services, such as advice on both career, and relationship goals.

It is the job of the professional psychic advisors on California Psychics to provide patrons with a clear path towards peace, quiet, and happiness. They aim to provide clients with psychic readings that will help them achieve success in their careers and relationships.


California Psychics Website

The California Psychics official website can be reached on The website offers a white backdrop. You also have the California Psychics logo on the navigation bar. This logo consists of an eight-pointed orange colored star while the California Psychics font is written out in gray color.


The site offers visitors a simple design. You can meet psychics directly on the California Psychics website and as a matter of fact a mini-bio of the psychic mediums available is displayed on the site. For example, you can get in touch with psychics such as Yvette, Hassiba, and Monty.


The individual ratings of these psychics, their rate per minute, and even current availability status can be seen in their mini-bio. You can either call or chat with these psychics and their extension numbers are also provided.


As you scroll to the bottom of the site you will get to see links to six main pages on the site. These main pages are all self-explanatory and each also consist of sub-pages.


Main Pages

The main pages include;


  • About Us
  • Our Psychics
  • Features
  • My Account
  • Support
  • FAQ


About Us

Under the»About Us» page you have;

  • About California Psychics,
  • About Psychic Readings,
  • Why California Psychics,
  • Psychic Phone Readings, and Pricing amongst other sub-links.


Every information you need to know about California Psychics can be obtained from the «About Us» page.


Our Psychics

our psychics

For the «Our Psychics» main page, you have information on all the psychics on the site. You also have information on love psychics, empath psychics, and psychic mediums. On this page you can also get information on their «Psychic Abilities & Tools» as well as «Reviews & Testimonials» from a number of clients.


The «Features» page consists of Daily Horoscopes, Psychic Blog, Love & Relationships, Money & Finance, Destiny & Life Path, Astrology & Numerology, How To & Tips, and the California Psychics App (more on this a little later).


There is a page dedicated to clients who wish to register with California Psychics. This page is known as «My Account». By creating an account with California Psychics, you will be amongst the first to benefit from Karna Rewards, Special offers, and Discounts for psychic readings. You will also benefit from regular horoscope reading services with daily horoscope readings sent directly to your registered email.


You can get both technical and customer support when you visit the «Support» page while the «FAQ» page is also a great resource to get quickfire answers to niggling questions.


California Psychics App and Social Media Handles


If you prefer to get you psychic readings from the psychic advisors of California Psychics via a mobile app rather than a web browser, then there are a couple of apps you can download for free.

For anyone using an iOS mobile device like an iPhone or iPad, you can download and install the California Psychics iOS mobile app. This app is available on the App Store and here’s the link to get started.


On the other hand, if you owned an Android mobile device you too can have access to the California Psychics App. You can download the app from Google Play Store by visiting this link.

California Psychics are also very active on a number of social media platforms. You can reach out to psychic mediums on this site through the following handles;


  • Facebook


  • Instagram


  • Twitter


  • YouTube


  • Pinterest


If you wish to reach a psychic medium on California Psychics, you can also explore the psychic readings by phone call option. You can get started today by calling this number – (1.855.833.5649).


Psychic Packages


There are three psychic packages offered on the California Psychics website. These packages include;


#1: Popular Package:


This package was previously USD$5.00 per minute, but has been reviewed to USD$1.00 per minute. Click on the link provided and you will be connected to an available psychic advisor.


#2: Preferred Package:


The preferred package was previously USD$6.50 per minute, by today it is USD$2.00 per minute. It also offers a chat option.


#3: Premium Package:


You can subscribe to the Premium Package for just USD$4.00 per minute. This package was worth USD$8.50 per minute in the past.


Note that the new price offers for all the packages are available ONLY for new customers. In addition, customers would be required to pay for at least 20 minutes of psychic reading consultation time.


Free horoscope

If you want to get FREE daily horoscope readings, you can do so by signing up. By subscribing, you will be provided with personalized daily horoscope, newsletter, and also exclusive promotion offers. All you need to do is provide your Full Name, Email Address, and Date of Birth in the «Get your FREE daily horoscope» segment provided.



There are many reviews online about it. While there are some scam opinions, most of the reviews are positive.

You can also check customer reviews here


Promo Code

If you want a promo code just visit this URL and select the options available:


In Closing review


In this California Psychics review you have been providing with an insight into what California Psychics is all about. You know also about the way their website looks, including the pages available.

In addition, this review has provided information about the various psychic reading packages available. California Psychics has been in operation for more than a decade now. From the testimonials provided by customers, they have and are offering very good psychic reading services.


When it comes to their website design, and user interactivity, California Psychics have a high score in my opinion. They also score top marks for their service packages and pricing which is highly competitive.

In conclusion, on an overall rating of 1 to 5, it would be fair to give California Psychics a 4.5 overall rating.



Who is the best psychic on California psychics?

There is not any absolute best psychic. You can check the ratings to see the customer reviews. However, to find the best for you, you should try for yourself.

How can I login and sign in?

In the starting page, look for the sign in option in the navigation menu. Then, type your mail and password.

How accurate are California psychics?

You should check the available customer reviews. While some say it is scam or fake, others say they are pretty useful.

Which is the phone number?

The current phone number is (800) 346-5208

How do i apply for the free daily horoscopes?

  1. Go to
  2. on the right side of your screen you will see «get your personalized free daily horoscope»
  3. Fill the data.
  4. Click on Sign up for your free horoscope.