Vaya, the wind, appears in buddha mythology and hindu mythology. It is said to have originated in Hindu (India) as the god of winds. He was worshipped from around 1700 BC to the present. Vaya is one of the most important deities in the Vedas, including the Rg Veda. In later Hinduism he evolves into a dikpala, guardian of … Read more


Pandara, in buddha mythology is a Buddhist goddess. She is the Shakti of Amitabha, and a feminine bodhisattva. She originated from the Tantric syllable PAM. Her color is rose, and attributes are the blue lotus, cup, knife, and prayer wheel. A.G.H. Source: Jordan, Michael, Encyclopedia of Gods, New York, Facts On File, Inc. 1993, p. 200


Padmapani, also with lotus in hand, in buddha mythology is a Buddhist god, also a bodhisattva and a distinct form of Avalokitesvara. His color is red, and attributes are the book, image of Amitabha on the crown, knot of hair, lotus, rosary, trident and water jar; and he is three-eyed. A.G.H. Source: Jordan, Michael, Encyclopedia of Gods, New York, Facts On File, Inc. … Read more


Marici, meaning shining in buddha mythology is a Buddhist (Mahayana) astral goddess. She is an emanation of Vairocana, also his Shakti. This deity is further identified as a bodhisattva, or buddha-designate. Also she may be the mother of Sakyamuni (a form of the Buddha). She is considered the equivalent of the Hindu Surya. Marici may be depicted in a three-headed … Read more


Mahacinatara, Tara of Tibet, in the buddha myuthology is a Buddhist (Mahayana) and Lamaist (Tibet) goddess. She is an emanation of Aksobhya and, in Lamaism, a fearsome form of the Varjayana goddess, Ekajata, who may be depicted with up to twelve heads and twenty-four hands. She stands upon a corpse. Her attributes are the arrow, ax, blue lotus, bow, … Read more


Ekajata, also she who has but one chignon, in buddha mythology is the Buddhist (Varjayana) goddess of good fortune. She gives happiness and removes personal obstacles. Occasionally one finds her attending the goddess Khadirayani-Tara. She is an emanation of Aksobhya and a form of Tara. She mat have one or twelve heads. Her color is blue, … Read more