Astaroth, a Western Semitic fertility deity, was goddess of sheep herders. She was equated with the goddess Astarte. The plural form of this name, Astoreth, was recognized as a collective name for goddesses sometimes associated with Baal.


When God gave each of his angels characteristics and personality, he knew that one of them should have more knowledge than the others. This in order to help him take care of heaven and give men the gift of wisdom. This angel had to be beautiful, cultured, hungry for knowledge, goodness and, above all, he had to share everything he learned. So, he chose a little angel, but a nice one.


He gave him the right to possess all possible knowledge, making him the angel possessing wisdom and knowledge of destiny, whether human or divine. Together with God, he visited places, advised him and received the advice of the creator. He had an immense gift for accumulating knowledge, which helped him to understand humanity. When some other angel needed wise advice about any situation, they went to Astaroth, the name he received. Suddenly, most addressed him, while God began to relegate him. Maybe it was a way to “not bother” the creator, but ultimately, the angel that was his right hand, was gaining ground.



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