The Grand Grimoire refers to this demon that Johan Weyer commences his inventory in the famous Pseudonomarchia Daemonum. Weyer called this demon the first monarch of Hell, and head of all infernal powers, with his estates being in the Easter regions. He has three heads, a crap, a cat, and a human. He controls sixty-six legions that obey him. A.G.H.


Spirits of Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia

Rank: King
Degree: 1 – 10
Zodiac sign: Aries (day March 21 – March 30)
Tarot: Two of Wands
Alchemical sign: Sol – Gold

Bael is the First Principle Spirit, and a King ruling in the East. He can make the Magician invisible. He rules over 66 Legions of Infernal Spirits. At various times he appears in various forms such as a cat, a toad, a man, or all forms instantaneously. He speaks hoarsely. A.G.H.


Crowley, Aleister, Illustrated Goetia, DuQuette, Hyatt, Wilson, Temple, Arizona, New Falcon Publications 2000

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