The Nature of Black Holes and Quasars

by Doug Yurchey

Is Stephen Hawking right? Is Professor Leonard Susskind correct? Does matter disappear in a Black Hole? If we accept the principle that information-matter-energy wipes out of existence in the center of a Black Hole and, eventually, the Black Hole itself will disappear altogether…well, wait a minute: What happened to all the stuff that was swallowed by the vortex? How can material dematerialize and be gone from our real universe? Does not this break the basic Law of Physics that Matter/Energy cannot be destroyed, and only change in form?

For Black Holes to do what they do, all the laws of Physics must be off! Things just vaporizing should not, normally, happen. Where is the balance in nature? If there is a Yin, there must also be a Newtonian Yang; action, reaction. If you go up, you must come down. How can we believe in anything if our basic principles of nature are not within firm foundation?


 The entire concept of a Black Hole, zapping matter and even light-energy out of existence, must disturb the very core of the physical scientist. How can this be? Yet, there is all the evidence for the existence of 3D, space-suckers that pull in matter from every direction to a single point. Einstein’s prediction of Black Holes was realized. We know for certain of vast multitudes of Black Holes that warp space/time. Many of these powerful vacuums are truly extracting material from suns close to the vortex.
Black Holes should not exist, yet they do. How can our world ever be trusted or ever be the same again? Before astro-physicists and theoretical scientists freak-out, they should consider that the answers to many of these questions have been with us all along.


We should not extrapolate that if it occurs in a Black Hole, then it could happen here on the streets or anywhere. The Laws of Physics are not the same everywhere. The physical laws of riding on a light beam are very different than the laws governing the stationary world. Because one can zap out of existence there, does not mean one can disintegrate here.

There is a phenomenon in space, on the outer edges of the known/observable universe, that functions as a REVERSE BLACK HOLE or the opposite of a Black Hole. The following is a letter to one of the participants in the great, on-going, cosmological debate: Professor Leonard Susskind.

From: Doug Yurchey
Date: 10/22/06 21:51:00
Subject: just saw you on TV

Hello Professor Susskind,
Just saw the documentary on TV concerning Black Holes, with yourself and Stephen Hawking…and I wanted to run a few ideas by you. Do objects disappear from our universe via Black Holes? Yes, and this does not break the Law that matter or energy cannot be destroyed. The matter or information pouring into Black Holes truly leaves our world, but does not get destroyed. They are not the same thing. The matter is not destroyed in a singularity at the end of a FUNNEL called a Black Hole. The info-matter goes somewhere! Black Holes are funnels, but they do not terminate; not in a final, crushing sense. It terminates as an ‘aperture.’ What is at the end of just about every funnel I know? A HOLE!

The info-matter-energy through a Black Hole leaves our universe…and comes out another universe.

I believe there is EVIDENCE to answer the big question as to: What eventually happens to the matter through a Black Hole? I think there is something in physics that is the beautiful and perfect answer – maybe, I should say: something in the universe. It would appear the very opposite of a Black Hole! It would certainly not be BLACK, but busting out with ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY! As Black Holes suck in from all angles, this thing would shoot out energy-matter in all directions. These energy-orbs would be total anomalies with vast amounts of energy that other stellar bodies do not have. Is there something, on the outer edges of our universe, that EMITS INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS OF ENERGY? They would be relatively small, yet be AMAZING, FOUNTAINS OF ENERGY that rival the amount of many galaxies.

Of course, you know what I am talking about Prof. Susskind…QUASARS…they are White Holes and are the other-ends of Black Holes! If you think this is a revelation of a Black Hole, look at it from the Quasar’s point of view. It’s not an object, it’s a HOLE! Is that not a more logical explanation, when you consider the gobs of stuff JUST APPEARING, and radiating out in all directions from NOTHINGNESS? They are producing matter-energy as Black Holes are hoovering them away. Quasars are holes or drains as universal stuff from the sink pours down to a micro-universe, and so on and so on…

Why has no one in Astronomy, Physics, etc ever placed QUASARS on the other-end of BLACK HOLES? Go in a Black Hole, come out a Quasar. Yin, Yang. Up, Down. No energy lost, it just switched levels. Is it just too inconceivable that universes are within universes? Planets and suns ARE orbitting, molecular bodies, to someone – it’s all relative.

I believe the closest person to the truth in a Unified Field Theory of Everything was DR. SEUSS! He wrote ‘Horton Hears a Who?’ A master work of life on many levels – all at different SIZES. Life in a dust speck, and within that life is a dust speck with life… Black Holes could be the means to bridge these worlds – I personally believe we survive a Black Hole crossing in the same way we are not aware we’re all moving at light-speed NOW.

I also believe the universe curves in these WARPED WAYS, we have to ski the curves of space if we traverse the universe and that higher life forms out there DO use these warps in one, big transit system. Maybe what we assume is a natural phenomenon, just appears that way…and was actually artificially created and might still be in use.

Just some ideas for you to chew on. Hope you make contact. If you could pass on this email to your friend/rival Stephen, I WOULD BE THRILLED!…to hear any comments, thanks.

Doug Yurchey
(818) 407-8877

Before seeing the Science Channel documentary challenging the work of Hawking, this writer was not a fan of Stephen Hawking. To imagine a ‘singularity,’ where, at the end of a Black Hole, all things are CRUSHED…I thought was an absurd, fantastic idea that could not possibly be true. The ‘singularity’ professor became world famous, even appearing on Star Trek TNG because of a faulty theory.

Now, I appreciate Hawking much more for ‘sticking to his guns’ no matter what his colleagues believed. Matter-information WAS disappearing out of existence! The math, the evidence, truly reveals the ‘funneling’ nature of Black Holes. The problem is discovering the ultimate outcome of what is caught within the grasp of the vortex.

Hawking’s (and mine) personal hero is Galileo, another stubborn fellow who went where the physical evidence took him; damn the critics!

Fairly recently, Hawking gave a talk where he refuted his earlier work of an ‘Information Paradox.’ Basically, his new explanation was that other universes exist that do not have Black Holes! Somehow, this idea balances the universes (like ours) that have Black Holes.

This writer does not mean to question Professor Hawking, but that does not seem to balance the Universe. What we should be searching for is a YANG to a Black Hole’s YIN. An anomaly in nature that inexplicably gushes with an extraordinary quantity of energy-matter-information in all directions is what balances the Black Hole Equation. Where are the incredible fountains of energy that radiate something from nothing as Black Holes reduce something to nothing?

The beautiful solution, on the other side of the Equation, is the mysterious Quasar. Quasars are just as bizarre and as space/time bending as Black Holes. Black Holes equal Quasars. The ‘event horizon’ of a Black Hole must correspond to the ‘aperture’ of a Quasar, its opposite counterpart.

Quasi-Stellar Objects stand at the extreme, distant reaches of the known universe. When we observe these incredibly powerful phenomenon, we are actually viewing the other side of Black Holes. Relativity; depending on what side of the ‘aperture’ you are, that determines your view. Possibly, and logically: It is the Quasar that resides at the far end of a Black Hole Funnel.

From our universe, an object enters the flow of a Black Hole as a particle caught in a vortex like water down a drain. Unbelievably…the object is SHRUNK, without harm, to a universe on our atomic level. [Remember: the atomic level is relative. One’s micro-universe is another one’s macro-universe].

But, from that other microscopic world, looking back at the aperture (Black Hole center) we would observe a Quasar, a White Hole. If the Black Hole-other-end-Quasar theory is valid; and Quasars are really negative spaces with all the matter/energy of Black Holes rushing through them in all directions; if Quasars are not objects but exit ports of Black Holes…wow! Then, Black Holes become WORMHOLES to ‘micro-universes.’

Imagine the aperture of the White Hole. From our perspective, the Quasar-round-disk opening is this extremely enormous phenomenon out in distant space. To us, of the micro-universe, the aperture is a super, colossal round rift. But, what is it really? What is it to the Macro-Universe? The gigantic opening is merely the infinitesimally small, far end of a Black Hole! Matter has shrunk down through the larger world’s warp so much…and yet the microscopic aperture is a fantastically titanic structure to the micro-universe.



How can this writer jump to the conclusion that entities or material things thrust through the awesome Black Hole would survive the journey? When we photograph some Quasars, there are huge jets of matter-debris-energy stretched and extending out the distance of many light-years. It is reasonable that these ‘jets’ are material planets and whole solar systems shooting out the Quasar at incredible speeds. Examine the jet in the above photographic negative. Something has been expelled.

But, all is relative. Those upon the jet, whatever it is, are not being squashed or threaded. It is only our VIEW that shows the stretching. For example, you have seen high-speed photographs of a fast-moving baseball or tennis ball. The camera has captured a relative moment of the orb’s motion and the object appears STRETCHED. The sphere is no longer spherical, but a LINE. The truth is the ball is fine and undamaged. By the same token, ourselves and our planet are really traveling at unfathomable velocities, yet we observe a relatively stationary world. Gravity Waves (another Einstein prediction that came true) also warp all of the physical universe constantly. Yet, we remain intact and unharmed with only the illusion of an unwavering world.

Nearly everything that applies to traversing a Black Hole can also be said for traveling at light-speed. Passengers in light-beam saucers certainly survive the hyper jumps through space. To the crew moving at warp-speed, they are not moving at all; it is the universe that beams in the opposite direction!

It is possible to ‘run-off’ or leave our universe by traveling the speed of light and beyond. The speed of light is a physical-limit to our world. Everything within our particular, small realm called the OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE…travels from 0 to the speed of light-limit. Go faster, (which IS possible) and you move to the NEXT universe going that direction also at the speed of light. [Read: Doug Yurchey’s Light-Speed Universes article]. A stationary world would suddenly APPEAR around you, to you the light-speeder.

One can go faster than light, but not within one universe. The speed of light is the ultimate Speed Limit to (probably) each of the universes. There are certainly ways to fold time/space and not experience Time-Dilation by going around it.

Conclusion: Here is another way that matter/information/life/things can DISAPPEAR from our world. They can run-off our universe by moving very, very, very fast! This also means that matter/information/life/things can APPEAR or enter our world by simply traveling beyond their world’s light-speed…disappearing from that world…and materializing here.

Either falling through a hole or running off the page, we can entirely leave this place and not be destroyed.

Returning to Black Holes/Quasars, notice how Quasars are always perfectly round without detail. Quasars are not nebulae, clusters or galaxies. Scientists and astronomers regard these Quasi-Stellar-Objects as objects. Because they appear ‘stellar’ does not mean they are, in truth, real star-like concentrations that are commonly known. Quasars’ red-shifts go off the charts. They do not function similar to any stellar objects. One could say, Quasars are too distant to reveal any kind of details. Or, they are not objects at all…but, NEGATIVE SPACES.

If a hole is drilled through a wooden board and light was beamed through the hole, it might seem as if a round ‘object’ radiated with photonic energy. The same idea of mistaking a hole for an object could be what keeps scientists from understanding the true nature of Quasars and their counterparts, Black Holes.

Have I solved the mystery of Black Holes and Quasars? Quantum Mechanics tends to argue against the idea that we are aboard an Earth-electron orbiting our sun, an atomic nucleus. Yet, the Field of Everything is Unified; stars and planets are different combinations of molecules. In time, the question becomes: What is that larger world like which we are only the size of sub-atomic particles? And, the answer must be: Probably, the same type of universe as our smaller world.

Quantum Mechanics does not have all the answers and might be in error. Could the principle of Quantum Mechanics learn a few things from Dr. Seuss?