The human body is actually composed of seven distinct elements. The first three (solid, liquid and gas) form the physical body. The fourth, is known as the Etheric body and interpenetrates the physical body extends beyond the confines of the physical body by about one inch. Next is the Astral body which extends beyond the etheric body by several inches. Beyond the astral body are the Mental and Spiritual bodies. Because of their elasticity, and the speed at which they function, it is impossible to define the physical limits of these last two elements.

Although the vibrations of the nonphysical bodies cannot be detected by the naked eye, the energy patterns which they display are detectable by an adept. Such energy patterns are known as the aura. It is suggested that three different auras in layers surround the body. The first two are very close, while the third extends several feet. The inner layer is said to be yellowish in hue and is suppose to indicate the state of the nervous system. The second aura is normally red and indicates the bodily heath of the person. These auras are referred to as the «nerve aura» and «body aura» respectively. Unlike the first two the third aura is made up of many colors. The pattern are seen as flowing, ebbing and spiraling similar to the Northern Lights. No two persons observing the same aura may observe the same color configuration because each may be more or less receptive to different colors. Where one may detect blues the other may detect yellows.

As previously stated the third aura extends several feet extending in every direction as if it is surrounding the body with a shell of energy. Inside of this shell colors swirl and pulsate, conveying the individual’s character and thoughts. Frequently colors are suggested to be layers, one upon the other, revealing the deepest characteristics. Still other claim colors shoot from the body accompanying changes in moods and emotions. A person in a deep spiritual state will display a blue or lavender shade of color, while a person deeply in love will display pink.

Any state of the individual being causes reactions in the aura. Emotional states primarily cause changes in color. Physical states not only affect the color, but also cause peculiarities in the patterns of the auras such as vortexes, holes, and sometimes dark spots. Such peculiarities are not always full proof indicators to be used alone when treating an individual. The pattern of an aura may indicate a serious physical problem. Before attempting to treat the person for such a problem, it is best to ask the person if he has a problem in the area indicated. If the person say no, them do not try to treat it. What may appear to be a major problem may be just a minor irritation. Sometimes more harm can be done. The power of suggestion can have serious consequences. If treatment is forced upon this person, he may eventually come to think he has a serious problem.

Everything has an aura, both animate and inanimate material, but auras are best detected in humans. Speculation is because of brain activity.

The aura is also referred to as odic force. This is seen in early Christian art from the 5th to the 16th centuries. A glow was depicted around the heads of people who were supposed to be very holy, which was referred to as the halo or gloria. Another example of this was the ring of flames around the heads of the Moslem prophets. Another possible explanation for the phenomena is Psycholuminescence, the control of photons and thus of light. This might explain tales of halos, auras, mysterious lights, and similar phenomena Also, headdresses of priest, kings and queen symbolize auras.(see Chakras, particularly the crown)

According to ancient Hindu medicine the aura can be revitalized by prana (see Pranic Healing), a vital force which exists throughout the universe. A.G.H.

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