Best Buddhist Jewelry and buddha jewels meaning

Jewelry has come to play a huge role in religion and spirituality. While previously seen as an accessory for men and women, there has been a turnabout where jewelry or fashion accessories are now used as a means of conveyance for religious messages.

Some individuals use Buddhism jewelry which is based on buddha symbols and their meanings as fashionable items. By ignoring all symbolic importance of the jewels they wear, these items are just accessories.

However, the individuals that buy these jewels with intent, can harness the symbolic power of the jewels of Buddhism . These pieces are available in a wide price range and are made with a huge variety of materials.

These materials include plastic, melamine, glass, crystals, Beads, gold, silver, copper, etc. The jewels and patterns to be made may determine the material that is used.


Best Buddhist Jewelry








Gold Buddhism Jewels

Gold jewels with buddha symbolism and meaning.


Best Buddhism Jewels Deals

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The Meaning of Buddhist Jewelry

With numerous spiritually charged jewels available for sale, the question arises ‘what is?’

This refers to jewels that bears Buddhism symbols, is used by Buddhists or symbolizes popular Buddhism ideologies and beliefs. The easiest way to identify it is to look out for popular Buddhist symbols.

It is also known as Buddha Jewelry should not be seen simply as «valuable jewelry», or simply a ring, a bracelet or a pendant. You have to see Buddhism jewelry as a vigorous reminder of the teachings and ideals of Buddha and Buddhism.

These special pieces of jewelry should be used to maintain the teachings of harmony, balance, enlightenment and detachment in the heart and soul. Most of the jewels are made with symbolic stones and organic elements, both selected for their protective powers, thaumaturgos and religious.

It help to gain Buddhist symbols and ideas to your life. It helps find peace, happiness and harmony.


Buddhism Protection and Spiritual Jewelry

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It includes rings, pendants and earrings both gold and silver.


Buddhi Ring

It is a symbol related to the buddhi state. Available in both ring and silver versions.



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Sri Yantra pendant

Sri Yantra pendant is a jewel that brings spiritual balance to your life and between male and female. It is available in silver and gold.


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Dharma meaning in Buddhism is the law, truth and doctrine that defines the cosmos, the ideal.


Silver Pendant

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Gold Pendant

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Silver Ring

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Silver and Gold Ring

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Gold Ring

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Lotus Flower

The lotus flower was a symbol of creation, humility and modesty. It is a jewel that helps the creation.


Silver ring


Gold ring



The Ring of Change

A ring that carries the change like all nature events.


Gold Ring


Silver ring


The awakening

This is a symbol of the path to awakening.


Gold pendant


Silver pendant



This jewel brings power and force to create a reality.


Gold pendant


Silver pendant



Symbols on Buddhism jewels and their meaning


The head, hands or body of Buddha

The image of Buddha is arguably the most recognizable Buddhist symbol. This makes it a popular choice when buddha jewelry is being made. When buying jewelry with this symbol though, it is recommended that you get jewelry with his full image and not just the head or hands.

The symbol of Buddha is a reminder to live as he lived his life and adopt traits like patience, kindness, and abhorrence of violence. The full body of Buddha represents Buddha and the call for the world to witness his enlightenment.

This symbol can be worn every day and comes in different forms of jewelry.


  • Necklace and pendant: Wearing the Buddha statue as a pendant can protect your energy. The pendant Imparts energy which can eliminate unwanted or negative energy from you or your immediate environment.
  • Earrings: Earrings are another popular way to wear jewels.  Earrings with this symbol can help you receive or attract enlightenment and spiritual growth.
  • Rings: This jewelry can ward off negative energy and spirits when worn on the ring finger. It is also a good jewelry to have for those in search of spiritual enlightenment. And also for those trying to move past the spiritual blockage.
  • Bracelet: Wearing a bracelet with the image of Buddha can repel evil energies and help the wearer have a positive outlook on life.


The Lotus

The lotus flower grows out of muddy areas and blossoms into a beautiful flower. This symbolizes the fact that despite any adversary we may face,  we are growing just like the lotus. When worn as jewelry it is a reminder that beautiful things can come out of horrible situations

This flower is also a reminder that we should adopt traits like kindness, growth, and contentment.

Lastly, some jewelry and Buddhist depictions show Buddha sitting on a lotus. This is to help you remember that spiritual purity is possible even while living in the world. You can live among others and even try to help them without having bad habits being rubbed off on you.


The Bodhi tree

This is the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment. The jewelry with this symbol represents enlightenment and the benefits that accompany it. It is an ideal item for all followers of the Buddhism doctrine.


Wheel of Dharma

This is another popular Buddhism symbol. It is used to remind wearers of jewelry with this symbol to remember and adhere to Buddha’s teachings especially the Eight-fold path. It is a reminder of how Buddhists should speak and the right way they should live.

Importantly, the wheel reflects the repeated cycle of life humans endure until they receive enlightenment.

All the above-stated representations are things the Wheel of dharma jewelry can help you remember.


The Eternal Knot

This a symbol of the interconnectedness of life. It is a reminder that everything that happens in life is connected to another event. It also symbolizes the fact that every person is linked to another and one individual cannot live as an island.

Lastly, wearing the eternal knot jewelry helps the wearer to remember the endless cycle of life. That there is no beginning and end.


Om Mani Padme Hung

Many pieces of jewelry have been inscribed with these Sanskrit writings. Usually available in a long rectangle pendant, a bracelet or ring, this jewelry is a symbol of compassion. It is a reminder that you should always feel compassion and kindness for others.

If you can read Sanskrit, you can also recite the mantra or meditate with it.




Mala: This refers to long prayer beads that are held during prayer. It is important to know that they are also for different religions. Buddhists use the beads to count while reciting their mantra.

Meditating with them can help to intensify your connection between your mind, body, and soul.


Buddhism, Jewelry, and Materialism

One of the many teachings of Buddha was the division of the enlightened man from possessions. This makes one wonder, ‘does Buddhist jewels count as a material possession and vanity?’. The answer is no.

When you wear normal jewels, it may be for the style, value, trend, etc. However, it is worn for what it represents and the symbol on them.

The key to maintaining the detachment from material possession while using it is to accept that the jewel is just an item. But the message it has and its spiritual value is the most important part of it.


Who can wear it?

Anybody, it has become common among people who do not believe the Buddhist doctrine. However, this is of more benefit to people who believe in the teachings of Buddha and are trying to apply them in their lives.

As a whole, it reflects the temporary state of material possessions. With continued use, this will become less beautiful or may even be lost. This reminds the wearers of the cycle of life where material will eventually lose value or be lost.




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