Black Magic Spells Types

Black magic has to do with the use of magic or supernatural powers for various purposes. Black magic is usually referred to as the malicious left-hand counterpart of the white magic, which is considered to be benevolent. In this write-up, you will learn a couple of things about black magic spells types and its various applications.


black magic spells



The origin of black magic is in ritualistic, primitive worship of spirits. It is more or less a primitive way to get close to spiritual beings. It later developed into black magic and involved invoking the spirits to produce beneficial results for the practitioner.

Some researchers refer to white magic as «high magic», while referring to black magic as «low magic»; Many of the activities referred to as black magic today were practiced during the Renaissance when many rituals and magical practices were seen as irreligious or evil.

One of such practices is witchcraft, which was then prohibited along other non-mainstream secret activities. Anyone caught in the act of black magic was persecuted and sometimes executed in those days. Those classified as practicing black magic are wizards, jugglers, charmers, and diviners.

Next, you will learn about the various forms of the black magic spell and how they can affect
your life.


Types of black magic spell


There are several types of real black magic spell that refer to love, protection, dreams and other aspects of life.  Some examples will be discussed below.


1. Fertility Spell

This type is also called a pregnancy spell, and it is usually used by a woman that desired to get pregnant, give birth and start a family. The woman may decide to opt for it if she has tried several other means of becoming pregnant to no avail. She may decide to go for this type of spell if she does not understand why she cannot get pregnant. Aside from helping the woman to get pregnant, the fertility spell can also help her to deliver safely without any complication or problem.
Furthermore, fertility spell can be used to prevent miscarriage. Aside from preventing miscarriage, the spell can equally protect the baby from developing congenital disabilities.


2. Divorce spells

You may go for this spell if you want a divorce from your husband or wife but he or she is not giving it. Has he been beating you for so long and you want to be free from his control? Has she not been a good and faithful wife and you want out of the marriage? The spell can help you to get that divorce from him or her very fast.
Aside from bringing about a divorce, the divorce spell can equally be used in preventing divorce.

You can use the spell to protect and keep your family united against the plans of wicked people that want to break your marriage. With this spell, you can have a happy and secure marriage all your life.


3. Bad dream spell

If you are afraid of sleeping at night due to consistent bad dreams, you can ward off the dreams using this spell. Aside from putting an end to the bad dreams, the spell can equally prevent your bad dreams from becoming a reality. At times, the spell can be used to divert the possible dangers of the bad dream elsewhere.

If someone is behind the bad dream, the spell can equally revert the effect of the bad dream to the originator so that he or she gets paid for his or her evil.


4. Justice spell and court case spell

If you have a court case and you want the judge to declare the judgment in your favor, then you can go for this spell. Do you have an old or new case pending and you want to win the case? You can find help with this spell as it can turn things in your favor.

If the case has become prolonged and you are already tired of it, or you do not have more money to continue financing the case, you can go for this spell so that the case can be rounded off on time and also declared in your favor.


5. House protection spell

As its name implies, this type of spell can help protect your house from vandalism and theft.
Additionally, it will confer your home with protection from wicked people, evil powers, black magic effects, bad spirits and so on.
If you feel that your house is not blessed or safe, you can opt for this spell. If you think your house is under a spell or you are not comfortable in it, the spell can make the place safe and free again from evil forces.

Is your house situated in an area prone to robbery or vandalism? This spell can be helpful in such instances.
If your neighbors are evil or you are troubled about them and want to chase them away, the spell can also prove useful in this regard.


6. Prosperity Spell

Prosperity spell can make a lot of difference in your finances. Aside from finances, the spell can also make you prosperous in several other aspects of life. You can become prosperous in your examination. It can also give you happiness and good luck. Furthermore, the spell can make you prosperous in your love life.


7. Hex breaking spell

This is yet another type of spell, and it is useful in removing or destroying hex. The spell can be used for protection or revenge, depending on what appeals to you. If you like, you can use it to cast a hex on your enemies, making it one of the ways to get back at anyone that has harmed or hurt you a lot.
It is equally useful if you want to be protected from the hex cast by someone else.

You can go for the spell if you suspect that there may be a hex on you. It comes in various forms, like hex jinx breaking magic spell, hex curse removal magic spells, hex breaking magic spell, hex destruction spell, hex breaking spell, hex removal spell and lots more.



There are other spells more related to evil like:


The most famous book about black magic spells is the Book of Shadows



The above are few of the many forms of black magic spells available. You need a black magic practitioner to guide you if you want to benefit from any of them. Some think black magic is only for evil, but it can also be used as a force for good, as you would have seen from above.

However, you need to choose the practitioner very carefully since not all of them are reliable.