Apollo Lyceus

Definition of the wolf form

Apollo Lyceus (Apollo as wolf-god) definition was the wolf form of the Greek god Apollo.

It was honored in ancient Athens especially at the Lyceum. It was a gymnasium and public meeting place which was housed in a grove named after the god. The Lyceum distinction is that Aristotle later taught there.

Within Dark Witchcraft one may choose different gods to help one achieve the goal of personal deification just one may choose different aspects or attributes of a god. The wolf was dedicated to Apollo therefore it is natural the god would take a wolf form.

Apollo was a known fighter killing the dragon Python who raided the area surrounding Delphi. He defeated Hercules to retain his reign and privilege at Delphi.

apollo lyceus

Also, he was a pitiless archer giving him the reputation of terrifying god who could inflict death instantly.

As seen in the Iliad he inflicted an epidemic on the Achaean army. And along with Artemis, his twin sister, partook in the murdering of the children of Niobe. One of the birds attributed to Apollo was the crow.

Apollo had several lovers, both male and female, having a bisexual characteristic. Within these relationships he showed love and kindness indicating he was not all evil or good. It is a characteristic of Greek gods.

He fathered the Corybantes, turbulent demons. Two of his male lovers experienced tragedies which he rectified.

By developing Apollo Lyceus as his personality the Dark Witch would possess great potential. The personality would possess both good and evil characteristics, basic to every personality but not admitted, required for a strong person.

The Witch would know when and how to use them in the fulfillment of his self-deification. A.G.H.


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