Animal magnetism

An alternative term for Mesmerism which appears to be first used by Michael A. Thouret in his work Reseaches et dorites sur le Magnetisme animal (1782). In this work it was Thouret’s intention to disassociate the phenomena from the man who popularized it Anton Mesmer. (1733-1815). Thouret had reviewed the phenomena throughout the ages, finding the name «animal magnetism» was otherwise used intending to disassociate it from ferro-magnetism indicating that the mesmeric or mesmeric fluid was associated with an unusual phenomena in living organisms.

Animal Magnetism became the preferred term used by experimenters and writers such as J. P. F. Deleuze (1753-1835) and William Gregory (1803-1858), translator of Baron von Reikenbach’s «Odic Force» (associated with animal magnetism). Through study Animal Magnetism has embraced such paranormal phenomena as Clairvoyance, Transportation of Senses, and Sympathy (rapport between operator and subject).

Animal Magnetism has been labeled other terms in order to give it some scientific dignity. Over the years it has been called Psycodunamy (Theodore Leger), «Electro-Psychology,» «Electro-Biology,» but eventually Animal Magnetism was supplanted by «Hypnotism.» Although, Hypnotism has become the preferred term for it, there is still much to be known concerning the phenomena.

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