Bloodstone includes a variety of semiprecious stones having magical and healing properties. The stones were so named because red spots resembling blood appeared in many of them.One of the best known is the green jasper with red flecks that is used in rituals and charms. It is considered an enabling stone that brings the possessor the things he desires.

It provides protection in heath such as stopping hemorrhages and nose bleeds, drives away night demons, guards against deception, and pacifies. The stone has been used in the divination of natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, and floods. As a powder it has been used in medicine throughout history, particularly with women in assisting with pregnancy and lactation.

Bloodstone likewise refers to red coral, red marble, red jaspercarnelian, and heliotrope. The ancient Egyptians associated red jasper with the blood of Isis. And, the ancient Greeks thought bloodstones fell from the sky and could stop both internal and external bleeding. (see Gem Healing)

In Europe, especially in the Mediterranean region, bloodstones have long been regarded as a protection against the evil eyeA.G.H.



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