Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is also called The Devil’s Triangle and it is a piece of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida. This place is famous because a number of air crafts and ships disappeared here which were never found again and no debris was recovered. The concerned authorities were unable to provide an explanation of the events. This is why, it was labelled as a mysterious place by popular culture.

Most of the reliable and reputable sources reject the hypothesis that there is any mystery. The area of the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most frequently used shipping lanes in the world, with ships passing through it for ports of the Americas, Europe, and the Caribbean islands most of the times. Cruise ships and pleasure craft regularly use the route as well. Also, commercial and private aircraft frequently fly over this area.


The term “Bermuda Triangle” was first coined by Vincent H. Gaddis for Argosy magazine in 1964. It was the first time when someone mentioned the place and horrors attached to it. Gaddis mentioned that in that specific stretch of the ocean, many aero planes and ships had disappeared over the time. He was the first one or the only one to make these claims. Before him, George X. Sands notices more or less the same activities in that region and described them in a report in Fate magazine as early as in 1952. After Gaddis, many people made similar kind of claims over the time. In 1969, a writer John Wallace Spencer published a book by the name of Limbo of the Lost that was specifically focused on the Triangle. After two years of that, a documentary was also released regarding triangle by the name of The Devil’s Triangle. These publications and documentary, along with the bestseller The Bermuda Triangle, published in 1974, permanently registered the legend of the «Hoodoo Sea» within the memory of people and the mystery finally reached the common men, creating buzz.


Facts About The Triangle

There are many shocking facts attached to this place which make it more mysterious for the people and their belief about some supernatural intrusions at this place becomes stronger. A few of such facts are following:

  • Whenever a ship sinks or a plane disappears over the triangle, the debris is never found.
  • According to some unreliable sources, the first person to report Bermuda triangle was Christopher Columbus. He stated in his journal that in this specific area, his compasses stopped working and he also saw a fire ball in the sky.
  • It is one of the rare places on this earth where compass doesn’t point towards magnetic north. The magnetic north and actual north become same in direction over this area.
  • People have experienced some electronic fog in this area and it is called as time tunnel. According to a traveler, Gernon, he lost 28 minutes after flying through a time wrapping cloud tunnel. He was not even observed on the radar during this time.
  • The exact coordinates of Bermuda Triangle are not known yet.
  • In 1945, six planes were lost over Bermuda Triangle at the same time and never found.



Though the people describe the Bermuda Triangle as a mystery, there are many sources who deny to accept it and say that all the events that occur don’t have any supernatural or extraterrestrial power behind it. Rather, there is a scientific explanation of what happens to ships and aircrafts in that area. There are many theories that explain the mysterious existence of the Bermuda Triangle. A few of them are described below:

Methane Gas Theory

According to this theory, large amount of methane gas is known to be trapped below the ocean floor in the sediments present in bottom. This gas is in form of methane hydrates. The gas is in such large amount that if it finds its way out of the sediments and starts rising through the water, it can reduce the density of water in that area to the extent that the ships sailing through that area cansink in a very small time, without even being noticed. Such incidences can also produce explosions and saturate the atmosphere with methane gas that can lead to plane crash.

The Sargasso Sea

The Sargasso sea is a strange area within Bermuda Triangle that has no attachments to land but is demarcated by the ocean currents on all its sides. This place has engulfed many ships and boats in past. Ships and boats were reported to become completely static while passing through this area and when they were found later, there was no human present on the. The explanation of it has been given that dense seaweed on water surface and exceptionally low winds have been the main cause of making boats and ships static here.

Hexagonal Clouds

Some hexagonal clouds with straight edges are seen forming over the Bermuda Triangle. Though it is strange, but it is a rare scientific phenomena. Meteorologists say that it is real and it happens on a few other places too. These clouds act like an air bomb. The air bombs have the ability to blast and send out waves to the ocean at speeds of up to 170 miles per hour. These winds are dangerous for plane or ships passing below. These air bombs can also create some dangerous waves in the sea.

Gulf Stream

The Gulf Stream is actually the name of an ocean current that is produced in the Gulf of Mexico. From here, it moves through the Straits of Florida and ends up into the North Atlantic and then passes through Bermuda Triangle area. It is like a river within an ocean and can easily carry floating objects along its flow. When a small plane tries to land on water or a ship with defective engine sails over it, it can easily be sunken. It has happened to a cabin cruiser named Witchcraft on December 22, 1967.

Compass Variations

The magnetic fields north and the real absolute north are not the same. It means that the north where a compass needles points and the geographic north which is called the north-pole are different. So when a ship sails, it has to make adjustment for this difference to keep sailing in right direction. Bermuda Triangle is a place where both norths become the same and this can be a cause of accident because the sailor might try to make adjustments, leading to problems.

Freak Waves

Freak waves are very large waves that suddenly appear in calm seas sometimes. Researches show that freak waves can go up to 30m high and are capable of sinking a large ship within moments, without giving any time to report. These waves are very rare and happen more frequently in some areas than others.

Intense Weather and Hurricanes

Bermuda Triangle is an area with strange weather. At times, strong hurricanes occur which last for a very short time but are strong enough to cause accidents. Because they are short lived, they are usually left undetected by satellite systems.  Waterspouts are also seen in this area. A waterspout is like a tornado at sea that sucks water from the ocean thousands of feet into the sky. These strange weather conditions can be cause of many reported incidences.


Disappearances and Explanations

There are many authentic sources that explain accidents related to Bermuda triangle as human error. They have provided with explanations of many such incidents. Few of these are following.

  • One of the first and most famous story attached to the Bermuda Triangle is about disappearance of a mighty ship, called USS Cyclops in 1918. The event was reported as a paranormal activity. When the researchers dig it deep, it was found out that the wireless communications were not very reliable in 1918 and the ship might have sunken rapidly before they could make a distress call.
  • The SS Marine Sulphur Queen was a ship which disappeared in 1963. The rescue teams were unable to find any remains of the ship. No dead body was found either. The expert that the ship was not eligible to sail, especially carrying Sulphur and blaming Bermuda Triangle for the accident is not fair.
  • NC16002 was a DC-3 passenger plane and it vanished in 1948 over Bermuda triangle. Though no reason was found out for vanishing but it was speculated that the batteries of the plane were not fully charged at the time of take-off that interfered with the signal transmission process leading to miscommunication. This miscommunication might have caused the plane to go off-track.
  • Flight 19 was a practice mission in 1945. It consisted of students and a commander. The compasses of the plane were not working properly, as transmitted by the pilot to control tower and it led to disappearance of the plane because of wrong route.


Discovery of The Pyramids:

The latest development was discovery of a giant crystal pyramid, 2,000m below the Bermuda Triangle. It is said that scientist discovered the pyramid in 2012, using the technology which is unknown to modern science yet and a scientist knows the exact coordinates of the pyramid. However, no such scientist was found to exist and those coordinates were never known. This crystal pyramid was described as three times bigger than the great pyramid of Giza. Some people blamed it as the reason behind all the disappearances in the region through some unexplained scientific mechanism. However, sources failed to provide with any authentic and reliable information about the pyramid and the mechanism by which it is causing vanishing of aircraft and ships. Some people say that it is just another conspiracy theory that relates to an old crystal supernatural theory about the triangle. Further investigations are being made and till date, no solid reasoning is presented about pyramids.

After decades, it still remains the biggest unsolved mystery of this world. Different theories keep coming forward to explain the questions attached to this place and none has been strong enough to put an end to the research related to the Bermuda Triangle. It is an ongoing hot debate and people belonging to different fields of life are always working to solve the dilemma. However, it is a mighty mystery which attracts thousands of adventure loving people. Mysteries contain a strange type of beauty and humans cannot stop loving them. May be it is better this way, unsolved, unraveled, mysterious!