Best Online Psychics Reading Sites and Networks

There are many psychics online today, but it is not easy to come by authentic psychics since many of them are in for the money, thereby preventing you from getting the desired result when you patronize their services. Many of the psychics operating today also charge their clients heavily and this makes their services inaccessible to many that are living on a budget.

There are several factors when looking for a psychic.

The factors mentioned here can guide you when making your choice among the many psychics operating online today. While space may not permit the mention of many factors, we will focus on as many important factors as possible so that you can be well guided when looking for a psychic.


The Best Psychics Online

In this section of the write-up, we will talk about the most popular psychics. They have all been investigated to determine their reliability and they have all been found to be reliable. You will get top value for your money when you patronize these psychics.


  Best Online Psychic reading sites Comparison Table 

Psychic NetworkFree Service and DealsWebsite
LifeReader 4 minutes free by Chat room no fees Click Here
Kasamba 3 minutes for free without charges Click Here
10 minutes free chat no fee Click Here
Psychic Source1$/minutes + free 3 minutes after first paid service Click Here
KeenUp to 10 minutes for $1.99 Click Here
Ask NowUp to 20 minutes for $20 Click Here
California PsychicsPsychic advisors Starting at 1$/minute Click Here
Pocket fortune teller 5d appFree Android App, one reading without fee every day Click Here
Fortune teller life path appFree App, unlimited readings Android Here
Apple Here
Tarotgratis.plusFree Online Tarot Card reading Click Here
Purple ocean psychic readings appFree Android App Click Here




Oranum is one of the best customer rated networks readers you can ever find today. They have several psychics in their database and you will get top value for money when you patronize any of them. They equally offer several benefits like none other so that you can get more for a little amount of money.

Also, they give their clients up to 10 minutes free psychic readings when you patronize their services. However, the number of free minutes depends on the medium you patronize on their platform; some of the psychics give the client 2 minutes free, while some other ones give more free minutes.

All the psychics on this platform have been investigated and they have all been proven to be reliable. They were thoroughly investigated for professionalism before being allowed to register on this platform. The customer service is top notch and you will always meet several of the psychics online any time you visit their website.




Do you need professional and proven psychics to guide you about any issue in your life? Then Kasamba can be of help at all times. They have the following services:

  • Dream analysis
  • Astrology Readings
  • Career forecasts
  • Fortune telling
  • Tarot Readings
  • Psychic Reading
  • Love & relationships

They started operation since 1999 and have become a household name since then. Since they started operation, they have been able to guide more than three million people to self-empowerment, career success, happiness, and even true love.

They have top advisors, who are always on hand to provide the best rated online psychic readings you can ever come by online. They have the professionalism required to provide those important answers you need for success in life.


Life Reader     

life reader

The free horoscope online service offered by Life Reader is among the top you can ever come across today. They equally offer the free horoscope regularly; the sign up is straightforward also. And the free horoscope will be delivered to your email address promptly.

Aside from horoscope services, you can also enjoy several other benefits on this platform, like career forecast, tarot reading and dream analysis. However, you must be a minimum of 18 years old before you can patronize their reading services on this platform.

The first call to patronize their services will only cost you $0.19 per minute. Also, you will have access to four minutes of completely free psychic chat every time you patronize them.


How to choose the best rated online pychic readings Network



They do not judge

A good clairvoyant never judges. He or she is never biased in the way he attends to you. He is professional enough to prevent his personal feelings to interfere with his profession. These are unique features to look for when searching for professionals offering best psychic readings online.

The issue on hand may be complicated already and you do not need the judgmental stance of the medium to further break you down. You need a psychic that can give you the results he obtains without including his personal opinions. You may ask for his opinion later, but he is not at liberty to give such if you do not ask for it first.

A judgmental psychic reader cannot be trusted to do a good job; he may allow his emotion to overrule his reasoning and professional duty, which may end up hurting the client.  The sole job of the reader is to simply pass across any information he has received from your loved ones in heaven or from your spiritual guides.

Before coming to the professional, you already have a big burden on your heart. It is the job of the psychic to help relieve that burden or even find a solution to it via the results of the reading.

Judgmental disposition on the part of a psychic is a sign of unprofessional and lack of ethics. So, you must avoid such a professional at all cost. There is no way you can get any quality service delivery from a judgmental medium.

It should not tell you to want he wants you to hear or what you want to hear, but what the results of the readings are. Whatever they are telling you during the clairvoyant session must never be judgmental and must be positive so that you can get the desired outcome from the psychic reading online session.

How can you know if the psychic will be judgmental? The easiest way to find out about this is to read up reviews about him. The reviews are usually written by past clients of the psychic reader and they can give you an idea of what you should expect from him.


No scares

Furthermore, a good and reliable psychic reader will never scare you; rather, he will make you feel happy, satisfied and relieved. Aside from giving you supernatural messages, the medium should also comfort and encourage you instead of being judgmental for any reason.

The messages delivered and his disposition throughout the clairvoyant session should keep you at ease and relaxed. If any clairvoyant reader starts telling you that you are cursed with bad luck, you should watch out for a scam! If they start telling you that you should pay them money so that they can help you to break a curse on you, it is another sign of a scam.

Also, a good psyche will not predict death for any reason, even if the person involved is an elderly person close to death or someone having a terminal illness. Instead of predicting death, they would rather tell you to spend more time with them.

Furthermore, a reliable professional will never make diagnoses since he is not a doctor. Rather, he will ask you to go for a medical checkup. You, therefore, need to proceed with caution when the psychics start to give a diagnosis.


They always maintain honesty

One other quality of a reliable reader is honesty. A good psychic reader will hold strong the fact that honesty is his policy. An honest and reliable reader will own up if you ask him a question he has no answer to. A good reader will never try to give a «fitting» answer when he is obviously ignorant as regards the question you have asked.

Do not expect the psychic to be able to tell you everything you desire in reading. If the reader has integrity, he or she will play by the rules. They will know there is a hidden reason if an answer is not coming for the particular question you have asked during the session.

Additionally, a good medium will never give you lottery numbers prediction. An ethical medium is more interested in helping your soul and not in flimsy things like lottery numbers. It cannot give you gambling tips since lottery numbers are drawn by chance.


They will let you know you have a role to play

A psychic online may intimate you about possible outcomes of the future, but cannot force you to follow his instructions or advice. He will always let you know that the decisions to take steps or follow his instructions are always yours; you can decide to either follow them or not.

They may not even tell you exactly what to do, but will almost always open your eyes to certain events that are going on in your life. At the end of the day, you will be free from psychic dependency. And get empowered to use your initiative when it comes to decision making. Consequently, you should smell rat if a medium starts telling you that you MUST do certain things.


They are respectful

A good online psychic will never disrespect you during the session. He will respect your spiritual and religious beliefs. He will, therefore, not force you to accept his personal belief. The psychic should respect your feelings during the reading sessions.

When delivering sensitive messages to you, the medium should do so with compassion. Even if you have to seek for the professional intervention of a reader at any time, always keep at the back of your mind that you are in charge of your life!



Questions to ask  to best psychic medium network

While looking for the best mediums network, there are certain questions you should prepare ahead so that the medium reading session can be fruitful and satisfying. The questions will bring out more from this session.

Some of the outlets for best psychic readings will always guide you about how to make more of the session, but not all the  readers can be trusted for this. Some of the questions you should prepare for the best outlets for psychic reading.


What do you need clarity about?

Before the sessions starts, first make up your mind about those things that you need clarity about. These are the things you must concentrate on while patronizing the psychic. You can make things easier for yourself by listing out those things on a piece of paper so that you will not forget them or mix them up during the psychic session. Do you want to know about your relationship, career or finances?

You must have a clear idea about this before the readings session starts.


The types of question to ask

When asking the medium certain questions, avoid those questions that can only prompt a «Yes» or «No» answer. Instead, ask open-ended questions such questions will limit how much you can get from the psychic in the form of responses. It will also limit your experience at the end of the session.

Bear in mind that «yes» or «no» questions will never get you anywhere during the sessions. The responses will only leave you disappointed not adequately informed instead, ask the psychic those questions that will make him give an explorative and in-depth answer that will shed light on the various issues in your life. Yes and no answers will not give you the full picture of things and leave you disappointed.


Sample Questions

Ask: What is the career that can make me happy?

Instead of: What career is best suited for me?

Ask: What are the steps I can take to know if this is a temporary set back for me?

Instead of: Will this setback ever pass? Or should I go for something new?

The list is endless, but the conclusion is that you must never ask a question that will only generate a yes or no answer.



The above information can guide you on how to find the best mediums out there. They all claim to be the best, but studies have shown that many of them are far from being reliable. With the helpful hints provided above, you can never get it wrong when searching for a reliable psychic reader.

Never forget to read reviews about each of them before you patronize them. The reviews will open your eyes to their reliability or lack thereof.