Bileth is a great and terrible king in Hell commanding eighty-five legions of subordinate demons. He supposedly belongs to the Order of Dominions and retains hopes on someday returning to the seventh throne of Heaven. In Wierus’¬†Pseudomonarchia Daemonum¬†he is referred to as Byleth. According to both this work and Scot’s¬†Discoverie of Witchcraft¬†he can embroil people into foolish and misguided love, and he can be tricky to command.

When the demon is summoned he puts on a furious appearance to fool the magickan. This is accompanied by a trumpet fanfare with Bileth astride a pale horse. The magickan is not to be fooled by this manifestation but is to control the demon by holding a hazel rod in his right hand until the demon manifest more amiably. The demon is to be contained in a specially constructed outside of the summoning circle. If room does not permit such construction the magickan is instructed by both the¬†Pseudomonarchia Daemonum¬†and Scot’s¬†Discoverie of Witchcraft¬†to place a bowl of wine outside of the circle to entice the demon. For the magickan’s protection a magickan ring is to be used as with¬†Amaimon. All this effort is said to be valuable because once Bileth’s prideful ego is appeased he becomes his best friend and is very obedient.

The¬†Pseudomonarchia Daemonum¬†attributes Bileth as being the first necromancer. According to this legend¬†Noah’s¬†son Cham (Shem) founded¬†necromancy¬†and Bileth was the first demon conjured. The art was named for him which was decried an abominable and wicked practice by the author of Wierus’ source text. The¬†Pseudomonarchia Daemonum¬†also gives variations of Bilrth such as Byleth and Beleth.

Also he is associated with King¬†Solomon’s¬†Brazen Vessel, being the chief of the seventy-two infernal kings which the Biblical King had captive in the vessel. By the name Beleth he appears as the thirteenth spirit in the¬†Goetia. In the¬†Goetia of Dr. Rudd¬†he is said to be constrained by the angel Jezalel. In the¬†Liber de Angelis¬†he is called Bilet, referred to as the king of Hell, controls demons associated with suffering and disease. In other works he is associated with¬†spells, minister of the demon-king Harthan, and connected to the¬†element¬†of water and moon spirits.¬†A.G.H.


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