The Story of the isle

The story of the Isle of Atlantis first occurs in Plato’s two dialogues the “Timaeus” and the “Citius.” Plato’s story centers around Solon, a great Greek legislator and poet who journeyed to Egypt some 150 years earlier. While in the Egyptian city of Sais Solon received the story of Atlantis from priests. The priests respected Solon’s reputation and cordially welcomed him. They also respected the Athenians, whom they regarded as kinsmen, because they believed their deity Neith to be the same deity as the Greeks called Athena. Therefore, she was believed to be the patroness and protectoress of both Greece and Egypt.


The story which the priests told Solon was unknown to him. According to ancient Egyptian temple records the Athenians fought an aggressive war against the rulers of Atlantis some nine thousand years earlier and won.

These ancient and powerful kings or rulers of Atlantis had formed a confederation by which they controlled Atlantis and other islands as well. They began a war from their homeland in the Atlantic Ocean and sent fighting tropos to Europe and Asia. Against this attack the men of Athens formed a coalition from all over Greece to halt it. When this coalition met difficulties their allies deserted them and the Athenians fought on alone to defeat the Atlantian rulers. They stopped an invasion of their own country as well as freeing Egypt and eventually every country under the control of the rulers of Atlantis.

Shortly after their victory, even before the Athenians could return home, Atlantis suffered catastrophic earthquakes and floods until it disappeared beneath the sea. All of the brave men were swallowed up in one day and night of horror according to legend. This is why the Egyptians were ever grateful to the Athenians.

Also in the story Plato gives a history of Atlantis which shows how the rulers eroded to such a state where they wanted to conquer everyone. This history had been recorded by Solon in notes which were handed down through his family.


According to Solon’s notes the history of Atlantis began at the beginning of time. It was then that the immortal gods divided the world among themselves and each ruled their proportion. Poseidon received Atlantis, an island larger the Libya and Asia combined. He chose for a wife the mortal woman Cleito, and with her begun the royal family of Atlantis.

Poseidon built Cleito’s home on a high hill at the very center of the island. The home overlooked a fertile plain bordered by the sea. For his beloved wife’s protection Poseidon surrounded her house with five concentric rings of water and land. He carved the rings with the ease and skill of a god. He made hot and cold springs come from the earth. With the development of a future city his descendants never lacked for water.


Cleito bore Poseidon ten sons, five sets of boys. Atlas the first son of the first set of twins, was made king over the vast territory by his father. His brothers were appointed princes and each ruled over a
large section of the territory which was distributed to him. The most valuable section of the kingdom remained his mother’s home on the hilltop and the land surrounding it. This was given to Atlas. Atlas himself had many sons with the succession of the throne always passing to the eldest son.


For generations Atlantis remained peaceful and prospered. Almost all of the population’s needs were met from the island’s mines, fields and forests. Anything which the kingdom did not produce was imported. This was posible because a channel was eventually built which transversed all the rings from the ocean to the center of the kingdom, or the acropolis. On this stood the royal palace near the original home of Poseidon and Cleito. Each succeeding king tried to out do his predecessor in building a greater kingdom. Finally the splendid city Metropolis and the outer city of Atlantis existed behind a great outer wall.


Poseidon sat down laws for Atlantis which the rulers were to fellow. The ruling body was to meet regularly. It was to consist of ten rulers which represented the first rulers, Atlas and his nine brothers, who reigned with absolute power of life and death over their subjects. These meeting occurred in the temple of Poseidon where the first rulers inscribed the laws on a pillar of orichalcum. First, a required by ancient ceremony, pledges were exchanged. Then a sacred bull was captured and killed. The body was burned as a sacrifice to the god. Then the blood was mixed with wine and poured over the fire as a act of purification for each man. The rulers were served wine in golden cups, each poured a libation over the fire and swore by oath to give judgment according to the inscribed laws. When nding his vow each drank his wine and dedicated his cup to the temple. This was followed by a dinner which preceded the rulers putting on magnificent blue robes in which they judged matters concerning the kingdom according to Poseidon’s laws.


As long as they judged and lived by Poseidon’s laws they and the kingdom prospered. When the laws began to be forgotten trouble began. More of the rulers eventually began marrying mortals and started acting like foolish humans. Soon pride overtook the rulers who soon began grasping for greater power. Then Zeus saw what had happened to the rulers. They had abandoned the laws of the gods and acted in an evil coalition as men. He assembled all the gods of Olympus around him and was to pronounce judgment on Atlantis. This is where Plato’s story stops.


Whether Plato intended to end his story of Atlantis so abruptly or whether he intended to extend it no one knows. Just as no one knows whether Plato believed in the real existence of the island or whether it was purely a mythical kingdom. Many have said they believe that Plato believed in the island’s existence because he exerted so much detail in its description, while others reject this by claiming since the story was purely fiction Plato could put in as much detail as he wanted, it does not prove a thing. Also in doubt is the time period of the story. Solon writes the island existed 9000 years before. This would place the time period in the Early Stone Age. In this period it is hard to imagine the type of agriculture, architecture and sea navigation as described in the story. One explanation for this time

period inconsistency is that Solon misinterpreted the Egyptian symbol for “100” for “1000.” If this be the case then Atlantis would have existed 900 years before. This would place the Atlantians in the Middle Bronze Age where they would possess the tools and equipment needed for the development described within the story.


To collaborate this 900 year theory there is geological evidence showing that roughly about 1500 BC. there was a gigantic volcanic eruption which caused half of the island to sink into the sea. Also a lost city has been said to have sunk in the Bay of Naples. At the time several rich and luxurious seaside resorts were located in the area. In the retelling of the story of Atlantis it is easy to see how one of these cities could be associated with it. The story is still being told which enthralls hundreds, as archaeological digs are conducted to unearth evidence of the real Atlantis. Until then the myth remains.


Power Grid

Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic Ocean and connected to 12 other colonies that formed a perfect GRID around the Earth. We know this now because of the long-awaited, (by a handful of people) new discovery in Canada. Precisely where a map of Atlantis from 1974 predicted SOMETHING would be found, something HAS been found by Google Earth. Here are the coordinates
of a Nazca-like (image) INDIAN seen from high in the air: 50 degrees 0’38.20″ N 110 degrees 6’48.32″ W.

Use Google Earth yourself to zoom down on the area and take your own photos! At the end of the article are more downloaded pictures of the Canadian terrain that appears as an INDIAN. After examining details of the image, the conclusions are obvious. The copper colored hills, like an Indian Head penny, were shaped and not natural formations. What is an Indian doing in Canada?



There are no pyramids, monoliths, stone circles, petroglyphs, mounds or ancient burials in Canada. But, there SHOULD be evidence of early Indians in the vast northern country. If Indians walked to the Americas from Asia over a land-bridge at the Bering Strait, why is there no trace of prehistoric
ruins of any kind in Canada? This mystery is huge and ignored by archeologists and educators. The Indian-absence means their entire picture of the past is wrong and backwards! Thor Heyerdaul did not prove Indians arrived by boat. His better built, second attempt at proving an obsolet misconception sank with the Ra II.

The farther back we go in time, the MORE advanced technically (and mentally) were the Indian civilizations. We know this by ‘reading’ or studying the physical stonework, what ruins they left behind. The Anastasi, Hopi and Cahokia Mound-Builders were more advanced than the later Indians of the Old West. The Aztec Stone-Builders were more advanced than the great earth-movers, the Anastasi/Cahokians. The Maya were superior to the Aztec. The Toltec Age came before the Maya and they were greater than the Maya. Toltecs’ ancestors were the Inca; they built impossible stonework on top of the Andes Mountains! Incas farmed on mountaintops many thousands of years ago where no one can live today. The Pre-Inca constructed stonework ‘impossible’ by present-day standards. They had no hieroglyphs because of the unbelievable reason that the PRE-INCA HAD NO NEED for a written or spoken language! (psychic-society) The same can be said for the Pre-Egyptians an ocean away. They were the survivors of, yet another, superior and previous Age…the Age of Atlantis.



Canada should be the ancient home of the Inca with cut, trimmed and transported monoliths everywhere. Canadian provinces should contain MORE standing stones than England and northern France. Mountain ruins of intricately cut (lasered) and moved (anti-gravitated) blocks that cannot be duplicated by today’s state-of-the-art technology…as they exist in South and Central America…should
cover the Canadian hillsides. Imagine what Canada SHOULD be if history were correct: Snow-covered, massive, stone monoliths that defy our wildest dreams among great forests that have grown over the millennia. That is not the case; there is not even an arrowhead in Canada. Canada tells us history is wrong.


A truer picture of history is a NORTHWARD migration of Indian from the Peruvian Andes…to Central American pyramid-builders and, down the tech-spiral but geographically ‘up’ the map, to the simpler (less advanced) Old West Indians. The movement of Indian Civilizations over time was NORTH, not south as schoolbooks report. Indians also became LESS advanced over time. Teepee Indians had pyramid-building ancestors. This is the exact opposite of the always-progressing, technical curve that we are traditionally taught.

Examine the 13 locations of the ATLANTIS POWER GRID. The article will briefly explore the most obscure of these Cradles of Civilization. Humanity flourished in prehistoric times around these culture-centers; upon each ‘node’ of the GRID; the same mysteries and parallels occurred at all of the 13 locations. Here is another major mystery of multiple origin-areas for the human race. There should be ONE starting point, not MANY; not on tops of the Andes, on remote Easter Island; in the middle of the Sahara Desert; Japan; Europe; far away Australia; deepest Africa in Zimbabwe; India; Russia; Brazilian jungles and now Canada? How did humans get everywhere on the planet, even to isolated regions? The same building techniques, great knowledge of math and astronomy, same burials, beliefs…and the same story of an advanced civilization instantly appeared and mysteriously disappeared at the GRID positions, should SHOCK investigators! Instead, traditional researchers
ignore the forest for the trees. Pyramids were not tombs. Ancient (impossible) stonework functioned as ‘utility poles’ in a TESLA-based system, rather than idols to pagan gods.


If our ancestors were primitive, the titanic stonework of the past (pyramids, monoliths, great statues, etc.) would not exist. The Stone Age was not a primitive, caveman period; it was an age where human gods built upon the Earth. If traditions were correct, then the only evidence of the distant past would be unearthed in the fossil record. There would be fossilized thatched roofs, simple implements and the most basic of things. Instead, we discover the Power System of the Gods in impossible stonework in impossible places!

The Cradles of Civilization were built on a global grid. The significance of this geographical FACT is the 12 Atlantean colonies were all connected to the main Power-Station in the Atlantic. Global grids (as they would in today’s wired world) exist IN A PATTERN, connected in a worldwide system.
If we observe a repeating, global pattern or network around the entire planet…we are forced to conclude a high-tech ‘intelligence’ was the architect. In the case of a technical ‘Eden,’ that prehistoric empire was Atlantis. Atlantis was not a legend, but the ancestors of the Pre-Egyptians and Pre-Incas.


The discovery of the 12th LOCATION ON THE GRID happened in the fall of 2003.


‘WASHINGTON, September 18, 2003 – Newly discovered traces of ancient roads, bridges and plazas in Brazil’s tropical forest may help dispel the once-popular impression of an ‘untouched’ Amazon before the Europeans’ arrival. In southern Brazil, archeologists have found the remains of a NETWORK or urban communities that apparently hosted a population many thousands strong. Reporting their findings in the journal SCIENCE, published by AAAS, the science society, the researchers say the people who dwelled there dramatically changed their local landscape.’

Michael Heckenberger of the University of Florida and his colleagues were ‘baffled’ at the discovery. ‘There was this cherished image that the Amazon was pure nature…archeologists are compelled to revise their views of ancient Brazil.’

The 1974 MAP of 13 positions, in a pattern, predicted such a discovery would happen in Brazil and it did. In an area that was long thought to be too hostile for a human city, there were organized roads and parks ‘in grid-like patterns.’ Ancient Amazons managed large areas and were far more advanced
than previously thought.


The 11th LOCATION ON THE GRID was discovered in 1985 by Kihachiro Aratake under the waters of the South China Sea and called ‘Yonaguni.’ Beautiful blue/green photos of the quasi-pyramid structure can be downloaded off the Internet. The monument has wide terraces, ramps and large steps. Japanese scientists have documented marks on the stones that indicate they were hewn.
A stairway carved into the gigantic rock on the ocean floor proves the structure was not natural.


Lemuria was an Asian Empire BEFORE Atlantis that primarily dominated the Pacific Ocean area. It is reasonable to assume the Asian Culture reformed as an Atlantean outpost around the Japanese sub-station. Yonaguni, just southwest of Japan, is physical evidence IN THE ANTICIPATED AREA of (again) an advanced race of Stone-Builders. Asians are not Indians, yet they may have utilized the World Wireless location predicted for Japan.


The 10th LOCATION ON THE GRID is in prehistoric Russia. There are ancient Russian megaliths! They, too, were stone-cutters and transporters of many tons of megalithic rock. Again we see a culture, thousands of miles away from the jungles of Central America, constructing massive totems. Russian megaliths resemble the Mayan stele. Like the standing stones of England and Australia,
the harsh lands of the Soviets also contain similar monuments. In the Caucasian Mountains and all around the Black Sea, there are ‘dolmens.’ They are early, bizarre, stone dwellings. Some stand alone, some are in groups (in patterns). There are similar structures in North Europe and in India. They were not primitive. Sophisticated technicians, similar to Egyptian artisanship, had to have produced these buildings. Were they prehistoric bomb shelters?


‘The Caucasian megalithic monuments are distinguished by highly skillful stone carving, almost that of a jeweler.’

The 9th LOCATION ON THE GRID is in central Australia, near Alice Springs. The first Aussies are now thought to have occupied the continent 60,000 years ago. The present climate in the Outback is a very hot, dry desertland. Many thousands of years ago, Australia was a ‘green,’ fertile terrain where
‘giant animals roamed.’ Bushmen, rich in legend, believe they are native to the continent. ‘Down Under’ is another land with ancient, monolithic, standing stones.


Near Alice Springs, archeologists have found ‘fused rock’ and glasslike particles. The only way such formations could have been produced is by an incredibly intense HEAT! The rocks may have melted together in an atomic devastation. The recurring theme of a fertile land, now devastated is a common occurrence on the GRID locations. There are numerous Aussie drawings and rock carvings that seem to depict strange visitors wearing helmets, antennas, gloves and boots. This is very similar to what is found at Tassili; strange, ancient paintings among a wasteland.


Ayer’s Rock (Uluru) is one of Australia’s most recognizable landmarks. It is the planet’s largest megalith and is considered one of the great wonders of the world. It is a MAGNETIC mound similar to Silbury Hill in England. The huge rock is a giant spike in the ground and we only see its red top.
Could the entire natural phenomenon have been ‘electrified’ in ancient times and used as an oscillating Power Pole as Tesla had demonstrated? Central Australia is one of the Map-locations, yet the entire continent seems to have slipped southward away from the GRID pattern.


Tassili is the 8th LOCATION ON THE GRID. In Algeria, there are mountains that rise from the Sahara Desert and resemble the mountains on the Moon. Again, a mysterious race of people came from parts unknown and settled in an inhospitable environment. They took refuge in the high caves. Tassili’ is as remote as you can get.’ There are hundreds of thousands of rock paintings. Painted by ‘realistic’ artists, the images show African elephants; giraffes; rhinos; hippos; horses; the ancestors of domesticated cattle; herds of antelope; flowers; wild fauna and flora; colorful meadows; grasslands; waterholes, etc. What is wrong with this picture? The paintings are prehistoric and in the center of the largest desert on Earth.


All experts agree on the incredible age of the drawings. They were not a matter of hundreds of years old, but many thousands of years old! Beyond the age, there is something incredibly ODD about the depictions. A small percentage show MODERN images! There are figures with large, bulbous, ’round-heads.’ Some figures seem to be horizontally floating in air. Some appear to have modern accessories such as zippers; belts; wristbands; backpacks; antennae, etc. Henri Lhote called an 18 foot high giant, painted on the cave walls, Great God Mars. There was one particular ’round-head’ in a modern, uniform-suit with antennae that operated an apparatus. Illustrated in the background, was a SAUCER with thrusters!


Consider that these were the survivors of some great, atomic cataclysm as mentioned in the prehistoric books of India. Where else would people go to escape the fallout…but in the caves? The desert did not form naturally. Given this scenario of a nuclear holocaust, it could explain the modern
figures with round heads. They wore radiation suits. People, from other lands (a few) with the technology, could have been tested radiation levels and account for the strange images. Cave dwellers, with high quality paint, observed them.


‘The whole of the Sahara is dotted with artistic engravings and painting son rock faces.’ These other locations are on the roofs of rock caves and mainly in the highlands. It is possible that there was less radiation, the higher the altitude. Tassili occupies one more grid-point on the map of 13. If we only examined the cave paintings, we are mystified. If we study the big picture, we can begin to make some sense of it and rewrite traditional history.


The 7th LOCATION ON THE GRID is the Ashoka Pillar in New Delhi, India. India, another Cradle of Humanity, is a great society with a rich prehistory. The ‘rust-free’ iron alloy had baffled metallurgists for centuries. The sleek Pillar tapers to a height of 24 feet, crowned with an odd antenna design.
The 7-ton, major mystery is largely ignored. It is only a popular tourist attraction because it is adjacent to the famous Qutab Minar. Yet, for THOUSANDS of years, the metal has remained rust-free. Here are only a few descriptions of the ‘miracle of technology.’


* ‘Indian metallurgists were indeed FAR advanced for their time.’

* ‘…sheer elegance of the Pillar.’
* ‘…made of metal found nowhere else in the world.’

* ‘…its rustless splendour, one cannot help but admire the high skill
and perfect technology of the early Indian iron makers in producing so large a monument.’


Renowned British metallurgist, Robert Hadfield, wrote: ‘In spite of all the scientific advances that have been made, the Delhi Pillar is, as far as I am able to judge, of a BETTER QUALITY than anything metallurgists are able to produce today.’

After centuries of study, scientists finally resolved the composition of the ‘miracle’ alloy. It was BLACK MAGNETITE! The prehistoric Pillar carried a magnetic charge! Experts have concluded that its creators were super-skilled metallurgists and machinists to have formed a non-rusting hunk of METAL that large. More importantly, its manufacturers had to have mastered ‘electricity’ to account for its high Electro-Magnetic properties.


India was the home of legendary ‘flying carpets’ from early books predating the Bible. Vimanas (flying vehicles) were recorded in the Bhagavad Gita, the Mahabarata, Vedas and Vedik. They described very ancient technology without modern words. Some researchers have concluded that the holy texts of India reported NUCLEAR WARS! The ‘stories’ perfectly described terrible wars and the vimana craft. Robert Oppenheimer often quoted from the old books of India when he said, ‘I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.’


The Pillar could have functioned as a Tesla Utility Pole that oscillated with fantastic EM power. The (misnamed) Ashoka Pillar may have been the energy source for the many, early accounts of flying vehicles. The virtually ‘alien,’ rust-free Pillar stands on the exact opposite side of the Earth as Easter Island. The significance of the geological fact has to do with MAGNETIC POLES. Easter Island exerts a higher-than-normal EM attraction; compass needles point to Easter Island.


The 6th LOCATION ON THE GRID is Zimbabwe. Archeologists still do not know who lived here or why their power came to an abrupt end. ‘Zimbabwe’ is the Shona word for ‘rock.’ The main fortress contains cut monoliths 20 feet thick and 36 feet high! The ruins, south of Masvingo in deepest/darkest Africa, are unbelievable and (historically) impossible. They are the ‘biggest
example of ancient architecture south of the Great Pyramids.’


Called ‘house of stones’ or ‘sacred house,’ Zimbabwe was the center of a ‘prosperous high culture.’ The curved walls and conical towers (33′ high) once had a population in the tens of thousands. Zimbabwe is, again, another major mystery ignored by historians because they have no place for it in tradition. The curved, massive masonry of the first Africans is not the only mystery. The SAME type of stone architecture was used by the Inca on Andes mountaintops thousands of miles away. The Great Zimbabwe complex stands in the center of a vast network of smaller, stonework that are scattered
over many thousands of square miles! Would it surprise you to discover the little stonework (sub-stations) in the region covers a large area IN A PATTERN? Are you seeing a pattern?


Europeans were reluctant to believe that Africans could have built Zimbabwe. British archaeologists David Randall-MacIver and Gertrude Caton-Thompson, early last century, have absolutely established that the ruins were of African origin. The Black Race began in Zimbabwe. They were the noble children of kings and queens. Here was one more culture rich in legend and primeval history. As with all cultures along the GRID, later when the power ended and the empire fell, a LESS advanced society took its place.


Archeologists and educators fail to praise the fantastic achievements of the grand, Zimbabwean architecture in STONE. Our impressions of early Africans consist of primitive natives living in crude huts. SINCE WHEN WERE THE FIRST AFRICANS GREAT STONE-BUILDERS? Zimbabwe destroys our preconceptions of the past. Yet, the ruins are basically no different than other points on the
Atlantean GRID. Give the prehistoric Africans the credit they deserve and place them up there with other, impressive Stone-Builders.


The soil around the main Zimbabwe fortress (Power-Station) was poor and cannot sustain a large community. Once again, we have titanic monoliths transported far from the quarry and fit together without mortar. We have a pattern of smaller stones surrounding a main complex; same as pyramids,
mounds and standing stones. This was all a system of ‘wireless electricity’ transmission. Atlantis was a World System of power distribution to the GRID points, then the energy was stepped-down to local areas. Zimbabwe falls perfectly along the GRID and is connected to the other, similar colonies around the planet. The physical evidence of a ‘primary surrounded by many secondaries’ repeats in the pyramid civilizations, mound-builders and standing monoliths (totems) or statues. These independent cultures, separated by thousands of miles, were not isolated…they were all connected to a global system.


Researchers make the fatal mistake of only studying Stonehenge or Easter Island or the Great Pyramid. Some experts have concluded that it was as if the ‘same construction company’ went out to these locations and built the Cradles of Civilization. Stand back and see the entire picture. Investigate all of the 13 sites and note the similarities in mysteries.


The FIRST 5 LOCATIONS ON THE GRID are ancient sites so famous, details of the unknowns do not have to be cited here. Hundreds of, if not more than a thousand, books have been written about them. Expeditions have been financed in search of them and sent to study them. Documentaries by the scores have been filmed. The ruins (or Plato’s Atlantis) have mystified us for hundreds of years. Research the locations; discover how traditional history fails miserably in the explanation of the primordial enigmas. They are:

1. ATLANTIS once a continent in the Atlantis Ocean, (the prime Power-Station).
in the exact, geographical center of all landmasses.
Civilizations in Peru around Lake Titicaca.
England and ‘pattern’ of surrounding monoliths or ‘standing stones.’
and the colossal ‘maoi’ stone giants on a remote, volcanic island.

Found by Donna Epstein; she emailed me this recent discovery, the 13th location! IT WAS THE LAST PIECE TO A PUZZLE THAT HAD HAUNTED ME SINCE 1974. She had read my (little-known) ‘Wireless World’ article and knew I had been in search of: SOMETHING just north of the U.S. and precisely on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. This is the exact area of the Indian carved in the mountains. The article that states the MAP-GRID prediction was posted on the
and websites ever since 2002; before piece #12 and #13 were found (Brazil & Canada). The coincidence is these just happen to be CANADIAN UFO and Mystery websites.

Imagine a large map of CANADA on the wall, and in 1974, you predict that the first sign of ancient Canadians will appear…(then throw a dart from across the room) on the spot the dart lands. This is precisely what has occurred only the GRID LOCATIONS were not arrived at by the random throwing
of darts. You can write to me at [email protected] and receive interviews/radio shows (also the map) where the origin of the 13-point map is revealed. Its origin is extraordinary and as unique as the
Betty Hill Star Map. Yonaguni proved my MAP’s validity. The unexpected grid-parks in Brazil proved its credibility. NOW…without question, the carved Indian mountains have appeared thanks to Google Earth…in the anticipated area. The MAP is proven. ATLANTIS IS DISCOVERED!

These physical facts (I believe) prove that the Canadian image was carved and could be connected to the global empire of Atlantis! As in all of the GRID points, a real mystery truly stands in each of the spots. The IRONY is that the Canadian image is an INDIAN! It is the LACK of Indians in Canada
that demonstrates the error of traditional history. Many of the 13 locations were obliterated; some left deserts after what could have been ancient,atomic wars. Some remote colonies were never rebuilt; while others, their very spots were reused repeatedly. All traces of prehistoric Canadians were
wiped out as great forests replaced what could have been a thriving metropolis. What was NOT erased by the holocaust was a giant, Nazca-like Indian. Was the image a guardian of the past or its own prophecy of simpler Indians in future generations?


Now, your last assignment: Study the Wardenclyffe tower (NY 1900-1905), the work of Nikola Tesla; especially his ‘World System’ of Magnifying Transmitters and wireless electricity! You will discover that in the 19th Century, this super genius planned to OBSOLETE his AC invention with wireless power. It was only the basic principle, the blueprint of the far superior Atlantean System, yet it would work and could bring on an age of gods and goddesses. Tesla realized we are not ready for Paradise and dismantled his crowning life’s achievement. The Earthlings would make wars with the first Magnifying Transmitter rather than let it freely power cities!

When this writer read that Tesla planned for a World System of NINE TOWERS to complete his global grid; Wardenclyffe was only the first…I concluded that the MAP OF 13 ATLANTIS COLONIES operated on the same principle!!! Atlant  mastered what Tesla only proved on a basic level. The human race (in Eden) fed off the power and flourished…until even the greatest of empires FALL.
Atlantis had a system of 13; Tesla’s design was a global grid of 9 locations. Could Atlantis have been the ORIGINAL 13 colonies?

The 20th Century did not follow Tesla’s wonderful, utopian vision. However, what does the future hold? The distant future will succeed with the return of Atlantis. A great circle will be completed as a technical Atlantis returns. History repeats and Utopia comes back to us, once again. A New Genesis for the human race speaks to the true GREATNESS of our ancestors and to the greatness of Tomorrow’s children’s children…


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