Astral projection

Astral projection is the act of separating the astral body from the physical body. Normally this occurs as part of the sleep process, usually at the deepest dream level. It also can occur in a trance state. When the person is conscious of this separation it is called conscious astral projection. The separation also is called Etheric Projection or Out-of-the-Body Traveling. To be conscious of this act or event is a highly sought after goal in neo-Paganism.

Through conscious astral projection one is able to remember events occurring during an astral journey. On such journeys the conscious mind traveling within the astral body can explore not only various earthly places, but also different realms within other dimensions.

The conscious astral projection can be induced through deep meditative states. Some individuals exit their bodies from the solar plexus area, while others leave from the third eye (see Chakras, particularly the crown), or simply discover themselves looking down from above at their physical body. The experience of traveling while in this astral state can be accomplished by methods such as a dream-like flight or by visualizating the destination that the individual wishes to visit.



Astral projection, also known as out-of-body experience (OBE), is a concept where the astral body separates from the physical body to travel in the astral plane. This notion is prevalent in various mystical, esoteric, and spiritual traditions, including neo-Paganism.

  • Nature: It’s believed that astral projection involves the separation of an «astral body» from the physical body. The astral body is seen as a subtle, non-physical counterpart of the physical body, capable of journeying through the astral plane, which is a dimension or realm different from the physical world.
  • Occurrence of Projection: Astral projection is often associated with sleep, particularly deep dream states. It can also occur in trance states. When an individual becomes aware of this separation, it is referred to as «conscious astral projection.»
  • Etheric Projection: Another term used for this phenomenon is «Etheric Projection,» emphasizing the belief that the separation involves an etheric, or subtle energy body.
  • Goal in Neo-Paganism: Conscious astral projection is a highly sought-after experience in neo-Paganism and other spiritual practices. The ability to consciously experience and remember events that occur during astral travel is viewed as spiritually significant.
  • Exploration of Realms: During astral projection, individuals believe they can explore not just various places on Earth, but also different realms and dimensions beyond the physical world. This exploration is thought to offer insights into spiritual truths and mysteries.
  • Inducing Astral Projection: Deep meditative states are often used to induce astral projection. Techniques vary, with some practitioners focusing on specific chakras (energy centers in the body), such as the third eye or crown chakra, to facilitate the experience.
  • Experiences During Projection: Experiences during astral projection can vary widely. Some describe it as a dream-like flight, while others use visualization techniques to travel to specific destinations. The sensation of looking down upon one’s physical body from above is commonly reported.
  • Perspectives on Astral Projection: Views on astral projection vary significantly. In spiritual and esoteric circles, it’s considered a legitimate and profound experience. Skeptics and scientists, however, often explain it as a form of lucid dreaming or a hallucinatory experience arising from brain activity.


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