Belomancy – Definition – Divination by arrows

Belomancy (also bolomancy) is an ancient Divinatory method using arrows which dates back to Chaldea.

Etimology of the word is Greek βέλος belos, «arrow» and μαντεία manteia «divination».

This ancient divination art was practiced by the Greeks and later by the Arabians, although its use was forbidden in the Koran. It was mentioned in the book of Ezekiel

One popular method was to throw a certain number of arrows into the air. The incline of the arrow as it fell indicated the course which was to be taken by the inquirer.

Another was to throw an arrow in the air when someon was lost. The fall angle would help the safe way home.

Divination by arrows is related to rhabdomancyA.G.H.

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