Belphegor is a demon who first appeared in Asia. He was honored by the ancient Moabites who called him Baal-Phegor and worshipped him on Mount Phegor.
The demon of discoveries and ingenious inventions. According to legend, he is said to have appeared as a young woman. He was believed to bestow riches upon his followers. He was linked to different sins of a sexual order (in fact it was represented in its first stage with a phallus). Finally the Hebrews adapted the name to Belphegor (O Belfegor) and I remain like assigned to the sin of laziness.

His name is translated as «Lord of the Rift», this because of the way he was taxed. Their altars were behind bars in some cave and the people threw their offerings, because of these «spaces» is that it received that name.
According to various authors, this demon possesses two forms: First is the form of a young woman, however, there is no further description about it. His second metamorphosis consists of a muscular being, tall, beard, with horns and pointed ears.

Belphegor occupies the position of prince, within the «7 princes of hell». Being in charge of representing the forces of the dark. While this may sound very cliché, the idea of ??these forces is to be the antithesis of the divine work performed by God, this has been mainly compiled by the esoteric who have inquired this quality.

However, and perhaps what many know, Belphegor’s main quality is to be the demon of laziness. His ability was to tempt people with this sin, and through it to foster other negative attitudes. Other theses say that he used inventions or ideas, things that decrease work, but increasing ambition, temptation and envy. In addition, their ideas can also go in search of corrupting with good and order, using good ideas and leading them to be evil.

While his action focuses on «lazy», this does not end there. His influences are a constant harassment, which will cause the victim to follow a series of bad decisions thanks to the ideas that motivate him. The money will reach your pockets, but it will also have bad uses, both in waste money and in wrong activities.

Remember that laziness is considered a capital sin by the Bible, because this attitude leads to other sins and is punished in the 6th circle of hell. His sentence is to run on a kind of marshy river for life, where the tortured will fight not to sink into these waters.

The biggest compilation made on this demon is thanks to Peter Binsfeld. A.G.H.

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