Bezoar stones and mustika pearls


Bezoars and mustika pearls are what are also known as «enteroliths», stones that naturally occur in the digestive tracts of animals – usually within hollow organs and ducts. Typically, these stones are formed after an animal eats a substance that their bodies are unable to digest, and then accumulates and hardens as deposits along the abdominal tract.

While these stones are natural, they’re the exception – not the rule. In fact, as a whole, the probability of just stumbling across an animal hosting bezoar stones is incredibly low. It can take years – more like decades – to gain the experience and hone the ability to locate them.

Consistent success demands the skills of specialized shamans and spiritualists who can divine their presence by employing powerful rituals and meditation techniques that allow them to tap into occult knowledge and ancient arts passed down from their ancestors for generations.

In fact, if you delve deep into their history, you’ll find that the origins of these stones go back hundreds and hundreds of years. The word bezoar itself is derived from the Persian word «padzahr», which translated means «protection from poison.»

Indeed, bezoars were coveted and zealously sought after because they were universally held as the ultimate antidote against ANY poison. Today, bezoar stones are still in demand for their powerful medicinal, magickal and wonderfully unusual characteristics and capabilities.

However, this anomaly is not just restricted to the Animal Kingdom. Plants too produce these mystical and magical pearls known as mustika pearls, which offer the same antidote and healing properties inherent in bezoars. And, unlike animals – which only form stones in their abdominal tracts – plants can form mustika pearls just about anywhere. Not only are they found within plants and flowers, mustika pearls can also literally materialize out of nature herself.

Pinpointing the exact location where these pearls (such as dew pearls and sea pearls) is difficult – but the term mustika pearls is one that you would use in the same context you would when discussing pearls produced by molluscs, though they are not by any means «the same thing.»

Mustika pearls originated in Indonesia, where they are widely referred to by the locals as ‘Mustika pearls’, ‘mustika’ or ‘mestika’, which (when translated) means ‘precious stone.’ This term is used whenever this unique formation of minerals is encountered. At Mani Zone, we follow this same practice since we believe that it is unethical to vary or apply non-traditional terms and phrases.

Because of our commitment to authenticity, we employ both terms interchangeably, since mustika pearls and bezoars both share these characteristics:

Physical structure
Magickal attributes
Mystical virtues
Metaphysical powers

which are present from their formation and throughout their existence.

Purpose and Application

The magickal and mystical powers of mustika pearls can be tapped into using a number of different methods. You can wear them, as you would a charm, talisman, pendant or amulet, OR they can simply be carried around by their owner in a pocket or pouch. Much like you would with a small charm ornament, when a mustika pearl has been suitably derived, the owner can unlock and possess the many hidden magickal virtues housed within.

In the beginning, charms were usually verbal – either spoken or sung as blessings. Over the years, however, practitioners came to regard this technique as a temporary stop-gap measure. This spurred a shift that sent people on a quest, seeking more permanent methods for guidance and long-lasting, far-reaching blessing.

Examples of the resulting amulets include:

Statues or icons
Even animals

Amulets have been in existence for thousands of years, imbued with arcane powers like warding off the Evil Eye, or protecting the bearer from external jealousy and strife.

As you browse through our selection, you’ll encounter bezoar stones with an array of characteristics and applications that include:

Maintaining optimal health
Increasing your virility
Enhancing your fertility
Strengthening your mental faculties
Developing your occult powers
Increase Psychic Powers (With practice)
Clairvoyance (With Practice this is not instant)
Healing Abilities
Empowering Visualisations
Empower Spells and Rituals
Experience Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming
Increase Attraction Powers
Boost your Charisma
Protection from Negative Energies
Increase Wealth
Rebalance Chakras
Improve Meditation and Focus/Concentration
And perhaps the oldest aim of all – encouraging and generating good luck!




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