Ariton – Demon of Visions

Who is Ariton the Demon of visions

Ariton, also Egin or Egyn, is a demon of visions in Mathers’ translation of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.

The name possibly originates from the Greek word arhreton which Mathers interprets as meaning «secret» or «mysterious».

Ariton is one of eight sub-princes in a demonic hierarchy including such important diabolical spirits as BeelzebubAsmodeus, and Astaroth.

He also is one of the four demons overseeing the cardinal directions. Under his alternate name of Egyn he oversees the North. According to both Mathers and Agrippa Ariton’s equivalent in Jewish lore is the demon Azazel.

Ariton possesses many attributes including:

  • great power to find hidden treasure,
  • knowledge of the past, present, and future,
  • causing people to have visions,
  • giving familiars,
  • making spirits to appear in any form,
  • reviving the dead,
  • revealing the identities of thieves,
  • giving people the power of flight,
  • and making warriors manifest to protect his charges.

It is noted a demon named Aratron appears as the spirit of Saturn (possibly the same demon) in several works. A.G.H.


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